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  • You could try Monahan+ Rowell who have become part of Colin Biggers and Paisley who should have acess to american lawyers.

  • Nigel Kibel wrote:
    Why would you invest in Horsham

             The mines and seperation plant   Nigel .   The projected 1000 jobs created will have a massive  effect to a  town like  Horsham.

  • NHG wrote:
    How would that work out of curiousity? Some colleagues of mine are farmers and after hearing the ROI, unless your a large corporation seeking a steady yet small return or an individual who has had the farmland for decades, it is too pricey to buy in and make profitable.It's more a lifestyle choice rather than a good ROI. Would that…[Read more]

  • Doesnt matter how much you save it is what you do with it that counts. I started with none when I was in primary school school ,I got ballons at a show given away for free then walked around and sold them. I bought  something like 10 Pivot shares for  something like $50.00.  I would be wary of the investor club, but you may learn something th…[Read more]

  • Depends on the specifications, Elders, Landmark BR&C  Agents.

  • crusty replied to the topic Metropole in the forum Opinionated! 10 years, 2 months ago

     Thats interesting Ballerina,  In 2009 I Was considering buying a neighboring property  but wanted some diversification and wanted to invest in Queensland with so many options and limited knowledge,  I went to the Melbourne office.   I was told Melbourne is rhe best place to invest .   Ye right, best place for them !    When asked about Land T…[Read more]

  • crusty replied to the topic Metropole in the forum Opinionated! 10 years, 2 months ago

    Ballerina wrote:
    Hi LandtWe have used them on two accounts: as a buyers agents (in2008) and as a property managers (2009/10). As a buyers agents they have done a great job for us. As a propert managers-we changed them recently. We werent happy. they change staff in property management section too often, employing very junior personel, who did…[Read more]

  • crusty replied to the topic Metropole in the forum Opinionated! 10 years, 2 months ago

    landt64 wrote:
    Hi Patcon, I have not used Metropol as such but have used Rolf who is a senior broker there and he is very good,and has a very good reputation. I have only heard good things about Metropol. Michael Yardney who is the founder has a regular column in the Australian Property Investing magazine, so maybe you could check out some of…[Read more]

  • dj_ajay wrote:
    "They were endlessly baffled by my Australian tax return and even more confused by the fact that it was actually day time in Australia when it was night time in the US."Some Americans are really this stupid….they probably thought you were from Austria.

    I had an american, when told I was from australia, say, well  from your…[Read more]

  • Catalyst wrote:

    Nigel Kibel wrote:
    It really comes down to wear you are buying. Frankly I would rather buy a townhouse in an inner city area rather than a house in the outer suburbs. There is a mistaken view that a house with land is a better investment. The reality is the land the townhouse sites on in an inner city area is far more valuable…[Read more]

  •  Yes  you own the house  but you probably have to pay a lease fee of,   5%  of freehold  unimproved land values and rates(which increase).     I dont think they are a good idea as they onlly give a net yeild of  about 2,  have low LVRs,  about 50% and are difficult to sell.

  •   Sack the account .         Every-one here seems to be missing the main  point here.  Claming or paying depreciation is very trival, when compared to the massive opportunity costs of not having even a few hundred dollars a year tax refund,  that could have been invested in the early 1990 s.    At that time my few hundred extra dollars I had…[Read more]

  •   You are a bit slow Jess thats old news. In fact over the last 6 months world  wheat stocks have risen to a record high. After many years of sustained Land price  growth. I think growth will slow, and steady. Nothing can rapidly increase forever .  I think yeilds will steady for a few years before  increasing again.    If you arent aware com…[Read more]

  •  Id go to phillippiines too,  but not if you want a sound ivestment, consider it speculating or life style choice, a journey or buffering  It is risky investing in PI .    You will need to piss in pockets, have contacts in the right places,  Buy the police cheif  a set of golf clubs for christmas was the first piece of advice I  got when inves…[Read more]

  • freckle,   another thing you and that economist who sits up there in his distant Ivory tower  and work out average incomes is that there is so much work there a lot of people can demand to be paid in cash. No cash no workers.  There  are people on social security benefits working for cash, counted as unemployed , thats is what makes a great …[Read more]

  • freckle the link you posted said mildura had a population of 50,000 than you say there are  82 rental vacancies , well you do the sums.

  • engelo10 wrote:
    Hi Crusty,How many do you have in Mildura? There is a bright future for Mildura. I have many contacts there and everyone reckons the market will pick up significantly in the next few years. There are many new listings and many sales but prices arent moving upwards yet.Thanks for your time.

       Hi Englo    I have 3  built 2 , 3…[Read more]

  •     I dont know hoe you construe a report  saying Irymple can onlly support one new supper market instead of 2 because there are a whloe bunch of new shops and  woolworth shopping complex being built  2 k down the road in  Mildura as bad?? I would consider it good news if  even one was considered  viable.  You havent got a clue freckle, …[Read more]

  • rusty05 wrote:
    We've just been approved for a 0.9% discount with Westpac on a loan of over $800000 but the broker is hitting them up for 1% because the LVR is only at 42% – Worth a shot.

      12 months ago my broker put my loan out for tender , Got     2.0  discount on a  westpac commercial loan 0f 600000 wit h  50%  LVR  but the fees are high s…[Read more]

  •   The  plans to expand the airport are a good sign for Mildura, the surrounding areas such as Merbein and Irymple have had excellent growth in the last year, like 24%.    230k in Bendigo may only buy you an old  high maintanaince house with  miimal depreciaton plus you will have to pay stamp duty.  Depending on your taxable,   income but for less…[Read more]

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