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    I’ve opened this thread so people who attended the 2016 Millionaire Mega Conference can share their thoughts about what they liked, and why, with the community at large.

    We have started planning our 2017 event, most likely in Sydney in August already. More information will be made available once we have a date and venue locked away.


    – Steve

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Seminar provided good information on various areas of activity like searching new commercial properties, thinking out of the box, keeping the momentum going and many more skills and techniques.
    It was worth the interstate travel for me.

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    Great Conference!!

    such a great range of speakers and so much info!

    well worth the time investment

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    The conference was amazing. First time attendee, i traveled from Darwin. Well worth the trip.
    Covered a lot of topics, some on IP and others not. All topics were great.
    Barely left the course and already put the advise and examples Steve gave in to action.
    Thank you to Steve, presenters and the Team.

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    I am actually in the process of writing a comprehensive article on the content presented and the HUGE insights that I’ve gained from attending.

    With that said, the biggest takeaway was that taking the time to think and sculpt your vision for your life is the most critical part of the equation. Focus on developing your mind so that you have self mastery and can be cognisant of your strengths and weaknesses, and understand when you need to get help (preferably through a mentor).

    I will return to this post with a full link to my article within the next week or so.

    Thanks again Steve and the rest of the team! Incredible event and worth every single cent!


    Chris McDonald
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    Hi All,

    This is by far the best conference I’ve ever attended.I felt deep revelation inside of me over the weekend

    Louis T

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    Great conference, glad I made the time to attend. The variety of speakers was excellent and covered a range of topics that will benefit me greatly on my quest for financial independence through PI.

    Thank you, Steve and the rest of the team for a deeply rewarding weekend


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    I traveled from perth for this event and was not disappointed. As a bonus to the event I managed to meet other like minded people passionate about property and swapped a few business cards to catch up after this event.
    Steve’s sessions on the sat and sunday on commercial property were my highlights as we would like to walk this path sooner than later.
    Brandan Nichols is a true inspiration and tells it how it is, we are actually expanding a section of our current business in direct relation to his live today do it now approach.

    Overall A great weekend to keep focused on where you are at in the wealth creation world.

    Evan B

    evanbrad | Dandaragan Redgum Village
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    In The Middle of Everywhere

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    It was indeed a fantastic conference by all virtues. Overall nice experience. The line “the enemy of great life is good life” still stuck in my head even after a week.


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    Hi Steve,

    I traveled from Perth and took 5 days off work to attend. Having attended last year I convinced two other friends to attend this year. My eldest son is a national level athlete. He would have benefited significantly from hearing Daniel Flynn’s story. I am kicking myself for not inviting him. He will be attending with his brother next year.

    As someone who assists others to invest in property, my learnings were significant;

    • People respond to emotion not logic. The investment pyramid was a great example of how to approach with logic not emotion. The two ladies who came to the stage to discuss properties they were interested in was further proof.
    • Your further re enforcement of the Growth / Cash flow quadrant crystallized where I am heading with my own investing and is something I will be using to select the right fit for my clients.
    • Some of your real deals, great learnings for me.
    • Brendan’s focus on Systems is something I have been working on in my own life and it reinforced that what I am doing is both right and needs to be elevated in priority.

    I want to say a massive thanks to the speakers, the team at and to You. I appreciate you pushing through what was some visible pain for all of our benefit.

    If I could make one suggestion for next year is “ask a question.” Get attendees to text questions to a number. The best questions can be answered in say a ½ hour session, by you or other speakers at conference. It would make a great finish to the conference. I will be seeing you next time.

    Once again Many thanks! And please accept my sincere thanks for the honest education you provide to all.

    David Hall | The Buyers Agency
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    Buyers Agent

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    Another great experience and some excellent learning! Highlights are definitely Steve, Daniel Flynn, and Brendon who always seems to speak to my very soul. I’m very grateful for having participated !

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    Travelled from Sydney and was definitely worth it. So much information and inspiration! Daniel Flynn’s speech completely blew me away!! Such an amazing young guy. Also, Lisa Mclnnes-Smith was very good as well as Derek Gehl and Daniel Gibbs who shared his amazing story.
    Well organised event and I’m sure next year will be even better.

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    Attended conference in 2015 and now 2016.

    It’s not just about property….

    Property is the conduit to obtain financial independence.

    But the conference is not just about property.

    To be successful you have to be right in your heart, mind and soul.

    I am not in a position to invest in anything.

    But….what the conference gave me was FIRE!

    It stays with you all week. So much so, the following Friday (today), you’re left wondering why you are not at conference?

    Fridays will never be the same!

    Wonderful job team!

    Can’t wait for 2017.

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    I have been to Steve’s Mega conference many times and always learn something new each time.

    2016 Mega conference was exceptional with many Aha moments and insights that I will implement over the next 30 days.

    All the speakers were Authentic, tells you what you need to hear to your benefit rather than what you want to hear to sell you more.

    I will be back for the next Mega Conference !

    Thanks Steve, Romy, Jason and the team.

    Andrew Y
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    Fantastic conference, very well organised and it ran smoothly. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Everything and more than I expected. It is fast becoming my must attend event for the year.
    For me the timing was perfect in terms of the speakers on mindset, goal setting and identifying a core focus. Very inspirational stuff.
    There was a great balance between property investing and other “soft skill” content.
    Thank you to the team, visiting speakers and Steve for all the effort…having such a great event here in Australia is really appreciated. Keep up the good work.

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    Another quality conference Steve. Great mix of information, real life examples and a few laughs thrown in for good measure. Really enjoyed the commercial property workshop and The MAGIC happens outside of your comfort zone.

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    There was something for everyone at this year’s conference! Tax, Residential Investment Property, Commercial Investment Property, Internet Businesses, Mindset, Goal Setting and so much more – it is the best in Australia!

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    Totes amazeballs.
    This was my 4th conference and it was the best one I believe.
    Daniel Flynn and Brendan Nichols were incredible.
    I loved the focus on mindset throughout the conference.
    And I liked that Steve did a few talks, each focusing on different things. Very educational.

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    Of the 3 or 4 mega conferences I’ve attended, this has made the biggest difference to me.

    I’m really keen to find out more about what Brendan Nichols means when he refers to the ‘Structures’ of a person’s approach to business.

    He said a lot of things that made sense, like the emotional roller coaster when aiming at a big goal and needing to recognize the fear that we are feeling.

    I also found Lisa to be extremely entertaining but more importantly she provided many nuggets that I want to remember and implement, such as ‘I’m responsible for the energy that I bring to the room’ and the ‘pin in’ tip, not being so hard on ourselves for failing the first few times we try something new.

    I found Daniel Griggs session, where he spoke about habits and changing habits, to be really useful bc I won’t be able to implement / incorporate the stuff that Brendan or Lisa spoke about without understanding how I can build a new habit.

    And as usual, the property related sessions were packed full content.

    Thanks Steve!

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    It was an excellent conference. Every speaker had some useful information to share to make you a better investor or a better person.
    Thank you Steve and the team at the property Investing for your generous time and efforts to make this year conference a very successful event.

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