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  • Hi allLets hope I know what I am doing!! As I have just signed up my 1st rent to buy tenant/buyer!!!  and she is thinking about rent / buying nest door and it's not even finished!! Not even 1 week from my 1st ad.Yipee!!  Lifes good!!Thank you for your help over the last week, wish I had heard of it earlier!

  • Hi Mr fair goI have prepared the following:- a facts sheet outlining the basics with a list on the back of why it's good for them- a sheet with 3 differnet options – different for them pretty much the same end result for me.- a brief contract – more like an offer/acceptance form, which outlines the main option points ie: the option premium / rent…[Read more]

  • Hi Mr fair goI am still getting phone calls today – excellant. I still haven't got the offer in writing, very frustrating waiting, waiting. Especially since the response to rent to buy has been so good. I am champing at the bid to sign some one up!!Celeste

  • Thanks my fair goI had a home open today, advertising the rent to buy option. I have had 3 replys and would you beleive the REA rang to say he has a couple wanting to put in an offer to buy Monday!!no.1 –  just cannot afford a mortgage of more than $150k and he is 75yrs lod, so he will not doNo.2 – wants 4 beds, all tho she is going to call me tom…[Read more]

  • Hi allAnother question, On the rent side of things, do you still charge the bond and rent in advance? Is the extra rent amount that is used as a creit included on the rent docs or the option docs?Basically is it a standard rent situation  in regards to $ bond / rent in advance / rent  and then you add an extra contract which is the option and incl…[Read more]

  • Hi allI am in WA and are pondering rent to buy option for my current reno that is on the market.Can anyone recommend a scolicitor in Perth that is familiar with these?Also, is there anyone out there who has done this in WA that I could have a chat to?Celeste

  • Hi SteveI use Mack & Co in West Perth – excellantCeleste

  • Hi all

    I thought I posted on this the other day ? where it went.

    Anyway, there is a co. called ” Village life” that works the same, they are in every state. The have about 3 grades of accommodation with cleaning and 3 meals aday etc. The rent is approx. 2/3 of the age pension.

    You can buy them for investment. I looked into them for my mum, I…[Read more]

  • Hi tools

    I have a copy of the diding fence Act for WA. email me your email address and I will send a copy.

    Tho I had a quick read and it appears notice etc should have been given B4 the fence was erected.


  • celeste replied to the topic Bamboo in the forum Value Adding 15 years, 11 months ago

    Hi all

    I picked up some at auction and intend putting it thru my next 3 projects ( I buy,reno,sell), the 3rd is an apartment and I think it will be my wow factor. It’s easy to lay, you can float it same as the laminates. It is a hardwood not fake wood. It pre finished so no sanding and vanishing.

    There are plenty of sites on the internet on how…[Read more]

  • Hi bren the builder

    GST only kicks in if you do a reno that constitutes “making it new”

    My accountant made me aware of this when I started. He sent me some examples from the ato it is GSTR 2003/3

    The renovation needs to be substanstial and needs to effect the building as a whole.

    If you send me your email address I will send you a copy of…[Read more]

  • Hi simond11

    check with the council on rezoning (to higher density) within 5km of the train station.

    I looked at dudley park last year, I think it worth a look, if you buy and hold. Lots for sale in mandurah should be able to neg down.

    Speak to a REA in the area, there are good bits and bad.


  • Originally posted by fingerscrossed:
    Hi Emil

    I recently had two seperate valuations done on my home. I have always referred to it as a 4 bedroom house – but both agents said that I could not call it a 4 bedroom home if it didn’t have a built in wardrobe.

    They both completed my valuation as a 3 bedroom plus study !!

    Even though my “study” was…[Read more]

  • Hi Timwr

    have a look for the web site of your states dept of land.
    Ours has booklets you can down load on how to.


  • Hi Fatman

    1. knock off the old tiles – hammer and old chisel, leave the floor tiles there. if floor is tiled
    2. patch the wall so it is even. a water proofing kit from bunnings to seal the shower approx $70.00 follow the instructions. seal over floor tiles
    4. re-tile

    hint – remove waste and place rolled up cardboard in the hole to stop muck…[Read more]

  • celeste replied to the topic Reno questions in the forum Value Adding 16 years ago

    Hi Lesia

    Things to do B4 you look.

    My current projects – pair of duplex’s I spotted in the paper, they were labelled srcuffy (try disgusting) anyway, I thought they were really cheap so hopped on the net checked all the ones for sale on 2 sites, check the council web site for new developments in the area and checked latest sales figures from…[Read more]

  • celeste replied to the topic Painting Bathroom Tiles in the forum Value Adding 16 years ago

    Originally posted by rose1610:
    Sounds great. Although perhaps rose pink wasn’t the best description. My husband describes it as a sick candy floss pink. Hmmm. It’s givng me nightmares trying to work out what to do.

    Post a photo and I will give you some suggestions.

    Grab some paint colour phamplets and see if you can work out the colour and…[Read more]

  • celeste replied to the topic Painting Bathroom Tiles in the forum Value Adding 16 years ago

    Hi all

    Personally I do not like painted tiles.

    but knights paints do it.

    Have you thought about stripping all the paint off, then dig the grout out and change the colour, repaint – maybe add a border tile.

    Rose pink is one of the new designer colours – have a look in Bunnings paint section at dulux’s little flip books. I was looking this…[Read more]

  • Hi Ty

    I am currently reno’ing a pair of duplexes, they have different settlement dates, one has settled, the other in a couple of weeks.(this settlement has been delayed because the tenant will not get out, so I have had to modify my plans a little)

    My plan is
    – to start one gut and prep.
    – when the other settles gutt it ready for any…[Read more]

  • Hi Dee Dee

    I use Mack & co. west perth, I have been a senior bookkeeper for 25yrs here and melb and they are one of only 2 I would recommend in Perth.

    I have never been shocked by the bill – value for money and they offer advice B4 you ask. We have a family trust, a co., SMSF, IP’s,Share and now my little business. So lots for them to consider…[Read more]

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