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  • Hello xdrew,The value equation is what we normally go for.  We like entry level housing on freehold land.  Buildings which need little maintenance, target a retiree tenant. Good location, but cheap stuff needing next to no work.Yes, we are enthusiastic.  Concerned not to miss out on a very cheap deal – yes.  Good sales person?  I think we are exce…[Read more]

  • Hello Matthew – how interesting.How about something about the ways in which the mining industry has affected residential property in Australia, both directly and indirectly, and the risks posed to those communities affected? Not only property value, but also in a macroeconomic context, the concept of a dual speed economy.Or how about the future…[Read more]

  • I'll weigh in and say get your own equity to gamble with.  Leave Mum and Dad alone. 

  • Hey Nathan, I was drawn to your post as we have just found a $15K house to buy, in the NW QLD town in which we live.  Livable, original condition depression era home.  Corrugated iron construction typical of outback homes of its time.  Main building is solid.  Last tenants which just left were paying $80 pw.  It will be our fourth investment prop…[Read more]

  • Good points.  OK, net profit, per week, after tax is $30.  This is taking in to account interest at the rate that we currently pay against property, over 100% of the purchase price, because if we didn't buy this we would probably pay that money off that loan.The insurance cost is the same as it is for my other properties, which are worth much m…[Read more]

  • Yeah, we pay more than that it tax.  A few times over.  Tax consequences would depend upon which business structure we use to buy it.  Probably I'd lead towards the family trust which has just bought a property and has low / negative taxable income now.   Council has some of the cheapest rates around the state, and the only unusual thing abou…[Read more]

  • Thanks fo the suggestions.  Great stuff.  I've drafted a letter and sent it to the new pm to look over.  It is tricky as we are in the middle of lease renewal with a long term tenant, too.  Won't manage myself as it is about 1500km from where I live.  Cheers.

  • Jeez….  That was a while ago.  I wonder where that document would be now.  Brings to mind actually, the different time lines we need to file documents for….  Sometimes you need to find it 10 years later…Thanks.

  • Hi,Thanks for the replies.  I haven't got that much information from them.  We live in a remote part of QLD, and they have offered to pay half our air fares to fly to Brisbane to see someone.  That got us a bit nervous.  I'm going to give it a big miss.  We have paid off both our PPOR and our investment property, and we have other investments whic…[Read more]

  • Julia Gillard said something really stupid (surprise) on TV the other day.She said: If you vote for Tony Abbott, guess what, you'll get Tony Abbott"I bloody well hope so!And why oh why are the Greens not all upset about this whole CSG water poisoning thing?  Labour just chews through money, and anything that lines their coffers is good.  E…[Read more]

  • Ben!  I drift back onto this site again, and here you are. Getting noticed again.   You funny bastard, are you making money out of this stuff yet? Are you responsible for these invest your super in property emails I've been getting? Good to see you're still going.  How long till bub is due?  Be nice to Nicky, pregnancy sucks.  You'll have to grow…[Read more]

  • House Call wrote:
    You are a very good writer.  You should send this story into one of those property magazines for publishing.  The whole thing was hilarious.My suggestion is go buy yourself a "renovator's dream" and then after each day's work (which you must do yourself, because as your good wife correctly points out, it IS good for you) then w…[Read more]

  • 5 stars for imagination – talk to an accountant!S

  • Thanks Richard, we bank with nab at the moment, and have a business banking manager, so that is good to hear.  nab have always been pretty good to us actually.  The one time they turned us down it turned out to be just as well.cheersS

  • SHales replied to the topic in the forum General Property 11 years, 7 months ago

    I've used a RE agent as a buyers agent, informally.  Gave the REagent a brief about what I was looking for, and he found it, listed with another agent, negotiated a deal between the two of them to share the commission and brought us to inspect the house.  We looked at a few houses, bought one of them which matched his brief perfectly and were v…[Read more]

  • Thanks  both for the comment.I wouldn't call 100ac plus a really large rural deal, where I live, entry level is 10000 acres.  The big places are 350000 acres.  I've worked on a place that was 2000000 acres.I am talking true agri lending and it was nice to hear from someone who seems to know this particular sector quite well.  Best to bide my tim…[Read more]

  • SHales replied to the topic in the forum General Property 11 years, 7 months ago

    johntaps wrote:
    What do you think is important?

    Brevity.Ha ha.  John, I think you are an absolute wealth of information sources, and I just don't have time to do these resources justice.  I'd love to store all your links away for future reference, but I guess I can always run a search on your username and it will be right here. The idea of a…[Read more]

  • sonyasal wrote:
    There is a difference between buying in a town with a population of 650 and a town or regional city with a population of 30,000, with strong rental demand and steady or growing employment prospects.Sonya

     Naturally.  My observations were quite specific to small towns.

  • Gabriel Torres wrote:
    I learned to close my mouth and listen without given a solution to everythingGabriel.

    Very very good.And Kylie, I agree, we women are responsible for our own emotional resilience.I think that in the relationships dept, my DH and I have a head start cause we grew up in families with a functional marriage.  We saw how our…[Read more]

  • SHales replied to the topic in the forum General Property 11 years, 7 months ago

    rpdata.  Download the suburb sales report,  cross off the houses that don't match (eg too many bedrooms) and go for a drive to look at the others (or some of them).  You really don't know until you've been there.  You don't know what the house looks like, or what it is next to, or what the road is like, the rest of the surburb.  There just is not…[Read more]

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