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  • Milly replied to the topic Welfare State… in the forum Opinionated! 13 years, 2 months ago

    I don't know where you get off thinking your step daughter has an easy life. There she is, saddled with the raising of a child single-handedly before she has even had a chance to put her toe into the workforce. She should be working, hanging with girlfriends and boyfriends and clubbing and having a fun and discovering herself, Instead she's had to…[Read more]

  • Hi TanyaIs that anywhere near Fleet St? Anyway, regardless, I wouldn't buy there expecting much capital growth. You can work out the returns yourself. I doubt it would be worth it. Sorry to rain on your parade but I think if you can buy a cheapie house that is closer to the water is the way to go. People move to Redcliffe because they want to be…[Read more]

  • discombobulate What a great word!

  • I provide a roof over their heads and fix all the little things that are totally neglected in my own home. Good tennants will always be good tennants just as rewards aren't going to change a bad tennant

  • 2 bedrooms?Have you any idea of costs involved in transportation and hooking up services. (SE qld)thanks

  • CENTRELINK! Boy was I glad when I kissed goodbye to parenting payments. What Margaret Lomas told you is correct re cross-collatorising home with IPs.  Unfortunetly, or fortunetly I was first told incorrectly by Centrelink that I could buy an investment property. (you know how you can  phone centrelink 5 times and get 5 different answers?) Anyway I…[Read more]

  • Ok this is the advise i  give my sons……." don't get a girlfriend till you're thirty"  Seriously tho girls shouldn't expect boys to shout them anymore. And getting tied to a relationship and living in your own home is not a good recipe.  I know logic hasn't a chance against testosterone. but do try to select a gf who has similar goals. I di…[Read more]

  • Buy a highset home that you can wack in a cheap granny flat downstairs and get a boarder in. Thats what I do. I hardly see him. He pays $150/wk adn for that he gets free electricity and internet and we share bathroom. He is actually an investor himself but being single it's cheaper to rent. Of  course I had some duds before I got this gem.

  • Yes condog, I was reading  the weekend courier mail the other day that 53% of Australians pay off their credit card within the interest free period (me and probably most of us on this forum are in this category)Same survey said only 13% paid only othe minimum off their monthy credit card bill. All the media hype of Australia's debt is media…[Read more]

  • gees i recalll when we got married, I had a house, he had some city property. and some rural property…I remember how we both decided we wanted no debt.and when we sold the lot we still had this 'massive mortgage of 60k hanging over our heads" We sold it all to buy one really nice house. Now if only I knew then what i know today……. Dont we…[Read more]

  • Ok its official. I hate microsoft and my next puter is going to be a mac. I  hear safari loads twice as fast as any other browser. windows sux and so does explorer.  i am happy using firefox. I currently have vista and wouldn't encourage anyone to upgrade to it. If I could go back to XP I would. Every time I want to open a new program the damn t…[Read more]

  • I hope some more knowledgeable people reply to your post. My guess is that during a recession, interest rates are high so it becomes a struggle to hold on to your property. On the other hand, if you are cashed up and ready to go, there should be some bargains to be made as there will be a glut of people needing to sell. Properties go down in…[Read more]

  • Well I'd be getting some costings and at the moment tradies can ask plenty. I'ts a nice big house anyway, Would the rent be any different if you made these changes? What would be the capital growth if you made those changes? Would there in fact BE any cap growth. Ask an agent.Personally I'd be putting hte money toward depost on new IP

  • I wonder how many of us in the same situation as the vendor would keep the money. We are in the investing game and if we were to get a windfall because someone was ignorant of the procedure and failed to secure a solicitor, would we keep the money?I might be inclined to keep an amount that covered mortgage repayments for a few weeks until a new…[Read more]

  • glen, I have sent you a PM. it certainly IS ipswich Qld. lol matthew.  A builder mate of mine saw the house above and wants to take over the agency for it cos the agents were so slow in doing anything about it.  Now he is big and has the brawn , it is the other 'b' word I wonder about. I rang one of those tennants referees and discovered he was a…[Read more]

  • glen, I have sent you a PM. it certainly IS ipswich Qld. lol matthew.  A builder mate of mine saw the house above and wants to take over the agency for it cos the agents were so slow in doing anything about it.  Now he is big and has the brawn , it is the other 'b' word I wonder about. I rang one of those tennants referees and discovered he was a…[Read more]

  • I apologise Prop1 for offending you.I wasn't really defaming an entire nation as only a very small minority of Africans are white. . To me it was only yesterday(early 90s) that apartheid was abolished. 80% of the African population was unable to vote, they had second class education and health facilities. Black women did not get much education if…[Read more]

  • Milly replied to the topic Inground Pool in the forum Value Adding 14 years, 3 months ago

    I got a pool put in last year. It is kidney shaped so 9m  long x  3.5 and 5m wide.  Was a good time to buy in brisbane cos with the water restrictions the pool industry was doing it tough. I got the pool with fence for 33k and a further 4k for the solar heating. . The solar means we can swim most of the year and with 4 boys and their hundred ma…[Read more]

  • Trakka, I'm not sure about the laws on doing a major reno while a tennant is in place, perhaps it is perfectly legal. Personally  I try to do those sort of things between tennants but if I did, I would certainly be offering a rent discount. These landlords promised jack (when he was in his 80's) that he could llive there for the lenght of his…[Read more]

  • Now the other problem is that real estate agents and property managers probably more so, move around a lot. They might be with harcourts one year, professionals the next and then Ray Whites.  A  new principle property manager may change the whole attitude of the office with his/her enthusiasm and diligence. So I think it is a bit hard to single o…[Read more]

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