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  • Hi Red_Rogue,

    Currently in the middle of converting a games room into part of the lounge room. At the moment its two rooms about 5x4m each (lounge and games) with access to the games only via going out into the courtyard and through another door.

    Our place looks like a complete bombsite due to demo of double brick walls, raising lintels,…[Read more]

  • I know what you mean!! Think you should be safe with a ground floor unit!

  • Hey Doondoon,

    I am a big advocate of floor boards but it may be a good idea to first check with the strata body. I was renting a place a while back which had wooden floors and apparantly the owner went through hell with the owner of the place underneath due to noise. In the end they could keep the timber floor but they almost went to court over…[Read more]

  • Hey Hihopes,

    Am sure this could be a potentially hot topic!

    I know what you mean, I am the partner in this respect who pays the support and it can be a killer. I use the CSA formula for the simple reason that we would not be able to agree what is fair and reasonable. Like your situation, the ex would quite happily take 100% and feels the…[Read more]

  • I have been using one called Sketchup which I find ok. It’s basically a 3D application and takes a bit to get into but like everything, once you get into it, becomes easier. I have used it to make up potential improvements to my place.

    Just got an update yesterday and they have put a free version affiliated with Google on the net. They also…[Read more]

  • jhopper replied to the topic Timber Flooring in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

    Hey DD,

    As this one looks like a PPOR, I don’t think this applies unless it is classified as a home office for deduction purposes!

    As for other comments, I agree with not going down the laminate path for a PPOR. I did mine and regret the decision.



  • jhopper replied to the topic Timber Flooring in the forum Value Adding 14 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Jessica,

    Lots of “depends on’s” with this question. First of all, is it an IP or PPOR? This may determine what quality and maintrenance you will require. Second, what sort of budget? Third, how handy are you on the tools?

    There are many choices, all have pros and cons. You could go, solid timber planking, bamboo strip style, laminate,…[Read more]

  • Hey CD, we did ours in Jamie Durie style, bright blue. Goes well with a semi tropical style!!

  • Hi Mal,

    That technique also applies to painting brickwork! Both bricks and cement sheeting are thirsty and I believe the wetting before painting reduces the amount of pain you require, as well as getting rid of any dust from the surface. Not sure about applying a thin coat after wetting but do know it is a common practice!


  • Amazing what a few beers and snags can do!!

  • No reason in particular for the thatch, personally not a fan of the look.

    Off the top of my head, used the following:
    Timber decking used Indonesian Hardwood called Balau and sourced from Perth Timber in Forrestfield (owner by the name of Brett was helpful),
    Paving used Blok Pave and bought seconds quite cheaply (Not too concerned about seconds…[Read more]

  • Got to agree with all of the above. Done floors myself and Scott, have put a belt sander through a wall myself!!!!! Admitedly, not my fault as the handle was faulty from the hire mob but I looked pretty funny standing there with the handle is my hand looking through a hole in the wall!

    This is one area where the professionals should be called…[Read more]

  • Apart from the thatch, sounds like what I did in my backyard.

    Built a low deck, bamboo over the aesbestos sheeting, tropical plants, paving and timber sleepers. Designed it myself and took about 12 months of doing it on weekends but the old sand patch now looks pretty good now. I,m in WA as well so can tell you where I bought materials if it…[Read more]

  • jhopper replied to the topic Thesis Topic in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 2 months ago

    Hi Ben,

    When I completed my Engineering degree, I was looking at interesting and unusal topics for my thesis. One that I scrapped is as follows and you will see for obvious reasons. I was watching The Sopranos and got to thinking about Mobsters tendancies to hide bodies in mass concrete footings during construction. I got to thinking from an…[Read more]

  • Hey Paris,

    The only reason I have any vague idea about this is because I work as an Engineer for a reinforcing supplier. I would think this really is an unusal case for investing so don’t be too hard on yourself! :)

    What have you decided? Going to go for it or not?

  • Hi Paris,

    Ok, a well bonded topping probably means you will have to scabble the concrete surface (roughen it up so you can get a good connection). Normally for a topping you would use a self levelling cement mix like Ardit.

    What he is trying to achieve is increasing the cover of concrete so that moisture won’t get to the reinforcing as concrete…[Read more]

  • Hey Paris,

    My immediate reaction would be it spells trouble. If th reinforcing was exposed through polishing it could throw into question how much concrete cover they provided to begin with, and when they polished how much concrete did they take off. Also, how long ago did they do the polishing?

    Failure of reinforced concrete can occur when…[Read more]

  • Hi Paris,

    Can you give me a few more facts. Is it internal or external (balcony or inside the unit), is ist exposed because concrete is missing, ie a crater in the concrete so the reinforcing is exposed. How rusty are we talking about, a bit of brown flakey dust or is the steel pitted (looks like the steel has been eaten)? What City are you in…[Read more]

  • If you don’t consider strata bylaws and the like, why would this issue be any different from tenants with pets? Same deal effectively, smell throughout and degredation of the property as a conequence. [cigar]

  • jhopper replied to the topic Steep block! in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 2 months ago

    Hey Wayne,

    Where in the Northern Suburbs are we talking? How steep is the block and any idea of what type of ground conditions? I assume its going to partly sand, partly limestone but could be wrong depending on the slope and area.

    As for septic, any plans for the area to connect to sewer in the near future?

    Personally, I love the sloping…[Read more]

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