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    Does anyone have any views about the investment choice of Geelong and Point Cook around 30Km outside Melbourne thanks.

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    Geelong is a good area that has also experienced capital growth. Personally I would stay away from point cook. Many of the marketing companies have been flogging these houses to investors. There may be an issue with flooding the market with investment properties

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    I agree with Nigel about Point Cook.

    There are too many rental properties there and not enough tenants.

    Remeber it is supply and demand that pushes up property values as well as rentals.

    It’s no fun buying an ‘investment” and having it sit vacant for months because of lack of tenants.
    It also really hurts your cash flow[angry2]

    What are you looking for in your investment and why have you selected those areas. If we understand this, maybe we can give you some further pointers.

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    Thanks i was told there are some new developments around Tarneit at the back of Hoppers Crossing would this be a better area.Only ask as someone said it was a brown field site for miles behind there but the developers have said after this development there are hills and green countryside can anyone confirm which is true,thank you.

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    Put it this way. A friend of mine calls it the moon. It’s miles away, rocky and flat and there’s nothing there. Hope this helps.

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