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    Hi all,

    I would like to buy the Cherie Barber – Renovating For Profit full course material including the 3 day workshop.

    Am happy to pay cash or PayPal ASAP.

    Please message me if you have a copy with the full original content.

    Many thanks! :)

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    Hi Stevan,

    Before purchasing secondhand, please read this (including the attached link).


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    Hi Stefan,

    My name is Clifton from Cherie Barber’s office.

    Unfortunately, if you buy Cherie’s course from a third party you WON’T get access to:
    – Cherie’s 3 Day Boot Camp or
    – All her Property Coaches or
    – The National Trade Group Card (which gives you access to buying your renovation materials at Cherie’s prices).
    – Specific Bonuses
    These things are the HEART of Cherie’s Course.
    You have to become an official registered student.
    The Good News is that I can help you and give you all the information you need.
    My number is (02) 9555 5010
    My email is: [email protected]

    Could you please let me know a contact number for you & I’ll give you a quick call & show you the most cost effective way to become a student.

    I look forward to speaking with you !


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    I would still like to buy the course and am very interested. PLEASE TEXT ME ON 0414248683

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    Hi Property Investors! :)

    I am still interested in buying the Cherie Barber renovating for profit DVDs and course material.

    If you have a copy and are happy to sell please feel free to text or call me on 0414248683.

    Many thanks.

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    Id love to do the proper course rather than buying second hand but its so much money for someone starting out and the payment options arn’t much help either. :(

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    Dear Buyers and Sellers,

    I am the Student Support Co-ordinator of Renovating For Profit and have come across this ad in my regular searches for our intellectual property being sold or requested for sale on online.

    Penalties apply for buying and selling copyrighted materials illegally and we always contact any offenders prior to this happening to give you an opportunity to remove the advertisement yourself and avoid this.

    If you have any questions in relation to this post or would like to discuss this matter further with me in person you are more than welcome to contact me by private message or call me in the office on (02) 9555 5010.

    Renovating For Profit do not wish buyers to purchase old and out of date materials particularly because of the changes to a lot of the rules and regulations in each state when it comes to Renovating properties for a profit.

    All students once enrolled will have ongoing access to the latest information and therefore selling old out of date material is not only illegal but also un-ethical as purchasing in this manner, you will be following course materials from 2009 – 2014 that have completely changed. You miss out on the trade discounts, while the seller will always still have access to the current information and discounts via their online portal.

    To enrol as a student may seem like a substantial investment however its the only way to obtain the full benefits of the Renovating For Profit system. It is impossible to buy from a second hand seller and receive anywhere near the value of enrolling as a student and being a part of the Renovating For Profit community.

    I’d like to re-iterate that Renovating For Profit course materials are in fact copyrighted and are not authorised for sale by any other means and anyone caught selling our intellectual property unlawfully will be doing so at the risk of legal action.


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    I am from Canada and would love someone to help guide me into which direction to go in terms of appropriate course material or other quality resources that can jumpstart me in my investing journey.. I have also been looking around for some helpful guides, but by the sounds of this, if am reading correctly, I should not go with this course? Or is there any other similar or more updated courses anyone can recommend? Again, I’m in Canada and will most likely be sticking close to home for my first few investments if it makes sense to do so. Are certain courses more geared and created specific to US states? Or Can they be applied to Canadian investing strategies too? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    -Kevin, 1st time investor @

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