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  • mgr replied to the topic How much should we offer? in the forum Help Needed! 17 years ago


    Hope you dont mind me asking what size land the property sits on are there any garages etc ?.
    As a guide for you we have just finished 1 and half way through 2 homes in Point Cook the first is a 4bed all ensuite double garage study,living,media room with open plan kitchen dinning and family area it cost us $400000.
    In Point Cook there are so…[Read more]

  • Thanks mkc,

    I thought the Brisbane CBD was overpriced in December 2004 compared to other CBD’s they are going to phone in the next couple of days , I am thinking of putting in an offer 10% below what they priced in Dec 2004 instead of 18% above.
    I will leave it an open offer then they can always come back to me and i just have to hope that i have…[Read more]

  • Are these eastern markets falling all over we have been looking at a new apartment in Brisbane as a base in December 2004 it was $630000 for a 3 bed on the edge of the CBD it was only in new stages at this point.
    Last week we where contacted by the development firm as building has just started and foundations laid they asked if we where still…[Read more]

  • Thanks Alistair,
    I think you maybe right i am comited now to the 3 developments in Point Cook which is a learning curve in it’s self with builders who complain about working when the temp is16deg saying it’s to cold then complaining last week 2 days where to hot. I think not finding a PM that can cover both areas maybe a sign that 3 developments…[Read more]

  • Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the help Pam and yourself have provided it looks like i may have to get 2 separate agents. This gives me a couple of questions i find myself asking which people with more experiance of Melbourne maybe able to help with:
    At the moment i have only purchased in Point Cook and Tarneit south west Melbourne which you kindly…[Read more]

  • Hi thanks i did speak to his wife and they don’t cover the areas i needed they did pass on a name for Point Cook but then that firm did not cover the area 10Km North of the CBD.
    If possible i would like to keep all the properties with one firm i did not think there would be a problem as its all classed as Melbourne, but it seems it may be harder…[Read more]

  • Hi Fernfurn,

    The few Lots i have been looking at in point cook are large blocks over 750sqm with strict building codes etc, they all seem to be corner lots for some reason with a mixture of double and single storey homes mainly built by Simonds and Metro i think.
    I know the cost of the homes i want to build are $235000 when i add the land at…[Read more]

  • Regarding the Melbourne market can anyone say if the Tarneit and Point Cook areas are overvalued with land lots priced around $180000 for a 740-800 sqm block, Would i be better looking to the northern or eastern sites.
    I have been told that $243 per sqm in Tarneit and Point Cook is overpriced especialy with a house to build as well, any general…[Read more]

  • Hi zen,

    Have you tried family,friends or workmates also from the sounds of what you wrote you may not live in brisbane, the Brisbane IP market is cut throat and vicous before you enter into any possible partnerships make sure all the legals are done etc or you will be ripped off before you blink.
    Good luck,

  • Thanks for the info i will give ANZ a try i am getting a bit sick of coming 26000miles to sign a 100point ID check.
    That is why it is more frustrating i have Fax indemnity for all transactions but to open a new loan account or refinance existing projects even to to open a new savings or transaction account i have the same problem fly over to your…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all that great info sarge, we where looking at moorookyle but it was $180000 for the land and when you looked at Rose Grange and Tarneit Gardens it was $120000 for the same size lot plus all the house designs did not match they seemend to go from one extreme to the other.

    We where told Monteray Central would be a better choice due to…[Read more]

  • I am in the UK and agree with what Mortgage Hunter has said the only problem i have found is that every time i want to sign for the loan i have to fly to Australia to do this in person as i am not a resident.
    This is the same with my own bank Westpac back and forwards so i try and do a couple of properties at the same time.

    Good Luck,

  • Thanks i was told there are some new developments around Tarneit at the back of Hoppers Crossing would this be a better area.Only ask as someone said it was a brown field site for miles behind there but the developers have said after this development there are hills and green countryside can anyone confirm which is true,thank you.

  • Thanks for that i thought that if we put our current properties into a small company based in Australia that the business would be an Australian entity and would therefore not be subject to FIRB as the company would be registered in Australia and have a ABN and TFN and would be classed as a resident company allowing purchase of normal residential…[Read more]

  • mgr replied to the topic Non-Resident Mortgage in the forum Help Needed! 18 years ago

    HI Nico,

    I am a UK resident back here in the UK I have had no trouble getting 80-70% IP mortgage loans through westpac with no problems and they have taken good care of me making sure i have not been ripped off.

    Hope its of some help.


  • Hi Bonnie,

    Which state is your PM in as i am sure there are different rules for each state.

    When you signed up with the PM did you not put in a review period where you could both decided if you wanted to carry on working with each other, our lawyers had a annual review put in to start 30 days proir to theannual review date, at this point we…[Read more]

  • Good luck Byronet and you better start saving those $$$ because thats one hell of an expensive place compared to Oz.

    If you want any property details and prices sent just drop us a personal message and i would be happy to send some pdf files with pictures and prices and local details.

    I am not a propety investor in the UK and i would be more…[Read more]

  • I know you can’t compare price but you can compare house size,location etc and this is perfect.

    My lawyers will look over everthing they are a pain about this type of thing sometimes they cost me deals due to there care of me,but thats why they get there over the top fees.

    Good look with your move to the UK don’t know where your going but get…[Read more]

  • Have checked the website and spoke to them with the figures etc.
    The price of the house a 2 story, 4 bed is $295000 for 40km south east of Melbourne at todays exchange rate thats half the price i have just sold my small 3 bed in the UK for and i mean small it is half the size of this house.
    I could buy outright with my UK sales money but with…[Read more]

  • Thanks for everyones help sounds like the property is over priced for the inner city apartment market in Brisbane, i think i should carry on my search elsewhere also sounds like i owe my investment manager at Westpac a few drinks.



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