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  • G'day againDOUBLE GLAZING- Any window manufacturer should be able to tell you all about double glazing. I dont have the web sites handy but should not be to hard to find. Pilkington glass have a booklet out on all the performance data of different types of glass and glazing in laymens terms  and i believe it is also on there web site.INSULATION-…[Read more]

  • Hi FrohikeThe one thing i can help you with is sound proofing a house if you decide to go ahead. I work in the sales side of the building industry and can point you in the right direction with products that can help.Double glazed windows will help with noise as will soundscreen batts in walls and cielings. Different types of cladding on the…[Read more]

  • HiI built my first 2 bedroom home across the road from the local lawn cemetry. The view was a sea of flowers. Didn't worry me a bit until i lost a couple of young freinds who moved in across the road. Saying that i had no trouble selling the property after having it for 18 months and made a tidy profit. good hunting

  • Hi Sanjiv
    I believe thats the sort of develpment you want near your IP.
    Retirement villages are filled with QUITE OLD PEOPLE.
    I would class that as a bonus for you

    good hunting[medieval]

  • Hi Daz
    I have also been looking at this site as well. Sounds and looks good but so does a big mac. I have done some investigation into it.
    You pay $500 to become a member for 12 months and they will source properties for you but will charge you 2% fee on top of purchase price.
    Send them an email with your questions and they will ring you and have…[Read more]

  • mollymonsta replied to the topic Tale of Air Con Woe in the forum No Subject 13 years ago

    I work in the building supply industrie and also sell mistral splits. All have been fine except for one which i sold. The client also could not get any satisfaction from mistral. I have printed out a copy of your coments and will be showing my management that its all good and wll buying something cheap but do we want the reputation of sselling…[Read more]

  • mollymonsta replied to the topic Call Options Deeds in the forum Help Needed! 13 years ago

    My mother lives in QLD and was telling me in brisbane there is a shortage of rental properties. People actually telling agents they will pay more rent just to secure a property. I believe it’s as good a place as any to start.


  • mollymonsta replied to the topic YOUR POINT OF VIEW in the forum Help Needed! 13 years ago

    I’m new to the game but everthing i’ve read and studied tells me that thier correct. Hangon to the property and use the equity to buy another. The only other thing i have played around with is trading options. No expert. Done everything wrong you could possibly do and still came out in front. Check out
    If you…[Read more]


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