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Im excited

  • Thanks to all the wonderful people who replied. I will admit I was a bit nervous taking on such a big project. We were dong all the due diligence checks and we were spending hours reading the forum boards, but in the end the vendor upped the selling price and that was enough to make me pull out. Units in Been leigh Qld were selling for around…[Read more]

  • Im excited replied to the topic Momentum +++++ in the forum General Property 15 years ago

    I attended Steve’s seminar on Saturday too and he has made me rethink our strategy. We have 4 properties and acquired these on the negatively geared roundabout and now they are almost neutrally geared, so we are looking at problem + solution properties.
    I am still trying to get my head around some of the figures in his problems.
    Be humble

  • Sounds like congratulations are in order and your current fan club don’t want you to go because of all the valuable knowledge you have been giving them.
    Im a real new comer and know diddley squat about investing. Am currently looking at deals and playing with figures.
    Be humble!

  • Honestly! Haven’t you guys got something more interesting to do? After they interviewed these people who were on the Big Brother show in England I could see that the individual people were at the mercy of the producers! They only show you the parts that they really want you to see!

  • “The Richest Man in Babylon”
    Have read many books but this one motivated me to save money. A beautiful fable simplistically written tells how the richest man in Babylon acqired his wealth. Woven into a “can’t put it down” short story I found it very inspiring and true!

  • From the new kid on the block, I agree that I would offer him money for similar deals. However it appears as if his approach was all wrong and if you chose to give him nothing that would have been the lesson in itself. He needs to be on the ball and look for those new opportunities that may arise by keeping in touch with a magic person like you!
    Be humble.

  • My parents bought a block of land for us. When it was sold and the money divided I knew that if I did not reinvest it in property the money would slip through my fingers. So I bought my first IP. In the mean time I have bought some blue chip shares. They have bottomed out so I cashed them in. eg Coles Myer shares. All my other attempts at shares…[Read more]

  • Hello, Im entirely new at this, this is my first!!!
    What an interesting question. This has really made me think! Basically Im aiming for $200K cash flow each year. How Im going to achieve this is the part Im still working on. If I reach this then I will retire! If I reach retirement age first then I’ll need to do a stock take. These forums are so…[Read more]

Im excited

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