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    Ive been to quite a few propert seminars over the years – and I think they are a waste of time!
    Most of them have been run by somebody who has written a book and is cashing in on the notoriety.

    They usually bait the hook with teasers like "Find out where the next property hotspots are" or "Are you ready for the next property boom?".  When you get there its the same old routine – buy my other book, buy my mentoring course, or give me all your money and we will "partner" on a project.  To be honest, I find these seminars rude and dishonest to the hoards that turn up. 

    Has anyone been to a seminar where it was a positive experience?

    I have to admit Steve McKnight seems to know his stuff – I have never seen him live tho…


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    The only people getting rich from these sermons are the people running them. However, I think all information is useful. Everybody has different circumstances and attitudes to risk. Not everything will work for you personally. It is however useful to study other peoples success and how they made their fortunes. It's a bad day goes past when you don't learn something. The reason many of these courses don't work for people is because they go home and say…………."I can't do that" or "that won't work for me" or "that's impossible" or "you need money to do that" or [ add appropriate excuse for not taking action].

    Nothing works if you don't get started

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