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    Hi all,
    Before using this forum to put an Educational product up For Sale, please do read the post that outlines what is allowed, and the rules governing the usage of the forum.

    Those looking to PURCHASE should make themselves aware of any shortcomings in buying an item secondhand. With books and/or CD’s or DVD’s, usually it is just the condition of the product that is of any concern. BUT, with some educational items, like a complete course, there is FAR MORE to consider prior to purchasing it second-hand. See link below re the Cherie Barber course as one example.

    Be sure you are aware of the restrictions of purchasing such a course second-hand BEFORE you purchase it.

    One major caveat when SELLING is that some Course Materials may be proprietary to the Company issuing it. In such a case, the Company may make information usable ONLY by the original purchaser of the course, and they may well seek to protect their IP in that way. They might even take legal action against someone selling their copyrighted intellectual property – be sure you know you CAN sell such a product before listing it on here.

    One such course that is very popular (Cherie Barber’s) states their policy below (see the link), so do be aware of the restrictions that would be in force were you to attempt to either purchase or sell their materials.


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