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  • Originally posted by Badgers_R_Us:

    . The old values such as hard work, responsibility, loyalty and all the other things that give a person integrity and purpose are seen as a burden on the short-cut to fame and/or fortune.

    What’s eating you?

    Hi BRU’s, have a look at this article, published in the paper version of last Saturdays SMH.…[Read more]

  • ….24 hours after my initial post and things are just as slow… I know that it isn’t my isp connection………………Network Admins ?………. ?

  • Originally posted by gronk007:
    Just Learning…

    I can only think of my concern about the potential lack of capital appreciation the next 4-5 years in the previously mentioned areas…


    If you are looking for the “‘correct”‘ answer to that question you won’t find it here or in any expert opinion/data that is published or that you pay for.…[Read more]

  • Apolgies to all non NSW>>Sydney> eastern suburbs, but if your after captial gain in the medium or long term why would you look past the most sought after area in NSW

  • Hi 007,

    I have heard that as well. I think it is because a 1 bedder would only appeal to a limited section of the market ie single ppl or couples with no kids. This would apply when you are looking for tennants or down the track when you look to sell. Thinking about it.. if I was in either of those situations, if I could afford it I would prefer…[Read more]

  • I think what Dazzling means is does he have to include the $100pw that the tennant pays in outgoings as income to himself ie because he has “discounted” the rent. I’m no expert but I think you could do this, the market rent is what the owner and tennant agree to do business on, how could the ato benchmark that. Not sure why you would do this…[Read more]

  • Just Learning replied to the topic This forum dying! in the forum Opinionated! 17 years ago

    …””ok I’m one of those people”‘ – just wanted to clarify that I am one of those people with broadband always on, not one of the “”steve and co”” that you seem to be alluding to as part of some sort of conspiracy theory. If there is some sort of conspiracy I’m certainly not part of it,although if there are $’s in it, would like to join.…[Read more]

  • Just Learning replied to the topic This forum dying! in the forum Opinionated! 17 years ago

    lol, ok I’m one of those people, but going off on another tangent.. ..there doesn’t seem to be a “‘logout”‘ facility on the site. I found that even back in my “‘bad old days”‘ when i was still on dial up (ie last month) that if you closed the browser window on this site or even clicked away and then came back in the same window, maybe 4-6 hours…[Read more]

  • Derek,

    Oophs, sorry to refer to you as Terry. Was reading one of his posts at the same time, anyway will email/PM my xcel spreadsheet. It’s really basic, as you alluded to., KISS. would be interested to see yours.



  • Hi lbglen,

    Coincidentally, just finished making up a simple xcel spreadsheet for myself for exactly the same purpose that you are after, maybe similar to Terry’s. Also, I agree with Terry and AmandaBS about paper records, I do the same.

    If you want a copy of my spreadsheet, I can email it to you. Not sure how all that works, doesn’t look like…[Read more]

  • Hi Sue/ Millionaire in Training

    From your profile I notice that you are about the same vintage as me.
    When I was alot younger, one piece of investing advice I was given that still sticks was never sell a property and never pay back a loan. ie as mentioned in earlier posts in this thread “”harvest the equity””. which will grow over time. I have a…[Read more]

  • If RE investing isn’t the flavour of the month, then its probably as good a reason as any to get in to it.
    If the “regs”” think this forum is dying then can I add my own 2 cents, as an almost 2 year lurker . I have learn’t so much by following the various posts here.”, and the fact that so many experienced regs give their time for nix speaks…[Read more]

  • Westan,

    Sorry, it was just my brain going at 1mkph. When you wrote “with one day to go” play had already started, so I thought, that you thought there was another day to go. Realised after I posted that wasn’t what you mean’t.



  • Slight error of judgement on my part, (eats humble pie ) lol. Seriously, well done England. We were outplayed in the whole series. It is annoying however that the weather and bad light play a big part in any series played in England.


  • Hi Richard,

    Are you nervous for us (oz) or them..sorry I don’t know your background I’m “just learning”, lurk alot, post sometimes. It looks like its going to come down to a one day game scenario. I have to revise my initial forecast, lol – maybe oz starts a one day chase sometime in this session. Lee seemed to be fired up last session as well -…[Read more]

  • nah its all over, we have it in the bag. 4 for at the moment. Warney and McGrath will clean them up before lunch, the sun is out and we will get the 150 – 180 needed to win.
    ps – Westan, today is the last day


    Paul (ever the optimist !)

  • Quote:
    Originally posted by KRUPTA:


    My thoughts are that if you are increasing your asset base by more than your expenditure on a year on year basis, it all looks good.

    I too am looking at this path, but as you say it very much depends on:
    1. Having a <edited>e load of equity to start with.
    2. Equity base increasing at a faster rate…[Read more]

  • Sorry to butt in here, but as one L Plater to another I think I understand your confusion. Your property has increased in value and so that money is yours. You still owe the bank $135K.

    You have 2 ways of accessing your money/equity
    1. Sell property, pay out loan, put $50/$65K in your bank account and do with it whatever you want. (as well as…[Read more]

  • “found a pleasant surprise talking with elderly folk (everyone 40+ ), and tapped into a very rich vein of experience indeed.”

    “Some of the conversations are a bit vague, as the memories sometimes fade, but the ones with a clear memory are absolutely fantastic.”

    lol, I’m 44 and oh no I forgot to sign up for a funeral plan before the alzehimers…[Read more]

  • When you get there can I be your p.a
    Seriously, apart from the negatives you have experienced in Coogee, where else in Sydney can you go, if on a Tueday night at 9pm you need 1kg of Roma Tomatoes. Not that, that happens every Tuesday night, but contrast that to an experience I had going to a Sunday lunch BBQ whatever somewhere in the…[Read more]

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