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    There’s a nice home in Point Cook asking for $330k-340k. It’s a 3 bedroom plus study brand new home. Only landscaping needs to be done. Similar houses in the area are asking for the same but that’s probably because it’s by the same selling agent.

    How much should we offer?

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    Hope you dont mind me asking what size land the property sits on are there any garages etc ?.
    As a guide for you we have just finished 1 and half way through 2 homes in Point Cook the first is a 4bed all ensuite double garage study,living,media room with open plan kitchen dinning and family area it cost us $400000.
    In Point Cook there are so many new developments and existing homes it depends on what you want from the home.
    If its on a new development try not to get stuck with a load of IP’s around you.

    Good luck.

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    We just had a offer accepted under the asking price. House was on market for 329000 to 359000 and we bought for 325000.
    So you never know. We live in Perth too where the housing is still on the rise. It is what you think it is worth ?


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    Hi Straw,

    How much to offer? it is a bit like how long is a piece of string.

    To determine this you need to consider how much you can afford, what similar properties in the have previously sold for (not what they are listed at), try to find out why the vendors are selling as this may determine how desparate they are, what you highest buying price is, where there this property fits in your grand plan, what it will bring to your grand plan and so on.

    Unfortunately there is no – offer – X% rule around as the market eventually determines the selling price.

    Good luck with the hunt.

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    Hi all,
    Thanks for the answers/feedback.

    The block is about 500m2, I’m not sure exactly. Two of my friends are building a 4×2 in the area and they’are costing them about $310, but because this particular property that I’m interested in is sold by private owner-builder, I’d imagine the costs to be much less than what people pay through home building companies.

    I’ll have a look at some sales figures for the area and start from there. I might start with something like $270-280 to try my luck :)

    Thanx everyone!

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