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  • FFComm replied to the topic Ed Chan in the forum No Subject 14 years, 2 months ago

    I must say I’m not really impressed with this new “Property Trust”. And to me it seems like there is more marketing than actual structuring. For example there is zero info about it (apart from some people telling us how good it is), but there seems to of been a big focus on tradmarking the name “Property Investment Trust” (which costs a grand…[Read more]

  • wow thx for yor advice….

    Lucky your here to save me from the seminar[evil4]…
    (which for a 4 day event and the people speaking (a flipper with over 180 property flips; a wrapper with 130+ prop.; a developer who has built 1,500 homes, and of course a individual who own 30+ propertys in US, and a whole bunch in NZ/Aust (+CF buy and holds)), and…[Read more]

  • Theres a big event happening on the GC –

    I’ll be going up for it.


  • Thanks Qlds007,

    sorry I don’t really do wraps (so just went of old forum posts – list has been updated), just someone wanted to see if moneymatters were the only insurance provider. I think I will look more into CGU but from memory people were having certain problems with them (CGU and their view of what an ‘incident’ was, which means if someone…[Read more]

  • I’ve herd that stars are over rated, but in this hot star market everyone seems to want one…

    At least I’ve got a few… Might be time to sell?…


  • I often hear how ‘bad’ wrappers are, but to tell you the truth in my opinion there not that bad at all. I’ll tell you why:

    1. If people went to a non standard loan program they would be charged a much higher int. rate.

    (I know of one case where a guy was paying 11% from GE and refinanced with a wrapper who’s charging him 8.95%!).

    2. That is…[Read more]

  • Robyn Grinter is a NZ property investor, who has completed over 180 property transactions.

    She has done almost every type of property investment play there is – flips (her speciality), wraps, L/Os, buy and holds, commercial, really everything…

    As a side note, she is coming out to Australia this yr. to be a session leader at the 2005 Global…[Read more]

  • The standard structure is a trust with a company controlling the trust (know as the trustee or corporate trustee).

    The reason why we have that structure is that it reduces our CGT to 15% (rather than 30% for companies, 15% for trusts & indivduals) and we have a corporation as trustee because we have higher protection from lawsuits.

    It would…[Read more]

  • FFComm replied to the topic $40,000 in the forum Finance 14 years, 5 months ago

    You can always get a personal loan.


  • FFComm replied to the topic Blogs in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years, 5 months ago

    Perhaps we should put this list some where else on the forums???


  • FFComm replied to the topic Blogs in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years, 5 months ago

    blogs are basically online diarys. Some are thoughts, some are dicussions and others are really diarys (like what I did today). Anyway here are a few good blogs:

    Steve McKnight Blog:

    Matthew Chan Blog:

    Welcome to

    PiB (Property Investing…[Read more]

  • FFComm replied to the topic The Donald Group in the forum Heads Up! 14 years, 8 months ago


    If you were to sign up I would get the contract checked over by the very best with the possible aim of legal action (either as a defendant or to get what the contract says). (Of course I would do that for most contract [blink]).


  • FFComm replied to the topic 95% Lo Docs in the forum Finance 14 years, 9 months ago

    95% LowDoc??!!!! Wow.

    I guess it will be postcode restricted?

    Also which mortgage insurer will be holding the bag?

  • Usually sub-letting if banned by the landlord/agent is illegal. However there a few ways around this, for example draft your own lease agreemnt up (you may need to profit share for the landlord to okay the idea).

    In the end however it probably would simply be better to purchase a property and the sublet, that way you don’t have to deal with…[Read more]

  • This frum relates mainly to Australia. When doing quick cash techniques usually you have to pay double stamp duty and pay 30% Capital Gains Tax on the difference between the two sale prices.

    Of course you can offer Vendor Finance, but this has other issues (such as the quality of tennants, etc).

    Also many banks will refuse to allow 2nd mortgages…[Read more]

  • I am with Terry on this one, what are you hoping to achieve?

    As aside apartments are harder to sell for a number of reasons:
    1. They are exacty the same as other apartments.
    2. Prices are dictated by other sales in the building.
    3. Oversupply of apartments.
    4. The market has fallen dramatically.

    The boom is over and so if you are desperate to…[Read more]

  • To my knowledge their is no database kept of bank foreclosures that is available to the public. I think that the banks would be loathed to be seen helping people comming ou of the wood work and taking advantage of desperate people.

    I am sure ACA/TT would do excllent TV programing and Gov. would be forced to act.

    Usually though people are really…[Read more]

  • I would not invest in PNG. There is too much downside (e.g. economy on the brink, political instability, etc).

    If I were to invest I would invest in units for foreign workers. So high rise. Also I would make sure that it was difficult to climb up these apartments (as I’ve herd that they don’t mind climbing up 8 stories to rob a apartment).

    Also…[Read more]

  • Usually it is very difficult to get info about foreclosures and if you ring up the bank they will tell you to go elsewhere, so you really have to find a kink in the system (e.g. a lawyer who is told about alot of the banks foreclosures). It would be a very niche play.


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