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  • kdhn replied to the topic opinions in the forum General Property 16 years, 11 months ago

    Personally l’ve always thought it was the $14,000 first home building grant that kick started the boom followed by steady quite low rates .
    We were living near Noosa at the time of that and they were having trouble selling property . Suddenly Howard annouced the $14,000 and within 3 mths new homes started popping up everywhere and within 12 mths…[Read more]

  • Sorry Simon didn’t see your post.
    l just messed up the post .
    You know how so many people are walking for exercise along roadsides these days . We get quite a few on my road and they don’t mind having a good old gawk at everything going on in your place either . We do have some scrub along the front but they can see straight over it and lt…[Read more]

  • A topic l really get into in browsing realestate and just looking at what can be done with a property . Unfortunately at the moment l guess l’d be considered all talk in the lP area as l decided to focus on only one right now which is combined with my own home.
    But , l think lP and opportunity to increase all within the one purchase are everywhere…[Read more]

  • Thanks for those.
    Good idea l’ll checkout those windows . We might have it sussed yardwise to .
    Yesterday we came across these big grass plants about 2 mtrs high that sort of thin out on the top . We bought a bunch of them as they are great looking and go with the look we want. The way they thin out would work well so we’re really exited about…[Read more]

  • A slight missprint on my part as usual .
    “Smaller bushy type plants that help sheild you from road car view , help save some of our views but the walkers can still see over them and into our place from every angle ”
    Strangely enough with property mecca’s around here who would often be set up with nice views , l thought some may have had the same…[Read more]

  • kdhn replied to the topic Looking 4 a WRAP ! in the forum Help Needed! 17 years, 1 month ago

    l would really think before that one, do the total sums and then some it will cost you a fortune . l know you have a plan but a wrap for that amount !
    Why not eccept the fact that you may have to work up to the $750,000 property and start of with something 1/2 that price first through a bank . Make some money on that and then see where things are…[Read more]

  • Hi Phill.
    Really , there’s only one logical solution to your $250 ,000 dilemma , if l were you l’d just give it to me .


  • l’d give it a miss. Doesn’t sound like much of a deal really compared to what you can get publicly with full control.

  • Originally posted by hb:
    ignore last post
    more bad news
    “A new international housing affordability survey has rated most of Australia’s capital cities as severely unaffordable.

    The survey compared house prices with the average annual income in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the United States.

    Co-author of the report,…[Read more]

  • kdhn replied to the topic the market cycle in the forum Help Needed! 17 years, 1 month ago

    Originally posted by Nigel Kibel:
    could not agree with Michael more. It amazes me that people buy when the market is booming and yet when the market levels or drops every one stops buying. If there is another boom by the end of the decade even if it is not as big as the one we have just had, it makes since to buy now and you will reap the…[Read more]

  • kdhn replied to the topic the market cycle in the forum Help Needed! 17 years, 1 month ago

    Originally posted by k3ymaker:
    I am living in Perth using the FHOG and I am finding it very difficult to compete. I have been looking for about 6 months now and we just have too much buyers with not enough homes to buy.

    Some homes are just too over valued with the sellers taking advantage.

    I have look at homes that no one wants and try to get a…[Read more]

  • kdhn replied to the topic Next move for me? in the forum Help Needed! 17 years, 1 month ago

    Sounds like a plan to me if you can handle the debt.
    One thing l’ve learned about exploding suburbs , pick the nearest cheaper suburb and it’s pretty hard to go wrong !
    PS , but don’t forget to have some fun along the way your only young once.

  • Thanks for the imput guys.
    Wish it was in Byron , old dairy anything goes like hot cakes there.
    The camping thing . Great idea if it was a more camping type of landscape , l’d hate to go through the permits and regulations you’d need in OZ though . l wish all the other overnight places here weren’t so cagey but l can’t get info out of them .
    Big…[Read more]

  • There’s quite a few developers through the forum .
    You could track one of them down and ask .

  • Hey Clones , nice strategy .

    Hey JVT , glad l’m not in WA then , still moving fast there , that about to stop point was a scary time over here you just had no idea what things would do , still don’t in my view .
    Feel sorry for first home buyers the most that might have payed huge and over reached in a panic .


  • Thankyou so much kp .

    Would that be secure or & can we keep rolling it over or whatever long term ? Probably stupid questions.

    Cheers. Mkc

    PS , Hey Mgr , mate l reckon they’re dreaming true to form . Counteract their rediculous offer with dropping your offer to $530 even lower , bet you get another call within a few mths grovelling .
    Brissy…[Read more]

  • Sqirming Realeastates.
    Two yrs ago l had to wait a week 2 or 3 times to get shown a property . No racing out to ask if they could help- [sell you something ] or dirve you around all day . You looked in a window & the arrogance , they wouldn’t even bother returning calls [ NSW Sth Coast at the time ] . Considering the real nature of the beast ,…[Read more]

  • Thanks very much KP , will you come and oganise it for me please if it’s doable l’m selling my block next door and kicken back .
    Not that l understood much of it but a few more reads and there might be hope .

  • Originally posted by salacious:
    Hi Mkc,

    As i understand it he has no tax to pay because it is his PPOR principal place of residence.


    Owell yeah if his living in it especially over 12 mths there’s none , atleast l didn’t pay any . l was told if you sell within 6 mths you had to pay $1500 .
    Wonder how much if your not living in it…[Read more]

  • PS
    l’ve often thought about doing reno myself . But my first place was only a very light cosmetic reno , we hardly spent anything either but it was still a hell of allot of work considering . That was a wakeup call to me because neighbours had all done much heavier full on reno’s and everytime l went to their places after working on mine , jesus…[Read more]

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