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  • reno's are pus and pain. Unless you buy a house for less than market value forget about it

  • The project builders would have it finished quicker. They help you with council and speed the red tape along. It will save you lots in rent and you should get a good finished product. If you have time on your side and are happy to take 2-3 times as long to build the house then you could save yourself $20-$30K

  • Trying to pick the bottom of the market is difficult. It isn't going down where I am. Prices have fallen over the last year by 5-10% but people are buying houses again. Waiting for property to come down in value may be overly optimistic. I remember in 1983 in the recession we had to have that people were expecting prices to plummet. Let history…[Read more]

  • Get into it1st homebuyers have never had it so good.No stamp duty less than $500K21K for a brand new home. 14K for your first home. I wish I'd had this opportunity when I bought my first home. This candy won't last. It's expected to be removed in June 2009. If you don't take this opportunity you're crazy. Rent and wait is crazy if you can afford…[Read more]

  • There is lots of negativity around property at the momentMost of the richest people in the world made it in property. Property is always a good investment (always a few exceptions of course)Property should be viewed as a long term investment. If you can afford to cover the repayments if you have no tenant you're OK.  Could you afford 12% interest…[Read more]

  • The only people getting rich from these sermons are the people running them. However, I think all information is useful. Everybody has different circumstances and attitudes to risk. Not everything will work for you personally. It is however useful to study other peoples success and how they made their fortunes. It's a bad day goes past when you…[Read more]

  • You don't go bankrupt if you can afford to pay the mortgage. If you can afford the debts you have, it will only get easier as interest rates go down. If values go down, you only make a loss if you sell. Hang in there. The wheel turns around. Property will eventually go back up. There is no denying a recent downturn but you only lose if you panic…[Read more]

  • You will be rejected many times. Don't let it bother you. Keep sending resumes and doing follow up calls. If they are impressed they will file your details for when a position is available. It's like cold calling. You will get 999 rejections for every 1000 calls. Don't take it personally. Build a bridge and keep going

  • 1.You could sell both properties and buy your PPOR and owe little or nothing depending how much CGT you have to pay and how much you spend on your own house. With the equity of your own home you could buy one or two properties to negative gear and have only "good debt". It depends on how badly you want your own castle.2. One property is +ve geared…[Read more]

  • A knowledge of the industry helps. Read as much as you can about what it is you want to do. Research famous people to see how they got started and what made them. The squeaky door gets the oil. Send potential employers resumes. Ring them up a week later to see if they got it. Keep annoying them until they at least take the time to interview you.…[Read more]

  • CHIS replied to the topic Time to invest? in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 7 months ago

    Time in the market is more important than market timing. If the right deal comes along, get into it. Haggle a bit off the asking price. Go to auctions. Research foreclosures in the areas you are interested in. Get into property. Australia's richest people have no regrets

  • What are your building costs?What are the earthwork costs?What are the demolition costs?What are the subdivion/strata title costs (if any)?What do you owe?What do you estimate the value of the buildings will be worth if the market drops 5%? ditto 10%? Does the value post construction put you in front following the costs that will be required to…[Read more]

  • hbbehrendorff wrote:
    But how is that possible ? Property only goes up…My advice,  Chill out for another 2 years,  Get some more equity,  Upgrade your 6.0 SS to a 4.0 Typhoon, Buy a jetski and think about how rich you will be in 2010 because property doubles every 7-10 years Thats means your property will now be worth $860 000 then in 2017 it…[Read more]

  • If you need to sell drop the price. If the repayments aren't killing you, hang in there at $370. Can you do anything to make it more desirable? Sell the dream. A bit of bling. A bit of paint? Rent/borrow some classy furniture. Some nice wall hangings. Make it look like a display home. If you have tenants get rid of them. Some tenants that don't…[Read more]

  • Attitude to risk is the answerThe conservative approach is to hold cash and wait at the moment.There is some bargains in the share marketThere are some bargains in the property market. Many people turn to property in these times and with falling interest rates, it may get even better.Location, location, location

  • CHIS replied to the topic Time to invest? in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 7 months ago

    In Perth there is a crane shortage in the CBD due to the building boom.What recession?Interest rates are fallingThe share market is probably about to bottom outInvesting is always risky but with falling prices and interest rates, it hasn't been this good for years……..if you take a medium to long term look. Certainly not a great time for flips…[Read more]

  • The RBA knows what's going onKevin Rudd has no clue…………one term wonder. He may graduate from sock puppet to muppet in this turmoil. It's embarrassing watching him on TV.1% reduction was to stop us plunging into recession.

  • So that millions of people don't start defaulting on the loans?The main reason is so that banks can do business with each other. When the money dries up between banks, the economy stops dead

  • CHIS replied to the topic Bird Doggin in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 8 months ago

    The internet is global/national and local.Most small business cater to one postcode. The internet brings the world to you. Your market is potentially billions.Only you know how good your product is. I would suggest you get a professional website building company to build the site for you. Sit down and have a long think about what you want. Explore…[Read more]

  • Scamp wrote:

    CHIS wrote:
    Other countries in the world are on a totally different economic cycle to America. America sent itself broke on needless wars and ridiculous lending to sub primers.Russia is boomingAsia is boomingAustralia is booming

    oh.. wait a minute. Russia is booming : Is that why they stopped trade on the sharemarkets twice…[Read more]

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