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  • Church building ownership. Clearly the best way to throw other people's money to the wind.But you can not take it in isolation since most people regard the building as the church, and long for a big new building the same way everyone else wants their local social club to grow and have a big building. Makes you feel good and so it…[Read more]

  • I find it rather funny that grown up people are still 'debating' if network marketing is a pyramid scheem or if it is a scam, or if it is a business.There is a simple rule you can use and it goes like this.Does the company SELL products or services? EVEN IF THEY KEEP REPEATING AT NAUSEAM THIS IS NOT SELLING?Then it is not a pyramide scheem.…[Read more]

  • Brent Carr wrote:
    Property in Australia is overpriced in many areas (regardless of whether your nurse sister or friend teacher managed to buy one) but the fact remains, people are still buying them…..

    Here we go with the "overpriced" again.  Can someone please tell me who is this misterious entity who is robbing people out of their money and…[Read more]

  • I love reading older post and watch the white-marble-tower replies of some who apparently own a cristal ball and let us, (poor sods) in on some quick reading from it… from time to time.I bought two blocks of 8 flats in a mining town got it rented for 2 years at twice the cost of keeping them and paying 100% mortgage, and sold them more than…[Read more]

  • Campbelltwon/ bradbury

  • The change from net rental property losses to net investment losses to be added back on to taxable income particularly for self funded retirees who claim the Seniors Health Card is an ideological change in order to "get " those "filthy rich" (clearly not working families) who earn around $80,000 combined income.Labour ideology is to support…[Read more]

  • Least affordable versus most affordable.So if the Gold coast is the least affordable spot, which is the most affordable? Albania? Cuba? Zimbabwe?The concept of "affordability" is a concept invented by politician to tickle people's fancy and is absolutely meaningless to anyone who entertains the idea of being a RE investor or any sort of…[Read more]

  • WJ Hooker wrote:
    Lets be real. Property has been flat for last 3 – 4 years relative to inflation. Australian property is overvalued by at least 20% relative to the rest of the world…………….Is it only myself that feel house prices are going to come crashing down over the next few months or years??

    I don't get this obsession of quoting…[Read more]

  • When talking recession / correction / depression and similar thoughts in real estate, the one thing to keep in mind is the following: Is the person doing the talking going to gain or lose from promoting this alleged scenario?And the reality is that there are as many people hoping for a crash as there are people praying for it not to happen. And…[Read more]

  • Economist, economic commentators, financial experts, fiancial writers, general economic bla bla noise makers fall all into one or another category.They either invest in the market they presume to know and talk about it…or they do not invest and just talk about it.I made it a rule for myself, not to listen to anyone who's investment protfolio is…[Read more]

  • kell wrote:
    …… with ugly carpet………… Checked underneath and its beautiful wooden floors (WHY DO PEOPLE CARPET??) anyway I can pull up the carpet I have done that before ..  More the question.. How do I sand and polish the floors… Is it better to get a pro in to do it? If so.. Who? And how much?

      I leave the decision t…[Read more]

  • As for buying, there was never a better time…providing you can afford the repayments at 5% and at 10%. If not you are taking a considerable risk. Labor governments are notorious for manipulating markets and legislate  with the grace of a drunken elefant in a china shop, so expect everything, including re-election by the massess holding $900…[Read more]

  • Yours question needs only a bit of mathematicsWork out how long will it take you to recuperate the $13,000 if you drop from 8.4 to 5%Consider for how long will the v interest rate stay at 5 or lower.Work out how long will it take for the v.interst rate to reach 8.4 againWhen you have negotiated your way out of your contract, consider writing a…[Read more]

  • Not an easy question to answer. No one knows what to do, and the one that think they know and say so are only seeking reinforcement for their actions in the assent from others.If you sell now, and the First Home  Grant is not extended past July, and the banks start cutting lending down to 90 or 80% prices will go down further and you sold at…[Read more]

  • A better idea is large multiple bedroom houses for shared accomodation for pensioners that are still independent. I know of one with 8 bedrooms all rented individually to different pensioners at $150 a week per room. Shared bathrooms living room  and kitchen.  Something like the student accomodation but wihtout the headaches of students trashing it.

  • At $99 you could replace them every year/ It is an organised rip off.Talk to your electrician and tell him how much would he charge to replace batteries and test on all of the properties. I doubt very much he will charge you $500 if properties are within a reasonable distance.

  • DIYPM wrote:
    I had looked into renting out my properties as holiday accommadation but found it challenging to get short term holiday rental insurance and also when I rang the Office Of Fair Trading (QLD) they said that a holiday letting licence is required to do this.  I even completed a profile on stayz but got turned off the idea because I…[Read more]

  • I received a call last week from a person that with very grave voice, like a funeral director, told me he wanted an appointment to help me in my situation.When I asked who he was and if he was buying or selling he kept on going with his line of "my situation". I don't have much time for bull artists so I told him if he could explain what…[Read more]

  • Interesting post.The point I am interested in is not the moral or ethics of real estate investing. We have enough religious wars as it is to add yet another one. The only point I am interested in is to show that we, or rather our set of values determines what we allow ourselves to achieve.If someone considers selling a property at a large…[Read more]

  • No need to be irritated, since this is not a criticism. I don't refer to any of the usual values as "good" or "bad", right or wrong, You are wrong I am right kind of thing. I said I was amused, not offended or irritated. Plus this thread has 28 pages. Yours is just one post of many. Plus I read between the lines or like you say "too much" into…[Read more]

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