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  • Answer to my last five

    1. Samuel L Jackson was in all three movies
    2. George Lucas
    3. Rent-a-dick, written by John Cleese and Grahman and starring Spike Milligan and Michael Bentine.
    4. Correct- George Raft
    5. Correct

    Gastby question i think the answer is Easy Rider, i know that Jack replaced Rip Torn as the lawyer, but i dont know who the other…[Read more]

  • 1. Also the release of “Collatoral Damage” was postponed aswell.

    2. in i think “hercules go to new York” as Andrew Strong

    3. i assume that it is Esteeves

    4. He did “Heat” and “The Way of the Gun”

    5. Beside Lecter there is F Murray Abraham in “Loaded Weapon 1”

    Myydral you are correct with my number 1, but can you name the director that was replaced

  • Answer to 4 is Apocalypse Now

    Here are 5 more

    1. What links “Goodfellas”,”Out of Sight” and “Jurassic Park”

    2. Apocalypse Now was to be directed by some else till Coppola (who was the producer) decided he wanted to direct it, who was the original director?

    3. What movie stars 2 “Goons” and was written by two “Pythons”, name the movie and the…[Read more]

  • Myydral well done
    1. correct
    3. correct
    4. have never heard of funkytown
    5. See the answer in my previous post

    I can put you out of your misery with 4 if you want and give you five new one

  • Gatsby is correct with question 2

    Simon is correct with question 5. Clint in “Every which way but loose”, Charlton in “Planet of the Apes” and Ronnie in “bedtime for Bonzo”

  • Property Management its a very tough job.

    If it not a whinning tenants complaining about co-webs, its owners who refuse to do any essential maintance.

    I think that you are shooting yourself in the foot if you try to get a manager below the areas normal commission.

    You will get better results from them if you pay and treat them well.

    With our…[Read more]

  • _se7en_ replied to the topic Tricky Math in the forum Forum Frolic 18 years, 11 months ago

    You got me.

    Tried once, checked it again, and check for a third time to make sure i was right.

    And came up with 5000 each time

    Going to try it on some of my friends

  • You where close

    James Cameron has been married to all 3 ladies

    Here’s 5 more. These will take a lot of work to find out.

    1. Name the movie where Stanley Kubrick was sack as director by the main star?

    2. Martin Sheen was the lead actor in Apocalypse Now. But who was the original actor who was sacked after 5 weeks of filming?

    3. In the movie…[Read more]

  • Sugarland Express is the right answer, most people think that Duel was his first, but it was a tele-movie for NBC.

    THe First australia oscar winner is Robert Krasker the cinematographer for “The Third Man” (1949)

    Any you still have to come up with why James Cameron connect those women.

  • Movies made for the cinema as opposed to made for televison, documentries, short films etc

    2. Correct. well done.

    Remember that you have to use your memory not the net.[biggrin]

  • 1. James Cameron is right by why is he? (its not a movie)

    2. Wrong

    3. Wrong. I said 1st “motion picture”

    4. Correct

    5. Wrong. “Motion Picture” not documentry, before Kelly

  • Its too easy, i will let someone else get that

    1. What connects Linda Hamliton, Gale Anne Hurd and Kathryn Bigelow?
    2. James Stewart was the first star to recieve apercentage of the profits, for what movie?
    3. Name Steven Speilbergs first motion Picture?
    4. Who play the DA in the movie Se7en? And what role made him famous?
    5. Who was…[Read more]

  • Come on people give me something hard.

    I am a huge movie buff and I will be able to answer most questions. My speciality are directors and cinematographer.


    Name the author and name of the book “Die Hard” was based on?

  • But they are not independent.

    “ and Edenlea make money by receiving a commission on all loans written. This is a great win-win because we have a vested interest in ensuring your loan is approved so we get paid.”

  • So let me get this right.

    There is a no advertings policy for this site.

    Unless you give Steve a big cash kickback?

    If somebody uses this broker and the loan goes pear-shaped because of breach of different acts, is Steve liable to fines and or lawsuit? (As he is acting as promoter)

  • Try

    you can download a non smoking calc that tells you:
    * how many ciggie not smoked
    * how many days, min, sec since last smoke
    * money saved by not buying smokes
    * estimated life saved

    It is worth down loading and does help with you motivation.

  • Steve,

    I can not beleive you have allowed this!

    This is unfair to all the other brokers on this site.

    I think that on your web links you should have web links to all the brokers who use this forum.

    I know that this is your site, but if it was not for your members you would not have site worth visiting.

  • Time to start packing your bags for the Bahamas.

    Labor will win the election.

    What will change? No much.

    All that will happen is that we will have swapped one group of lawyers for another group of lawyers.

  • It was may understanding that vaulers have to show how they have come up with the figure.

    And the valuer must use 2 out 3 methods of calculating the price ( comprative, replacment cost or cap rate)

  • _se7en_ replied to the topic I am pisced off in the forum Opinionated! 19 years, 1 month ago


    I think you might have mis-read my posts in regard to the banning of members. (Please read again)

    I did not say that you sould be banned.

    I belive that this forum should be open to all, no matter what their views are.

    Pices, i agree with some of your views and strongly dis-agree with some other, but this forum would lose a lot if you…[Read more]

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