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  • Hi SkuzWow you probably got 12 months of weekend work there sorry not to sound optimistic but as carpenter and now architect you have some serious issues there all the interior linings need replacing because of the serious mould problem and it would be asbestos for sure once you take off the linings you could probably opening up a can of worms.…[Read more]

  • Richo1 replied to the topic USA Journal in the forum General Property 14 years, 7 months ago

    Great read Peeeetrrrrr !!!

    You should keep the journal going its great

    good on you

    By the way are you doing the mentor program ?

    Thanks Richo

  • Richo1 replied to the topic Which Country in the forum Overseas Deals 14 years, 7 months ago


    TokyoJoe I recommend you get up to Niseko as soon as you can before it is turns into the mega resort the hotham development conpany want to turn it in to the next Aspen the snow is amazing and right now it is quite cheap ( lift tickets $45 Aussie per day).But don’t tell to many people ( probably to late for that ha ha)


    There is Zao ?

  • Richo1 replied to the topic Which Country in the forum Overseas Deals 14 years, 7 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    I went to Hokkaido, Japan ( north island ) last Jan to go snowboard , what an awesome place . the only problem is to many Aussies skiers anyway my point is there is a lot property investing going on there mainly Aussie but you could buy a whole ski lodge for 80k-90k three years ago now there around 250k-300k and that’s if you can find .…[Read more]

  • Thanks Gross

    I am also trying to put down as many post as possible to get more stars, hee hee


  • Hi Guys

    My question is how do you pick a area to research
    and how micro is that research. do you guys use a template for you research and if you do I could do with a hand as i am trying work out one for my self. And what avenues to use like witch serves i.e PR data, residex and so on. if you can help can you PM me.

    thanks Richo

  • Hi Guys

    If you buy to hold for the long term to take passive income in the future what does it matter what happens now is it about the cycles of the market.
    Please correct me if i am wrong am hear to learn so go for it.

    regards Richo [blink]

  • Thanks Matt,
    For the reply and the link.
    GPSnetwork I was looking in WA but there seems to be going through a peak and from the books I have read i.e. Kiyosaki and Steves books shouldn’t you be looking as an investor were it is under performing so I have started to look in regional NSW. Please correct me if I am wrong because I need all the help…[Read more]

  • Richo1 replied to the topic Positive Geared in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 8 months ago

    Don and Liz,
    Thanks for the post I was about to lose my mind . Like f1jorden I was and am wonding if the c+f properties exist. is this a timing thing or are the good old days over I guest I am ask were is the cycle now.
    Regards Richo

  • Hi Guys,
    Really sorry I did not make it, it sounds like the meeting was great and I am very jealous. I went to bed saturday night feeling average and did not rise tell monday afternoom yes I had that flu. Can you keep me in the loop for next one please.
    Regards Richo

  • Richo1 replied to the topic 4 DAZZLING in the forum General Property 14 years, 9 months ago

    thanks for response, mate I have the map out going from town to town and on the with no luck if you, can you point me in a direction for researching. Have trouble finding cash flow positive properties(any where)
    My situation is I have 30k for deposit and what to do 80 LVR loan so that makes it around 150k for propery if you…[Read more]

  • Richo1 replied to the topic Amazing Dog in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years, 9 months ago

    very,very good, I am going to use that tonight

  • Richo1 replied to the topic 4 DAZZLING in the forum General Property 14 years, 9 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    Redwing very intersting stats you are obviously very experienced and I welcome the the data but does that mean the market has peaked, the horse has bolted,the party is over i.e. bunbury 39.8% or do you think the market is still moving up

    Regards Richo[blink]

  • Hi every body,
    just wonding how long the meeting will go for and being a “newbee” i would not mind if we had an agenda on topics like,
    a)How to research areas to buy in to
    b) Where the market is now
    c) finance ideas
    d) how to protect your finance and properties
    there’s are just suggestion, may be 15 minutes on each subject then open floor , brain…[Read more]

  • Hi gattaga
    why do you need to reclad the house. you can use the money better on refinishing the fidro with granosite products in a modern colours and use good landscaping good fenceing (and not water features they are waste of time and money)
    And gross is right go up but it will cost more than 30k but more rooms more rent
    good design does not cost…[Read more]

  • Hi every body,
    I would love to come on 11th for the meeting .I am new to the came but want to learn and maybe i can give some thing back. can some one give me a heads up if it happens
    thanks Richo

  • Hi PP
    you can resheet with fidre cement FC and granosite which is a roll on or towell on product. If you rendeer on timber it will crack of time with expanding and contracting.

  • Thanks for your reply grossrealisation,
    I would be interested in do a joint venture

  • Thanks for getting back to me guys,
    Sorry if I sounded vague on my criteria. I live in Sydney but are open to looking at interstate and NZ properties that are CF positive of course.
    I have read Steve’s book and was influenced by Robert Kiyosaki’s books I am believer !!!
    I would like to and hold for some properties and buy and do up and sell when…[Read more]

  • nice work jaffa but having problems printing my results i’m operating a imac os9 do you have any advice for me please
    thanks RICHO ( new kid on the block)[withstupid]

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