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  • Yes, that is correct, there are (give or take) 70 for sale. However, there are only 6 still for lease by Butler & Co from an original list a couple of months back of well over one hundred.
    To sell in the current market is foolhardy.

    My point was that if you are unfortunate to have a unit in the Docklands/Southbank area, then at least if you have…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by brahms:

    if the ‘system’ is so good it should support itself with quality organic growth.

    his business platform is built on negativities.

    I think brahms has hit Jenman’s problem on the head. He is totally dismissive of any other system used to sell real estate and totally negative in his approach.

    His business platform…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by kay henry:

    Huge apartment blocks with hundreds of units in each of them, no points of differentiation…

    kay henry

    I agree, this is the major problem at the moment in the Docklands area. However, not all developments are suffering this problem at the moment. For example,the Flinder’s Wharf development is just about fully…[Read more]

  • Without any doubt the agent has a legal right to his commission. If you read your agency agreement you will see that any buyer who is introduced to you through the agent will enable the agent to claim a commission, no matter whether he buys during or after the term of the agreement. (See Waynel’s post).

    Go on Yack, test it in court I dare you. If…[Read more]

  • Good ol’ Neil again…

    Quite honestly I think his is the pot callng the kettle black. Neil Jenman is happy to condone the poor treatment of staff that work for Jenman agents (approved or otherwise), but is quick to jump on anyone who he thinks is acting in a manner likely to upset some poor member of the general public, who of course can’t think…[Read more]

  • Get rid of them.

    Not sure what the rules are in WA but here in NSW if a tenant is 14 days in arrears you can send him a termination notice and take him to the tribunal. Of course that doesn’t mean that the do-gooders at the CCCT wont take pity on the lying toads and let them stay, subject to some ridiculous agreement which, of course the tenant…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Chan$:

    That’s right you have to put up with it and look for opportunity else where. Even when you complaint, does it change a things?
    Chan Dollars
    [Retire Young, Retire Rich] [strum]

    Perhaps “complain” isn’t the right word. We all need to get more involved with our own future. Campaigning for a fairer tax system is…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by Chan$:

    There is no point of complaining and I am pretty sure it won’t change a thing.

    Chan Dollars
    [Retire Young, Retire Rich] [strum]

    Ahh, So this is why Australians have to put up with such a taxation hell hole.

  • In tune with all Reds around the world, their politics is based on high taxes.

    As usual, politicians act after the event. Property prices have already started to slow so what do they do? Increase the gradient a little just to get them sliding a bit faster. Policies of the blind and/or stupid.

    God help us if Latham gets in.


  • Originally posted by Still in School:
    Hi Jparrie,

    sounds like a good idea, but i see one huge flaw… presumming you did invest that money on an instant consistent return of $3750 a month…

    or $45,000 a year ($3750 * 12)… how much tax would you end up paying…

    it would be much better off invested into an assets that provides good debt, but…[Read more]

  • Well, this is fair isn’t it?

    Taxed when you buy property, taxed when you own property, taxed when you sell property. Taxed 1/2 of what you earn, taxed on 2nd hand cars, marginally taxed on savings, taxed an extra 15% on Super if you earn a reasonable amount, taxed 10% on everyday shopping, etc etc ad infinitum. Yep, sound about right for…[Read more]

  • The market is not going to implode, why would it? Interest rates are low and will stay low, inflation is under control and will remain so, etc etc.

    However, with rental yields so low and sentiment not being what it was, wouldn’t it be a good idea to spend the next couple of years just waiting and watching? Clearly, there will be no huge capital…[Read more]

  • wrappack, a “suicidal lemming” would be a very good analogy. Don’t want to go too deep into my past life for obvious reasons, but in answer to your question you aren’t a million miles off track. To your questions:

    If I look around at all the other agencies in my area they all have something that we don’t – profile. I know a lot of agents and they…[Read more]

  • Mate, if Jenman knew my real identity I would be out quicker than you could say “Ethics!” This is the great shame about the Jenman group; if you disagree you are a rogue, a traitor, a backstabber and should be cast aside like the expendable commodity you are.

    This job took me 9 months to get. I had to write reports on several books I had to read,…[Read more]

  • I do agree with you aussierogue, I think Neil is genuine about improving the industry and the bad practices that exist. I guess I am just looking at the whole thing through slightly different eyes – that of someone who actually has to deal with the working practices – and as far as this office is concerned, I think they are badly thought out, ill…[Read more]

  • Hi Aussierogue

    To be honest I don’t think the owner of the business I work for really knows why he is a member. There was this huge ‘dream’ of expanding the office and taking over the area in which we work, but exactly the opposite has happened, the processes that Jenman champions have been followed religiously but have failed miserably. But how…[Read more]

  • As someone who works in a Jenman Real Estate office, (at the coal face) basically I can say from experience that his business logic is totally flawed. I am slowly watching this office fall apart. His ideas are largely unproven and dangerous. His agents charge more, on the basis that they offer more, but this is simply untrue. Their “training”…[Read more]


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