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  • How’s about…

    “130 not out…Investing in Positive Cashflow Real Estate.”

    (Learn how I went from 0 to 130 Positive Cashflow Properties in 3 years!!!)

    Matt K

  • Hey Quentin.

    Welcome to the forum. If you are looking to contact someone who maybe interested in partnering you in SE Qld, go to Stuart O’Neill lives up that way and he maybe someone who you can work with and build your portfolio even more. I saw him a couple of weeks ago and he is very excited about the movement of…[Read more]

  • Hello…

    I too live in Sydney so let’s just set a date, time etc and go for it! If nothing else it will be good to meet up and hopefully ride off each others positivity and get some momentum going.

    I suggest that we all email gracie and then gracie can line up a date and time and we’ll go from there.

    Gracie you should have my details by now as…[Read more]

  • Sorry can’t help with choosing builders. I guess my initial thoughts would be to look around the area to see which company is doing the majority of the work, then approach them for a list of clients who you can interview. With regards to quotes, I guess you should go with the number you feel most comfortable but it would be wise to get at least 3…[Read more]

  • Well I can’t confess to be a professor of knowledge on the subject but I feel that the drought may actually have a positive effect on the property in country regional centres. I guess my reasoning for this is based on the Tape Fast Track. I feel that those in isolated country areas will tend to move more towards regional areas in search for more…[Read more]

  • Hey there Go Girl,

    On the home page is the section Information resources at the bottom left of the home page. Click on the “How to buy a positive cashflow property…” Order you heart out. Simple. P & H is an extra $10 bucks or so but believe me, I have listened to it at least 4 times, taken notes, typed them up and relistened to add to those…[Read more]

  • John,

    If you are worried about performance of property manager’s, why not approach them with a contract between you and them based on performance? A little like a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). Perhaps you could have it corresponding to the vacancy factor on your properties. Eg: Say you are prepared to pay 10% for 100% tennancy, 9% for 95% like…[Read more]

  • Lance.

    Can I just say you are truely a go-getter. Be very proud of your efforts. I can not wait until next year so that we can all listen to you and your partner’s rise in passive income over the last 12 months since you attended the PI seminar. If we look at your returns on your little B/H, your cash on cash is in excess of 100%. Is it any…[Read more]

  • Hey Wei.

    Ouch man . Sorry for your run in with the Agent. Perhaps he should visit the local hospital and get an injection of personality. Chin up brother….


    Is their ANOTHER real estate agent from another agency who would be interested in acting on your behalf? You would have to check if this was okay, but…[Read more]

  • Ian…..

    Firstly, never get disillusioned. The mere fact that you are out there looking is a fantastic step in itself. I’m assuming that based on your email that you are looking for properties to buy and hold? Is this your only strategy? Every property in Australia can be positively geared!!!! All you have to do is ask “HOW can this be done”,…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the feedback monto!

    I’ll pass on this info to my friend.

    All the best,
    catch ya all at Mlb!
    Matt [:D]

  • Thanks for that Tracey [^]. I see your point however, the gentleman talking to my friend said that there is (believe it or not) people at that end of the income spectrum who can’t get bank finance because they don’t ‘fit inside the parameters of the bank’s lending criteria’. I agree completely with what you’re saying but I posted this for my…[Read more]

  • Steve.

    It truely is great that you are so commiteed to helping all of us break free of the grind.

    Do you see any opportunity to hold 2 or 3 seminars with alternate dates for Syd? I already have plans for November (which include marriage) that will prohibit me from attending.

    I guess I could always just fly to Mlb. Bugger it…see you in Mlb.


  • MatthewKelly replied to the topic Laundromats! in the forum No Subject 19 years ago


    Just thought I would update you….

    I called the R/E Agent and enquired re: laundromats. He said he would fax through details etc. A few moments later he called back after I emailed the questions and asked me “Are you for real?” (Bad attitude…) Meaning am I serious about the questions pertaining to the building being included in the…[Read more]

  • Steve,

    Thanks for the reply. Properties were built prior to 2000. I assumed (you know what they say about assuming!!!) that GST was payable onto these properties after talking with someone close to me who was not as ‘educated’. I have just learnt something very valuable…don’t take advice from people who are not as educated as you are. All they…[Read more]

  • Quote:
    What do you mead by Hurt money ?


    I understand “Hurt Money” to be like a deposit. Say for example $1-2K down on a property you are wrapping for $40K. By doing this, you are re-iterating to the party you are wrapping the property to that they have to take some risks as well.

    This is my first post on this forum so…[Read more]


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