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  • Originally posted by Derek:
    Originally posted by Stan_Jones:
    Don`t worry – this man has forgotten his first post in this forum.

    Stan – it was probably deleted along with the others advertising for investors for Bulgaria.

    [email protected]
    0409 882 958
    Skype – derekjones2113

    Ignoring all the spam…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by theREALestateAGENT:
    Originally posted by Bronny:
    Since looking at properties for the last 5 years
    I thought RE agents in suits were like cars salespeople, but after a recent run in with an
    agent from Sea n Side at Largs Bay, my attitude
    has changed. This guy David Loper a young american
    dude, wore a cap,jeans,worn tshirt &…[Read more]

  • What he said [thumbsup2][thumbsup2][thumbsup2]

    I’m not a mortgage broker and have no affiliation to one, so I would thoroughly recomend that you get involved with one, rather than the banks direct – the emplyees at the bank are only following the rulebook that their manager gave them – very little scope for them to deal with reality
    Originally…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by brendon11:
    what i mean by ‘home owner’ mode is basically my bank has different interest rates for home owners and investors, home owners having a slightly lower rate

    Take this with a grain of salt, but have you checked your loan agreement. My only frame of reference on PPROR loans is from about 20 years ago when “thou shall…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by DLPP:
    the advantage of property is gearing and captial security
    managed funds and shares are very significant wealth creation vehicles – read peter spann – but just my personal opinion and I sure it will get shouted down – i would not put 700k (unless this represents less than 30% of your total equity ) of cash into equities…[Read more]

  • ………………….since my previous post the only thing that has happened is it seems to be getting worse, especially over the last 2 days, getting to the point of why do I bother wasting my time waiting for the screen to change. I have ”benchmarked”‘ the response times on the forums by opening other windows and clicking around on other sites…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Mortgage Hunter:
    It is a shame that I am meeting less and less of my clients. I genuinely enjoy getting to know people over a cup of tea and a chat.

    Would thoroughly recomend Simon Macks, just finalised a refinace deal through him on Friday. My situation was apparently fairly straightforward (but still complicated to me ).…[Read more]

  • Was born and spent the first 25 years of my life in Newcastle, NSW.

    My most enduring vivid memories of external /material things is .. wait for it…. the taste and smell of real tomatoes grown by my parents in our backyard. A backyard that sort of merged into the backyard of the 3 houses to the left of us because there were no 6 ft dividing…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Pepsi:
    When is it ok to quit your day job to go into Property Investing Full-Time? I only work part-time and I find it hard to find the time I need to put into looking for deals. Yet if I quit my job, I assume the banks won’t lend me as much as it would decrease my income. I feel as though I’m in a catch 22 situation. Any good…[Read more]

  • Just realised I didn’t answer your first 2 questions. Do a search and you will find this topic has been discussed many times. I have been there, done that, thats why I answered your third question as I did.

  • There a couple of good ones that post here regularly, Scott aka Depreciator springs to mind, haven’t used them but intend to soon. I think they work in a fairly wide area so Glenroy or Ringwood/Vermont areas? shouldn’t be a problem unless you are talking Vermont in the US [biggrin]

  • Originally posted by Mortgage Hunter:

    I hate the idea that a new user is being ignored.

    Posting one line complaints that are not immediately justifiable doesn’t make it easy.

    Hi Simon

    …whoops…[blush2]. been out of town for a few days and away from net, just now catching up.

    Can’t recall what I was thinking at the time, made sense…[Read more]

  • Sometimes I just dash stuff of the top of my head because there is nothing worse than typing a long epistle only to find the thread locked.

    So are you saying that when the keyboard engages, brain disengages ?

    ….and therein lies the problem for newbie posters like me…. experienced posters having little spats at each other over topics that…[Read more]

  • I understand that company title does cause some problems with financing, but you say it is inner west and you bought it 8 years ago ? You would have to be sitting on a truckload of CG ? – even given the Company Title stigma. Have you thought about borrowing against the equity you have ? to fund either PPOR or investment spending.

    … just reread…[Read more]

  • [lmao][lmao][lmao][lmao][lmao][lmao]…. now that I’ve picked myself up, thanks for posting that Simon.

    Scary thing is, I think the author was describing me, lol



  • Hi Simon,

    lol, I suggested a Buyers Agent to leewizza, maybe I should follow my own advice, [guilty] once everything gets bedded down.



  • Originally posted by leewizza:
    As for getting off my chair. It’s a bit hard (I work 6 days a week) and not many (if any) RE agents are open Sundays.
    I need to work, being only 22 and not a lot of fin. backing to leave at this stage. So it is real hard to do anything but look at these on the Net and in Newspapers, etc.
    Thanks for your…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Nat R:
    I watch the ASIC webpage and I’m amazed how slow they are to react to some events, even the SMH ran a story yesterday on how ASIC thought something was amiss at Westpoint
    Just food for discussion !!!

    Problem with ASIC is they are a public service body. The body has powers but the people doing the work were asleep on…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Shwing:
    Paul, I definitely was not refering to you as a clown.


    Getting out of your comfort zone, can help you become comfortable


    Didn’t take it that way at all, although I have been called worse !

    Just didn’t “get” your comment, thanks for clearing it up.

    Trying to steer this thread in another direction instead…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Shwing:
    Skills shortage, maybe !!

    But definitely, “Too many clowns , not enough circuses”, I’d say.


    Getting out of your comfort zone, can help you become comfortable


    Sorry that went over my head… too late at night, brain and wit gone to sleep. “please explain”‘



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