About PropertyInvesting.com

“The human race is faced with a cruel choice: work or daytime television.”

Well, there’s not a lot of daytime television, so that leaves work… that is,
work within the context of doing something you love.

How This Site Started

PropertyInvesting.com was born out of Steve McKnight’s need to communicate honest and no-nonsense information about successful real estate investing. 

After learning how to create a website in late 2002 PropertyInvesting.com went live and has been updated numerous times since with vastly expanded resources and facilities.

However, while there is a new look and feel, the aim of Property Investing.com remains the same – to deliver information about what works (and what doesn’t) in property investing.

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Structure of This Site

This site has two levels.

  1. General level: This includes free information within the site.
  2. Subscriber information: Access to current and back issues to the PropertyInvesting.com e-publication titled ‘Insider’. Access to this e-publication is currently free of charge.

Purpose for this Site

You have a right to receive impartial information that will educate you about how to become wealthier through property investing. Sadly, a lot of the product on offer in the market place talks about doing “it”, when in fact the promoters haven’t actually done “it” in practice.

The PropertyInvesting.com community exists to share amongst its members what works… and what’s a waste of time and money. No other site I’ve ever visited or heard about provides the level of detail you’ll find here. It has cost a significant amount of time and money to set this up, but if you find one piece of information beneficial, then it’s been worthwhile. The specific goals for the site are:

  • To provide information about property investing to people who are interested in improving their wealth through real estate, and
  • Create a network of people who would like to be shown “how to do it” by people who are actually doing it, rather than relying on unproven systems which may or may not work.

How to Use this Site

The most benefit from the site is gained when you participate in the free community and forum which you can do by clicking here. Subscribing is a risk free decision because:

  1. It’s free (for a limited time)
  2. You can always unsubscribe.

Let us know your feedback

Help make PropertyInvesting.com the #1 investing site in the world by providing your thoughts about the site and any areas of improvement that you’d like to see too.

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Thanks for visiting and good luck with your property investing.

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