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    We're nearing the end of 2012 and coming into New Year's resolution season, so I'd like to find out what is your big goal for 2013?

    Steve McKnight | Pty Ltd | CEO

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    Think I will need 3

    1. Finish Reno on block of units, get them revalued, borrow the equity and buy another cash flow positive property

    2. Off load some negatively geared property

    3. Get some income from my Internet business



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    Hi Steve,

    Enjoy life to the full with Mrs Dubs !

    What are your big goals ?


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    My big goal for 2013 is to  off load  negatively geared property in Australia, go back to the US and buy  more property there so that I can then retire in peace!

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    My first two goals are in the knowledge phase of my investing and they include:

    1) complete property apprentice training

    2) complete income accelerator training

    My second two goals are related but practical which include:

    1) buy my first property toward the end of the year

    2) start two small online businesses to  accelerate my income

    These goals may be a little ambitious but we will see.

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    I will:

    complete 4 renovations/subdivisions

    buy 4 more properties


    June 30, 2013


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    Hi Steve,

    My (aggressive but achieveable) goals are to:

    1) generate an income of at least $3,000 per month with my income accelerator (Derek).

    1a) complete my 1st income generating website by Feb/2013

    1b) compete 2nd income generating website by May/2013

    2) purchase my second positively geared investment property.

    3) sell one of my properties with at least 150K profit

    4) complete my first sub-division with at least 100K profit

    5) get at least 15% return (after expences) from the US Passive Income fund!

    can you help with the last one?? :)




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    Fantasic goal! it has a timeframe which is crucial. All the best, i wish i could achieve such results.

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    Interesting question:

    1) Complete my CEO institute course

    2) Reduce my PPOR loan from 90K  to 60K

    3) Use the equity to buy another IP in OZ

    4) JULY will be going to Chile to buy another IP

    5) Enjoy life, holiday and reduce the DEBT of my business

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    Well the big one for me would be: to implement more short term goals!

    I set a target 4 months ago to pay off my car loan by christmas. I Bought a camping trailer, and had someone run up the back of my parked car without leaving a note… but still managed to pull it off a fortnight earlier than my initial target. And a full 4 years ahead of the loan term. 

    It's amazing what you can do when you are focused!

    Next year I will improve my cashflow and personal balance sheet further by:

    1. Eliminate all non-deductible debt, that is not related to my PPOR, by end March;

    2. Complete renovations on PPOR by end April, and revalue;

    3. Take a short holiday for my wifes 25th birthday;

    4. See a lawyer about establishing proper structure for future developments, for my situation.

    In the 5 year look-ahead I aim to: 

    1. Convert current PPOR into IP;

    2. Complete at least one small development project (subdivision, renovation, dual occupancy, etc) per year;

    3. Produce a minimum of $400 per week passive income (or $20,000 lump sum per year);

    4. Undertake one 4 unit development project;

    5. Set aside at least 40% of household combined income for investment purposes, and 10% for savings purposes.

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    Hi Steve,


    1.   I would like to introduce my little brother to Ruth.

    2.   Finish the three renos I have on the go before February.

    3.   Over Summer spend time with family and friends on the beach or just goofing off.

    4.   Put your advice into practice, smash the jar, freeing my hand so that I can grab life's other rewards outside of 9 to 5.


    Profile photo of IanMak3103IanMak3103
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    My 3 main goals for 2013 are:

    1) Complete the Property Apprenticeship Program

    2) Complete the Internet Business Program

    3) Have fully function website selling products.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

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    wow… all of you have this great plans for the future… as for me… simple and pure

    1. Balanced my viewpoint between money and spiritual goals.. you know we cannot live fully with only one of those alone.

    2. I'd like to settle in peace and harmony with my family…

    3. Upgrade property investments….

    3. Learn more software for my business…

    the rest is for the future to hold..

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    Great thread, really wonderful seeing other peoples goals!

    The big plan for this year is to finish our development. It probably wont happen, it's already been 2 1/2 years, but I can work towards achieving. And I can watch people achieve along the way which gives a boost when you need it!

    I'd also like to refocus this year too, get some of the 'WHY' back.



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    The second my flooded property hits the required amount to unsecure from another property give nab the bird. 

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    My Goals for the next 12 months are:     1) The Wedding

                                                                           2) Small reno's on current IP.

                                                                           3) Eliminate almost all (bad) debt

                                                                           4) Move Expanding To our next home (renting to leave extra room for bank loan)

                                                                           5) Save hard to buy our next IP and put small amounts into my trading account. 

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    PPOR recently paid off first 2 IP's doing well, they will be cash flow positive after tax. In the middle of applying for finance for IP3 hopefully it will be off the ground in January. This one will also be cash flow positive after tax. Will be getting low on equity so will have to wait a bit for IP4

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    Our first (biological) baby is due in April 2013 so I'm throwing all investment/business goals out the window and will be focusing on trying to support my wife as best as I can. It's an exciting/nervous time but it can't come soon enough!



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    To do list for 2013 (hell I'm too old for goals I'm working on my bucket list)

    1. in to hospital to get a few running repairs done, pipes valves and pumps need a reco. Bellows are probably buggered by I here oxygen is still cheap and plentiful. Teeth – last count I have enough to last me. Eyes? Not sure what to do about them. I'm on 1.5's at the mo' bit annoying really but mum doesn't look as scary in the mornings.

    2. Buy a couple of Seadoos for me and the old girl. They say drowning's a nice way to go if it all goes south.

    3. Thinking about an overseas adventure – suggestions

    4. property – hell no. It's still a spectator sport around here

    5. set up a business or three

    6. maybe a grandson/daughter in August – Jeez a grandad

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    1) set up my website for aspiring property developers

    2) finish another 2 developments and start construction on my first apartment block

    3) quit my day job at 38, woohoo!!

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