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  • raddles replied to the topic Caveats in the forum Help Needed! 11 years, 8 months ago

    Hi againjust wondering if you have ever tried to talk with one of the Registrars of the Family Court – incidentally was your matter running in the Federal Magistrates Court or the Family Court? – because often Registrars are very good at getting people to sit down and actually work through problem areas – actually tell people they are being…[Read more]

  • raddles replied to the topic Caveats in the forum Help Needed! 11 years, 9 months ago

    Hi thereit is possible to get a copy of the caveat – by ordering a search via sites such as Citec confirm – you get a copy of your title first then get the reference number to get a copyyou could do this online or you could talk to your titles office – and see if you can get a copy over the counterif you can't afford a lawyer – it is still…[Read more]

  • raddles replied to the topic Caveats in the forum Help Needed! 11 years, 9 months ago

    Hi thereyou also might like to contact your local community legal centre.Often they will be able to help or refer you to a solicitor who may be prepared to help you pro bono (no cost or reduced cost perhaps when you sell your home).When a Caveat has been lodged, you are meant to get notice of it – the particular solicitor might be able to help you…[Read more]

  • Hi thereyou might like to post a link to your advertising to check that it is useful marketingI note we have just been through the same process on the Sunshine Coast – waiting 2 months for a suitable tenant.In our case it was the PM who was not aggressive enough – we ended up saying to the existing PM – we are approaching another PM and whoever…[Read more]

  • Hi thereit is most unusual to pay the vendor's land tax or be asked to pay it.One of the searches done by a conveyancer/solicitor is to check for land tax and make sure the vendor does pay it at settlement as it is something which attaches to the land and can come back to bite you.I would be saying that it is something adjusted at settlement and…[Read more]

  • raddles replied to the topic TOOWOOMBA in the forum General Property 12 years, 1 month ago

    HI thereI actually think Toowoomba is a good place to live and it has received good capital growth.  It is about 12 months behind Brisbane in any property cycle.As for Richard's comment – thanks for clarifying – thought it had to be along those lines.And yes – am looking forward to the pipeline completion – as that will create some certainty for…[Read more]

  • raddles replied to the topic TOOWOOMBA in the forum General Property 12 years, 1 month ago

    HI there DeanIt would be unlikely you could get a property in Toowoomba with a couple of acres – suggest you do a search of the surrounding area on for areas in Highfields, Meringandan and Cambooya.Just be aware though – finance is going to be harder to come bythanks

  • raddles replied to the topic TOOWOOMBA in the forum General Property 12 years, 1 month ago

    HI thereas someone who lives in Toowoomba and has investment properties here – just wondering Richard what are you trying to get at?Dean – would suggest you have a good think still about Toowoomba at the moment – the underlying problem is still water (our dams are at under 10% capacity).  There has been an oversupply of rentals in the area but…[Read more]

  • Hi thereit is possible to DIYthe relevant form 201 is the one you need to set up a company with ASICyou can use the other site your mentioned for your company constitution and your family trustCan you see a planner and perhaps review how your structure should be?If there is a risk of being sued you may want to be the director for your trust…[Read more]

  • HI thereMarc is putting you on notice that there are better deals out there – 21sq is a tiny apartment and with 30-40 floors – I believe the body corporate quoted may be unrealistic.Even in a city having an apartment with a carpark is a good idea.  There is the possibility of renting the carpark separate to the unit to improve your yield.Anything…[Read more]

  • there you may like to review the above – as the same question was raised on that forumthanks

  • HI therewhilst you can obtain a commercial lease agreement from a real estate agent – I believe you would need to comply with the retail shops legislation – and as each state has their own legislation – it would be best to touch base with a solicitor and see if they can draw up one for you.It would be a tax deduction – and it is better to get the…[Read more]

  • HI therethe benefit of attending a seminar is that you are with like minded people and can learn how they have applied their knowledge.My husband recently attended a seminar which was for free – it reaffirmed many of the things we are already doing and reminded us of some of the things we need to keep up to date with – such as updating wills and…[Read more]

  • Hi thereI would think you would be better off waiting to put in your own fridge – whilst you can depreciate the white goods – its just one more thing that could go wrong and need to be fixed by youthanks

  • Removal of FBT exemption for expenses paid on jointly held assets The Government has announced that the FBT law will be amended to remove the salary sacrifice opportunities in relation to jointly held assets such as investment properties. Previously there was an anomaly with the "otherwise deductible" rule in the FBT law which allowed a spouse on…[Read more]

  • Hi theredon't know which state you are from – but you may wish to contact either a solicitor or conveyancer to discuss this with.My understanding is you can add your partner – stating the consideration is love and affection – and pay no stamp duty provided you comply with the relevant requirements – stat decs etcYou may also like to consider the…[Read more]

  • Hi thereI think you will find that stamp duty will be assessed when your parents have a transfer of land from the builder that can give them title to their unit.  There will be the value of the vacant land plus the improvements (unit) – unfortunately they won't be able to escape making some payment to the revenue authority.thanks

  • HI therethe amount of stamp duty will vary with each state – is more for a more expensive property but there are exemptions and reductions for eg first home owners.Exemptions are normally available if the transfer of land is part of a family law/defacto property settlementI suggest you google osr for your state and look at the online calculators -…[Read more]

  • Hi therewe have just been through the process of changing a short term rental to a permanent rental.  The reasons being the building management changed and they were trying to minimize our use of the property to the extent it wasn't worthwhile doing any more.Having a permanent rental is better from a cashflow point of view as the holiday letting…[Read more]

  • Hi thereyes it is normalif you look at your adjustments there is a total payable to the vendor/their bankthey then nominate how they want cheques to be drawnthey will often state the vendor/bank, the vendors solicitor and if there are rates, the council etcthe figures should all balance – and if not speak to your solicitorthanks

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