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    Hi everyone. I am new here

    I am living in an apartment (one bedroom apartment) and planning to change the carpet to floorboard. Kinda like bamboo but from what I heard, it seem that bamboo is not very popular.

    Plan to live in the apartment for 2-3 more years before I rent it out/sell it.

    My question is if i decide to go ahead with bamboo, will that reduce the resale value . And given the size of the apartment is that worth it to “invest” at real timber instead of bamboo/floating floorboard.

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    Hi Audrienne,

    I heard about bamboo floorboards just the other day. Apparently they are cheaper, a renewable resource, and very hard (so less scratches and scuffs etc…)

    I wonder if bamboo is not popular because it is just new, as I had only heard about it in the last 2 weeks.

    I don’t have any experience with bamboo and resale of houses, but when I saw it, it looked just like timber floorboards, so that makes me think that it may not make any difference to the resale price.


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    I love the idea of bamboo flooring, as Kelly said it is a sustainable flooring and is right up there with the more hard wearing timber floors. In this day and age with people being very receptive to sustainable design I think it would be a great marketing feature if the property was ever sold, but if kept for an IP then the flooring would look as good, if not better, in a few years time than any other floor that you could lay . Go for it I think.

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    Hi all

    I picked up some at auction and intend putting it thru my next 3 projects ( I buy,reno,sell), the 3rd is an apartment and I think it will be my wow factor. It’s easy to lay, you can float it same as the laminates. It is a hardwood not fake wood. It pre finished so no sanding and vanishing.

    There are plenty of sites on the internet on how to do it.


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    I’ve seen it layed in a display home and it felt quite soft underfoot. I saw an article on TV the other day saying how it can withstand traffic much better than timber.
    Seems to be around $100m retail but like Celeste I’ve seen it go through the auction rooms for only $25m.

    We’ll certainly be looking at using it in our next project.

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    Thanks to everyone for their replies.

    My next question is should I keep carpet on bedroom? It seem that some ppl prefer to have carpet in bedroom.

    I personally think, given the size of the apartment, it would look nicer to have bamboo for the whole room of the apartment (except the bathroom).

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    We took carpet out of our bedroom and then put it back in a few years later. We get big temperature differences from winter to summer and the floorboards were still too cold in winter, in saying that we are up on stumps with a conventional timber floor that is over 60 years old; if you are laying floating floor on a slab then draughts wouldn’t be an issue.

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