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  • C for "Circa"???? I think it's Latin for 'around'  I.e. you see a date on a historical home as "Circa 1830" meaning it's so old no firm building date is known but that is the date it was built around.

  • Thank you for your replies,

    In regards to my “angle”, simple, offer great personal customer service, as well as the lowest price and delivery prices.

    My quality will be the same as any department store and for a fraction of the price.

    Im in korea now buying my first order, and im pleased with what i have seen thus far.

    I have researched the…[Read more]

  • Ausdmx,

    Have you been to Dubai?? i would take a trip out there to see the city for urself before you make any financial decisions.

    I wouldnt buy in Dubai.

  • TeacherK6 replied to the topic Re-Finance in the forum Finance 16 years ago

    Thanx for the reply Richard,

    I kept most of those details private as i only wanted to discuss them with the brokers direct. (also that my situation is quite in-depth and needs a bit of explaining)

    I have had a few people contact me, and im discussing my options at this point in time.

    Thankyou :)

    Jason :)

  • I had to put in a claim for loss of rent and tenant damage through Commonwealth bank landlord insurance.

    I was glad i called in for the assessor. the property was 5 hours from home and if i kept it under 5 grand that would mean i would have to handle the repairs personally.

    if u use an assessor they would want to see a lease as well, so if its…[Read more]

  • hmmmm

    i remember reading sumwhere that the maccas in moscow was the one that sold the most burgers???

    then again i could be wrong…..

    ill ask google, google knows everything!



  • I was in Dubai just last week….

    I personally think Dubai property will crash and burn very soon… i wish i could fully make you understand how fast they are putting up sky scrapers there.

    one development underway will have 40 (yes 40) hi rise apartment towers as well as business centres and the usual shopping facilities.

    this one…[Read more]

  • Re cost of colorbond vs tiles.

    Parents r putting in building aplication now for a 40sq 2 story house in semi rural area with a major builder. the steel was 5 grand more then the tiles…

    Jason :)

  • TeacherK6 replied to the topic Credit card in the forum Help Needed! 17 years ago

    Thanx for the replies :)

    Decided to just leave it there… it will get used up anyway with purchases…

    Jason :)

    PS..Got to love the points
    PPS.Yes Rome is a seedy place, happens all the time :(

  • TeacherK6 replied to the topic Credit card in the forum Help Needed! 17 years ago

    Hello again,

    I believe you hav mis understood my situation. My credit card is in actual fact “in credit” to the amount of $2000. ie, 26K credit limit with 28K available funds. I hope this clears it up…

    I have never paid a cent interest on a credit card in 3 years, in fact they are in themselves a chashflow positive investment if used…[Read more]

  • Thanx :)

    Yeah the extra few % return makes it worth while. ill get onto the accountant anyway :)

    Jason :)

  • Thanx for the reply Jason,

    Not Knowing what a “stop order” was i got a bit worried that one of the companies i was using was in huge trouble…. so i looked up what you were talking about…

    Is the Fed 2005 article referring to what happened towards the end of 2002??? as far as i can see it was just a problem with the wording in the…[Read more]

  • I use:


    add a www. b4 the names and a after the names… i think that should take you to the sites…

    Been using them for a few years now and havnt had problems, MFS had a special deal a few months ago, 9.5% for 12 months (could have been 9%) interest paid monthly…

    Thats a gr8 return in anyones language :)


    I…[Read more]

  • Thanx for replying to my question Terry.

    Some info about rates of return…

    Why would i choose ING or Bankwest when im getting 7.5% AT CALL from an Aussie company????[baaa]

    And over 9% for 12 months term when compounded….

    Cheers :)


  • Hey Rick,

    Reading over your post, i was thinking of asking the a few of the same questions down the track..

    I have lived in a share house (19 rooms) in the eastern suburbs of sydney for just over 2 months now and really enjoy it, in fact i will consider looking into buying my own in the near future depending on how the market is going and my…[Read more]

  • Hello Steve, Master and Derek,

    Thankyou for your replies thus far. Some background to my question…

    I live in Syd, And the IP in question is some 5 hours away. After 5 years of dealing with investment properties i have had my first tennant to fall behind in rent, trash / damage the place leave a mess and do a runner in the middle of the…[Read more]

  • Yeah Kay,

    Thanx for the reply, im keeping my cheque book well locked away..if i get a feeling that a place is sus’ then i won’t bother…

    And ppl wonder why some agents are not highly regarded…

    Jason :)

  • City Pacific,

    7.5% at call, same set up as ING however not as well known.



    Just reading over this post, it seems i have also made a big doo doo.

    This is what i did……..

    Re-financed a few IP’s into an interest only set up, locked for 3 years. no money in, none comes out. however I got access to the refinanced money, and deposited it into the loans of a few other Ip’s where the loan was P+I,…[Read more]

  • wow good post!

    Where do i start?

    One of my many jobs is working at the local supermarket nights. We are told every night “DO NOT SERVE ANY CUSTOMERS” as we are ‘fillers’ and its another persons job…

    Bull__it to that… i serve as best i can, well above the call of duty, as each case is different. but……

    Anyone who has ever worked at a…[Read more]

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