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  • well, I guess I dont worry so much about tomorrow in terms of what value will be and my worth. I could die tomorrow and would I care? no
    so enjoy while you can, do what you can and take care of yourself, but enjoy as much as you can along the way, the old saying money can’t buy happiness really does hold true…


    ” a blind man may see…[Read more]

  • Well I dont listen to what my family as such say, cause they know I will do what I want anyway, my mother has resgined herself to the fact that I wont stop and she wishes…

    My siblings have just found out and my daughter will learn as she goes.

    Shrug it off, there is too much to explain and why justify yourself? do you need to?


    ” a…[Read more]

  • elves replied to the topic $10K To Start? in the forum Forum Frolic 18 years, 5 months ago

    there are more ways to earn money than to work for someone, like there are no limits for those who know no bounds, gee why only 1K?or even 10?

    I guess we should be talking property here yeah? not shares? or options?

    ” a blind man may see what a sighted man may not”

  • elves replied to the topic $10K To Start? in the forum Forum Frolic 18 years, 5 months ago

    I will keep on doing what I am currently doing

    you dont say if the money you make is spent

    you just say if you can earn it…do I read that right?

    Well guess I am on track then….I earn it, I spend it…wihtout the 10k to begin, but is that cheating…hmmmn…

    ” a blind man may see what a sighted man may not”

  • hey JET!

    Sorry fellas, I just have to back the mighty panthers….just cause I live near there

    I was sat on my seat edge, praying that the one point would be enough….

    Though honestly, I am not sure they will make the finals…back to back isn’t an easy task no matter who the club…

    who..who, let the dogs out! wuff!


    ” a blind man…[Read more]

  • elves replied to the topic Is this possible? in the forum No Subject 18 years, 5 months ago

    Yep do research, not all off the plan places do well, I have seen a few people stuck with duds

    A lot of people also tend to be more cautious when an election is about to happen, and given the possible interest rate market might be an issue after the election or even a change in government, would make me ponder the situation a little more…[Read more]

  • who was it that said
    “from little acorns mighty oak trees grow”
    or mighty oaks from little acorns grow

    I think that sums it up yes?


    ” a blind man may see what a sighted man may not”

  • HI all, seems ages since I was on here!
    Ok forget the millionaire status or headlines:

    Don’t let others put you down or talk you out of something, you are the only one who can decide (so long as we arent talking partners here)

    Be positive but not naiive (knowledge is power some say)

    Remain focused and don’t loose control.

    Take risks, if you…[Read more]

  • To begin, I do not own commerical properties.
    I do know that banks are not always the best place to head for lending on those. There are brokers out there willing to deal without large deposits as someone else said.

    Commercial properties are generally higher risk than residential

    As with most things, developing a relationship with or a network…[Read more]

  • Hi all

    Well I have dealt with both Mini and Westan. Love you guys!

    I am not saying this to brag, I had heaps of help from lots of people, along with my own experiences. I just want to say, it is possible.

    I started my property deals before I married in 1980 and bought and sold along the way.Marriage disolved, property too. Rented. Took me a…[Read more]

  • sometimes the lemon isnt the building or the area.
    I think the lemons are often the tenants or the PM.

    As for charges, it isn’t a bad idea to try and build up your networks asap in those towns. Yes you can get ripped, but I think it is how you present…. lets face it. You might not live in the town, but you do own a property, so you are part of…[Read more]

  • I certainly would complain about it.
    emergency repairs are generally done as that

    did you not sign any amount for property management for expenses? eg 100 without contacting you?

    I would question calling out one plumber without quotes. I would question any agent who ordered work done without quotes and contacting you. It isnt hard to make a few…[Read more]

  • I like heritage preservation and am not big on modern styles, to me they have no character, however having said that, for people who have houses that are heritage listed yes it can be a right pain the the proverberial.

    I guess it depends on many things, but for some it takes away your rights and choices. These include items such as, paint…[Read more]

  • elves replied to the topic Beware Banks! in the forum Finance 18 years, 8 months ago

    Most professional packages have conditions attached. Like the Westpac 300 a year fee, but then you get so many free transactions per month and you can get a discount.

    DO you know that for some, .5 or .6% is often a lot less than they can offer? Yep Try around .9

    I was offered the package because ….well any reason will do right? However most…[Read more]

  • a number of leases I have seen do state that the carpets must be professionally steam cleaned when tenants vacate.

    My brothers leased a place and was told he was not permitted to smoke inside the unit.

    many leases state no pets

    some may not state it, but are vetted eg kids free zone (hard pressed to prove this as well as low income earners).…[Read more]

  • there was a progrma on the TV this last week by funny coincidence!

    Yep NZ and the volcanoes and faults
    did you know that parliament adn govt buildings and I beleive those in affected areas are all sitting on specially designed buildings that CUSHION the impact when there are tremors etc, that most of the roads or freeways, could go anyday like a…[Read more]

  • you know
    my brother and sister think I have had it easy, I am the middle child and i did all the balancing.

    They think im my parents favourite, but that is only because i earnt their respect. I didnt ask for money! ( I did later, but it got repaid)
    my sister got bought a car, she wrote it off
    My brother got a car and new stuff
    my sister got a…[Read more]

  • Children, family.
    I agree with so much that has been said, I will try to limit mine.
    I have a close family, and I went once to help my brother, but things didnt work for a few reasons, and it worked out the best possible.

    I help a relative by renting them a place, that they know they can call home, and I benefit they only get 10 a week of the…[Read more]

  • I heard Dennis was good
    no offense to anyone else either.

    Alos Michael Hole at Ewealth

    ” a blind man may see what a sighted man may not”

  • I went to start with one franchise but stopped before it went anywhere

    I did go so far as to set up a company with a partner, it wasn’t classed as a franchise, fine line, and we had problems with it and the operational side of things, so we bailed. The contracts were for a head office in another state, because of this there were added…[Read more]

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