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  • I do it slightly different as I am close to the uni and single…but it may be food for thought for someone. I have homestay students that come and stay with me for a month or so, paying $170 per week for board. When they are ready I funnel them into my investment property if there is a room available, for a cheaper rate of $120 per romm/week. no…[Read more]

  • sunshine replied to the topic Peter Spann in the forum Heads Up! 18 years, 10 months ago

    I belong to a shares investment group where almost every member except me belongs to the sapphire level of Peter Spann – not me as I baulk at paying $4000 to have strategies drawn up, but I was fortunate to attend his seminar on the 10th on the coattails of another which cost me $98. A true bargain. While he did go into shares a lot, there was…[Read more]

  • Be aware that any complications in private cover could cost you dearly. A ceasarian and a distressed baby for us meant a gap of over $4000. This would have been nothing if we had been public. Also be aware that even a panadol in a private hospital would be costed out, add that to antibiotics, dressings, cannulas etc etc and the cost can be huge…[Read more]

  • Im not a smoker [cigar] Thank goodness but have been struggling wiuth severe upper backpain due to an injury TEN YEARS AGO, unable to sleep all night, unable to bear being on my back, enduring radiotherapy every 18 months, not too mention the incredibale amount of painkillers…

    So three months ago I decided this was it. If medical science…[Read more]

  • Oh pleeeeeeeease!!!
    There is enough bad vibes in life without this. Does it really take that long! A few seconds really to scan through. I enjoy the posts as it gives a sense of personality behind the names, and I am sure no one looks remotely like anything I had imagined. But it’s all good.

    Please, get a sense of patience and a life, Have a…[Read more]

  • The valuation of the property is not compared to houses that are on the market right now but on those that have sold recently. A valuation should list three comparative sales in the same street, or at least the area and why these are comparable.

    The bank once valued a property of mine and I expected 20% below market valuation. But the property…[Read more]

  • sunshine replied to the topic rental in the forum No Subject 19 years, 2 months ago

    Everdine, I think you need to see the positives. If you had bought the place untenanted you may have had a vacancy period anyway. You may have had only a six month lease, and then another possible vacancy.
    Hopefully these are good tenants (you checked that one?) you may not be so lucky next time. They may be willing to sign a higher rent in Jan…[Read more]

  • Hi Simon,

    Could you please explain ‘holding til registration’ I havnt heard of that. Thanks

  • Make sure you run a search through sites such as FIDO who have just posted a list (I think of 25) property companies that are being investigated. Can never do too much checking. sunshine

  • I agree with Kay Henry on this one. It pays to be realistic about repairs no matter what the cost of the house.
    If it has a roof, it may need repointing
    If it has walls, it may need re-painting.
    A hot water cylinder will cost the same no matter the cost of the house.
    Termites do not discrimnate between price brackets!
    Often repairs come in the…[Read more]

  • sunshine replied to the topic search facility in the forum No Subject 19 years, 3 months ago

    I cant seem to make the search work. It keeps bringing me back to the all forums page.
    I can bring up replies to my query but everything I do brings me back to the forum list???

    Any ideas??? Thanks[?]

  • sunshine replied to the topic evil in the forum No Subject 19 years, 3 months ago

    …wars, jealousy, greed, discontent…sounds like everything that comes under the banner of religion to me…
    …but then, to some, the love of money IS a religion…

    …that means that…religion is the root of all evil…

  • The old disney rumour has been around for at least three years now and it was disputed an age ago for the fact stated somewhere above, that australia does not have the head count, local or otherwise to sustain something like disney…

    But circumstances have led us to disney paris a few times and give me dreamworld anyday. Yeah, it did struggle…[Read more]

  • sunshine replied to the topic Byron Bay in the forum No Subject 19 years, 4 months ago

    Bubbles – It is an hour 10 mins to Byron from the Gold Coast. Brisbane is another 45 mins from there. Better value elsewhere as above.

  • Sure,
    I consider ‘unsellable’ to me is a place that would be very difficult to onsell. The apartments I looked at in that price range were either very small, one was over a shop, one was next to a (up for sale) wine bar. I would also look into wether Hope Island really has a market for one bedroom apartments. I think it always boils down to due…[Read more]

  • Hmmm….Hope Island. I don’t believe there is much left in it for the current market but of course history does show…etc etc. You know the story. Two years ago one street back from the water brother bought a fishing cottage for $130,000 – land value only. Sold 12 months ago for $220,000. Other brother has just bought in same street for $440,000.…[Read more]

  • I watch TT as the preteen loves home and away and we seem always to be doing the dishes at 6.30. Makes for good discussion/laughs[:D]…but the show reaches a target audience of mums and dads who may not be savvy investors so it is interesting to note how media manipulation can be portrayed.

    …but arty, am interested to know why you think there…[Read more]

  • Thanks Redwing. I understand that CGT is applied for the time it is rented. I have been looking at various other posts which cover PPOR and then decided I should redefine my question…

    Is there a minumum time frame you have to live in a property for it to be your PPOR?


    could I live in it for only 1 month and then sell it?


  • sunshine replied to the topic VALUE ++ in the forum Hotch Potch 19 years, 5 months ago

    Thats a good sunday morning chuckle![:0)]

  • Hi Richmond,

    It looks just fine but lacking a bit of ‘warmth’. I agree with the rugs, especially under that coffee table – a nice flokati (white) will soften all that timber look. one or two squashy cushions, maybe a throw draped over the edge of a sofa and a few books as thefirstbruce said. If it is a holdiay home you want to give it a ‘relaxed’…[Read more]

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