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  • taxdiva started the topic Gold Coast in the forum Help Needed! 1 year ago

    Hey Team looking for our next IP. Like the idea of Airbnb on GC as very low vacancy. Looking at sub 500K, end goal retirement income. Heard that GC well serviced for quality property managers specialized in Airbnb. Seeking some knowledge from current landlords. My questions:
    1. Is income from Airbnb solid
    2. What is your experience of property…[Read more]

  • taxdiva started the topic Ipswich in the forum Help Needed! 1 year ago

    Hello Team, I am ready for our next IP. Looking at dual income duplex in Ipswich. There are plenty to choose from and the numbers are good. End goal is retirement income with low risk vacancy. Any punters out there with current Ipswich Intel ?

  • taxdiva posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Team, have not been on for some time. Just checking in to ask if anyone has any news, opinions, views on Muswellbrook. Have an IP there and hope we have ridden out the bottom of the market?? Love to hear from anyone living there or good knowledge of the cycle here. All thoughts much appreciated

  • Hi Team feelin bit blue …bought first SMSF IP in mining town ….looking for words of wisdom. encouragement, anecdotes to lift my spirits & get on with my goals. Should I hold, had it 4 2.5 yrs currently tenanted excellent PM?

  • taxdiva replied to the topic Moranbah and Surrounds in the forum General Property 6 years ago

    Hi Ajae
    I have a SMSF now looking to purchase our second IP. Looking at all regions I hear that Moranbah is once again in favour. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on purchasing in Moranbah. I have. 5 year plan so looking for the best bang for my dollars and the returns would seem are very healthy. Looking to fatten up my super

  • Hi Matt39
    I have been very interested reading your journey with investing and impressed you are starting so early. Wish I had started earlier. I have an IP in Brook St Muswellbrook and looking for some local opinon. The property is vacant and has been since Feb. It is a 3brm in the heart of town. What are your thoughts on the outlook for the coal…[Read more]

  • Thanks all for your comments. In answer to all your questions. The SMSF already to go. We are in accumulation phase and have  a brilliant acct who is very SMSF savvy.
    with regards to my confidence. It is a case of jump in and do it. I am fanatical with my research and currently being mentored by Positive Real Estate. I am taking a lot of ques from…[Read more]

  • I have just settled our first SMSF property. I have found you will not find a sound one stop shop re setting up your structure. I have one accountant who does my personal tax and another for my SMSF . The accountant I used was Lee and Lee in Brisbane. Very professional. Give lots of seminars and keep themselves up to date. It if feels more like…[Read more]

  • Very excited to hear SMSF is being reviewed and lending being revisited. Just settled our first place in our SMSF. IMO get the right experts around you. People and companies you trust who will support and facilitate your wealth creation. I really so no future for retail funds giving us 4-5% on a good year then taking their share of fees. Give me…[Read more]

  • I can recommend Lee and Lee in Brisbane. Experts at SMSF and property. Have just settled on our first IP and loan with SMSF. Very professional and efficient. They can be found @

  • Congratulations on your purchase. We have just settled on a 3 bedroom unit in Muswellbrook as well. I have a fabulous PM from John Flood. Her name is Tara and she is managing our renos. She is very efficient and works fast. Number is 02 6542 4500. Let her know the landlord from Brook St recommended her. Looking forward to our rent rolling in and…[Read more]

  • Mikko rest assured you are not alone. CC debt is all too common. You are now on the pathway to recovery. Set the goal and do not allow distractions. Make the most of your high income. Work this forum, research all the advice, look into what areas may be a good fit for your goals. SMSF is a sensational strategy unmatched in the tax benefits. Takes…[Read more]

  • Hey Newbie
    I am very interested to know how your investment is traveling in M/brook. We have just purchased. Will be settling in a few weeks. Love to hear your thoughts

  • Thanks FinanceShop
    I was not thinking of doing one solo. I was thinking the strata managment would attend to having one done and pay via the strata management funds. Is that not the way it should go

  • Hi Josh. Would love to hear about JV and the numbers

  • Hi JPR777
    Thanks for your insight. I am in the research stage of purchasing in my SMSF. My goals are both CG and CF. I have a a time frame of 7 years to reach my retirement target. The numbers in Kalgoorlie certainly look very impressive. I grew up in Perth and now live in Brisbane so not on the ground reliant on local knowledge such as…[Read more]

  • I have taken 2 years researching setting up a smsf and moving forward. All the info on this thread is correct. I am with an employer who will not contribute to a smsf. Do not be deterred as there is always a way to meet any challenge. I am simply going to rollover some funds and keep the minimum in my emplyer super to maintain as per the employer…[Read more]

  • Many thanks Janice. I have been working on a SMSF strategy for a long time now and in the final stages of my research so your comments are very reassuring. My risk profile is high so I have not been too deterred in the past by much. I have certainly had a conversation with Josh and will have many more before purchase. Can I ask what suburb is your…[Read more]

  • Thanks JT7 can you elaborate on the areas unaffected or direct me to any resources that may make this research easy?Qlds007 I fully appreciate SMSF are very specialized and would love to discuss other lenders with you. I will pm you…thanks

  • Hi Everyone I have been following all the talk about Emerald whist setting up my SMSF with great excitement. I have everything nearly sorted with the SMSF and have decided to go with Westpac for the loan as they are the most experienced with SMSF loans. Now it is raining again in Qld I have lost my nerve a little re the flooding in Emerald but I…[Read more]


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