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    Nightmare Swimming Pool Insurance Claim.

    For members who have been around here for a long time here is an update on the swimming pool saga.

    Back ground information for first time readers.

    March 2005 The pool was maliciously damaged.

    Nice tenant decided to throw rocks into pool and also puts star picket through bottom of pool, breaks windows, double front gates and trashes the place.

    PM forgets to mention damage to the pool when contacting insurance company about other damage in April 05.

    PM contacts insurance company by phone and asks if pool is covered.  Answer is no.

    I inform PM that my policy states the pool is covered and advise them to lodge a claim.

    June 05 Claim is finally put into insurance company in late June.

    July 05 Insurance company again claims pool is not covered by insurance.

    Contact insurance company and explain that the pool is definitely covered in the wording of the policy.

    Insurance company disagrees and sends copy of current policy that started in June 05.( Pool is not covered)

    I send them copy of policy June04-June05 that states pool is covered.

    Insurance company agrees that in the old policy the pool is covered and decides to send an assessor.

    The pool is covered in their old policy and not the new one. ADVICE: when renewing policies always check for any changes and do not just renew.

    August 05-The assessor decides the pool is damaged because of a slow leak and damage is due to no hydrostatic valve and thus is not covered by insurance.

    Insurance company rejects claim and sends part of the assessors report to me.

    I contact pool company and ask them to explain assessors report in regards to hydrostatic valve.

    Pool company offer to come around and assess the pool.  They disagree with assessors report.

    I contact two other pool companies to assess the pool and they also disagree with assessors report.

    September 05 I send documentation including photos and reports by all 3 companies to insurance company rejecting assessors report.

    Insurance company sends Email will review claim.

    November 05 contact insurance company to find out what is happening.

    Still under review.

    December 05 Claim rejected again.  Citing first assessors report and no mention of 3 other reports.

    January 06 Contact insurance company to ask them to explain why no mention of 3 reports.

    February 06 Get message the person who had been reviewing my claim has been transferred and a new person will check claim.

    March 06 New reviewer ask for additional information.

    April 06 New information sent.

    June 06 Insurance company contacts pool company for explanation of report.

    August 06 Contact insurance company who are still reviewing claim.

    September 06 Claim is accepted and quotes for repairs are requested.

    Quotes sent for replacement of pool

    October 06 Insurance company claims pool should be able to be repaired.

    Pool company sends quote to repair pool which is more than replacement.

    November 06 Contact insurance company for answer by Email. No reply.

    December 06 Contact insurance company asking by Email again for answer. No reply.

    Also make 2 telephone calls and leave voice message. No reply.

    January 07 Email and telephone insurance company again. No reply.

    February 08 I find the phone number of Insurance company Director and Email address.  I ring leave voice message and send Email.

    2 Days later get telephone call from Directors staff.

    2 Days later get Email from Insurance company reviewing officer is no longer with company and new reviewing officer is reviewing claim.

    March 06 Contact insurance company by email.

    Insurance company responds they are getting additional information from pool company.

    Contact pool company who tell me they have send quotes for new pool to insurance company.

    April 06 contact insurance company again by phone and told they are prepared to pay 50% of costs to fix pool and will send confirmation by email.  Money will be paid directly to bank account.

    I’m also advised that if I don’t accept the offer it will go to a new department who will have to review everything again and the claim could be rejected.







    Rich in happiness and money is better than rich in money with no happiness.


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    Who are you insured with so I know who to avoid? I had similar problems with a car claim. I’d be inclined to accept the money and have no more dealings unless you really want to continue like this for another year. or threaten them that you’ll tell A Current Affair, that might get them to pay up.

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    This whole thing went on for way to long and your more of a patient person than I would be.  Start jumping up and down insist on seeing whoever is the decision maker armed with all documentation, if no satisaction then I would also not only go to all current affairs programs to get this story aired I would also talk to consumer affairs and any other governing body that overseas insurance companies.

    Lesson for everyone here to read the fine print on renewals.  Fingers crossed for you!

    Good luck


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    Hi there

    its seems my post was lost with the crash but yes I agree with the above comments you need to speak with the insurance ombudsman, fair trading, A current affair and any one else who will listen

    If you are in QLD – I believe the tone of the correspondence from the insurer amounts to a threat – accept our offer or get nothing – I consider that it would be a breach of the criminal code – as threats which result in a party acting in a particular manner to their detriment are prohibited – the insurer deserves a kick up the backside and all the adverse publicity you can muster

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    Hi All,

    One problem is that I'm overseas, which also makes the jumping up and down a little hard and  to see the person in charge.  The house is in a different state to the insurance company and claims officers.

    The idea of Current Affair has crossed my mind a few times but as some members here know I prefer to stay out of the limelight which has probably been detrimental to the situation.

    Yes I am a patient person and that is my strength and my weakness.

    The take it or leave it was over the phone and the wording used was very carefully selected as if it was a pre-rehersed statement. If it's in the email which I'm still waiting for then I might have more of a leg to stand on.

    So the vote is Yes 1 and No 2


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    It seems you weren't covered as they changed their policy to exclude the pool when you renewed (cunning bastards). If this is correcct I would probably accept their offer.

    BTW – how much would it cost to repair?

    Terryw | Finlaw Pty Ltd
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    Hi Terry,

    The damaged happened when the old policy was in place not the new one so the pool is definitely covered.
    About 30K to fix or slightly less to put a new one in.


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    The insurance company has AGREED to pay for a new pool and a little extra for goodwill.

    Now  it's a matter of waiting for the cheque to arrive.

    It looks like patience and persistance have paid off.


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    The insurance company has finally come through.
    The cheque has been received and banked.

    2 Years of drama is finally over.

    Valuable lessons learnt.
    1) Read renewal policies very carefully.
    2) Keep all copies of policies, renewals and any correspondence.
    3) Be patient, keep to the facts and the result should be good.
    4) Be prepared to do the hard work yourself and don't rely on PM's or anyone else.

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    Since the damage happened whilst the pool was covered under the old policy, the "Read renewal policy carefully" is certainly good advise but has no bearing in your case.
    The only thing to keep in mind in this case is the insurance company name, and to list it in the "avoid like the pest" list.
    Too bad for all those pesky defamation laws.

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    Good on ya mate – I was going to vote to stick it out until you get what you deserve! and thats a new pool!
    Never give up!

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    May i ask who the insuance company is ? 



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    Hi 1winner,

    Although the renewal policy didn't have a bearing on this situation, the insurance company was following the renewal policy which had been updated on their data base and claimed they weren't aware of the old policy.  If I hadn't kept a copy of the original policy, I would have had to accept their original decision.  I had both policies and was able to check the wording and prove they were wrong.


    How many companies start with the 3 rd letter of the alphabet?

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    i dont know. you could just tell me and then everyone would know for future reference…


    Thanks again


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    In these days of litigation it pays to be cryptic.

    I think someone hit the nail on the head.

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    I agree, though the truth can hardly be construed as slander..

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    What a mess that situation was, Its great to hear it's worked out in the end, I will definatly be taking more notice of my insurance documents in the future,

    Is the tenant who did the work with the star piquet still walking,

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    The problem isn't if it is true or not.  the problem is the time and money spent proving it in court.


    Yes, but he had a couple of outstanding warrants.  Here is a small place and he spent a bit of time at her majesty's pleasure.  It's a funny thing how paperwork can get lost, bail is refused and no leniency given by the magistrate.
    Revenge is sweet, just and mine.

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