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  • G'day EH,The new infastucture is being built now. There's the Gateway duplication going on. There's the completion of the second bridge across from Brighton to Woody point. Called Houghton Highway. Plus they onto digging the new tunnel etc being built between the airport and the city of Brisbane. This must put "us" in the right spot at the ri…[Read more]

  • G'day E H,I invested in Scarborough Qld in November 2007. I couldn't find any  part of Scarbo. or Redcliffe that was not up to scratch. although i did in Deception Bay.Like you , i  didn't know the area at all. I'm from Sydney.I went looking in Wynnum area. All the so called property experts predict  Wynnum to be a hotspot. Absolutely hated the…[Read more]

  • G'day L.A. Aussie, The news over here is all about LOW DOC loans going belly-up in the U.S.Seems to me it's just too easy to stretch the truth when you are going to borrow. Me, I'm at it all the time.I'm half way through building two full duel (dual ?) occ.constructions. To fund this project i had to borrow on a low doc loan. And  the lo…[Read more]

  • G'day zenq,You mentioned that Sydney and Brisbane are dearer than Cairns,  well in some cases Cairns is as DEAR. In Manly on Sydney's northern beaches, a home unit  over looking the beach sells for one point 2, 3 , million dollars.Today i checked out a three bedroom "apartment" over looking the "lagoon" on Cairns water front. The building is br…[Read more]

  • G’day W4L,

    Ouch, you know how to hurt a guy. That was nasty W4L.
    I married nasties like you (women). Three of them – not all a once ! And they all “got” me for just over one million each when I axe them.
    Have I leant my lesson- no way, I’m on number four !!
    For a valentines day present(to-day) I bought her a new HONDA lawn edger.
    How lucky is…[Read more]

  • My goodness fellers,

    If you haven’t heard of Dale Gatherum-Goss you must have just popped out from under a cabbage.
    He’s been around for years. He has a very large following.
    Try the web site of Somersoft. Also past posts from this website.

    Chan & Naylor are another team who specialise in wealth building.
    They are big on trusts of all types,…[Read more]

  • G’day WFL,

    That mentor you mentioned, maybe you should have consulted him before buying at Campbelltown.
    Not the best of places to invest in at this time. Most of the western suburbs are suffering from interest rate increases. Meaning that
    PPOR people are struggling to make home payments. Defaulters
    coming out of the woodwork. Campbelltown is one…[Read more]

  • SIS was the high- light of this website that he dominated. Every post was intelligent, with humour added.

    He was young and full of life.

    I bumped into him on another website. Aussie Stock Forums.
    I was only thinking of him a few weeks ago. He hasn’t posted there for a while.

    I hope the moderators create a posting of a few of his
    posts so the…[Read more]

  • g’day pevans,

    That hindsight thing has followed me all over Australia.
    Never had much foresight.
    I look at all my missed opportunities, it makes me want to cry.
    Missed opportunities were in West Aussie, Geraldton (couldn’t give the place away). Even Perth was dirt cheap.
    Then there was South Aust. The Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth.
    Plus Melbourne…[Read more]

  • G’day carpe_diem,

    As Donald Trump says, “no hard feelings, it’s just business.”
    Same goes for you. You don’t have to love the bloke to do “business”.
    Seeing you are each locked in to the same situation, you’ll both have to deal with it.
    The situation might turn out to have a pleasant ending.


  • Carpe,

    Everything I own, is for sale.

    Provided the price is right !!

    This comment has stood me in good stead for years.
    Tell him, before he makes an offer, if his offer is below your price, you’ll develop the property yourself.
    This will put you in control. let him know that you’re easy to any situation.


  • Hell !
    And I thought increasing my rents by ten dollars a week was being tough.
    How can anyone increase rents by ninety dollars a week?
    That would be theft at it’s worst. No one that i know could or would pay that increase.
    But then it’s in a newspaper. So that’s one reason NOT to believe the story.


  • G’day condog,

    I don’t really need to give you my opinion. You answered your own question. No lending body will touch it. That’s your answer, if they won’t get involved, neither should you.

    I was badly burnt with serviced apartments. They are over priced. You’re paying your own rent for three years.
    That’s the time frame for the financial side of…[Read more]

  • G’day Salacious,

    Yes, “BNB” is a volitile share.I love that.
    To-day BNB jumped 54 cents. And as I’ve done before,on the first ten cents plus fall I’ll sell.

    Then when I think they bottomed I’ll buy them back. This is my way of trading shares.
    I’ve bought and sold BNB a number of times.

    Thirty thousand shares by 54 cents gives a gross profit of…[Read more]

  • G’day all,

    I hate to tell you all. but you’re all wrong. (Actually I do like telling you !!).

    On the sixth of july 2005, I bought a large parcel of “bnb” shares.
    Cost $14.75 per share.
    Today they are trading at $24.90 a share.
    My parcel totalled 30,000 shares.
    Cost $442,500.00. Forgeting overheads.
    IF, IF, IF i sell today they are worth…[Read more]

  • G’day,

    TJ, no my thoughts were that the sheep are all heading to WA buying up investment properties, they seem to think that the mineral boom will last for ever.

    In fact it’s starting to turn around now. Copper prices have fallen from their high of $us8,000 a ton to $us7,000 a ton.
    The yanks in 1960 accounted for 31% of copper production in the…[Read more]

  • EthicalSuccess .
    Sounds like a “con ‘ job to me.
    Next, comes my free seminar. It will only cost you one thousand dollars for the first dozen people who sign up this minute. Please send cerdit card details now.

    Whenever someone continually uses your name over and over, they are sharks.
    This bloke keeps telling “us” that he is a REAL ESTATE…[Read more]

  • Dazzling,

    How the bloody hell can Perth be the fifth dearest city in the WORLD? It just can’t keep going like that.
    Think of some REAL cities of the world, and imagine comparing them to Perth. Perth is just not in the race !
    I think I’m going mental thinking about it all the time.
    So I won’t, it’s all forgotten.
    Hell ,how can it be so expensive…[Read more]

  • Dazzling,

    My goodness the king of the “Property Investing forum” takes time out to make a comment on the old fart bruham’s posting. Allah be praised.
    I felt a bit giddy for a moment- hope it wasn’t my life flashing by me.
    ALL the EXCITEMENT of having a DAZZLING’S comment.

    G’day Dazzling,

    As a ex. Sandgroper, even an ex Geraldton boy, ex.…[Read more]

  • G’day ASDF,

    Actually it isn’t a dual occ. block of dirt, but two full blocks of land.
    The people who sold to me hated neighbours, so they bought two blocks side by side twenty something years back. Then built their dream home right in the middle of the blocks.

    These blocks can both be dual occ’s. Four lovely houses will be built on them.
    This…[Read more]

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