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    Hi guys

    Signed up for a workshop offered by DG Institute which will happen in a few weeks time. (free workshop)

    Workshop offered by a lady and the invitation email goes something like this:


    Congratulations on registering for my Real Estate Rescue Intensive Workshop. <– I don’t know how intensive is “intensive”.

    I look froward to introducing you to my 3-step process for finding and acquiring undervalued property from motivated vendors at this special 2-hour event.

    This is the same process that I have used to buy, sell and hold many millions of dollars in property over the past 15 years.

    So on the surface, it looks like during the workshop, she will shows the viewers at a practical level (or semi-practical level) on how this can be done.

    I don’t know by “3-step-process”, she will just give half cooked information on what this “3-step-process” is on paper, or whether she will provide a “step-by-step-example on how she used that process to start from ‘where do I look’ to ‘found this property’ in her workshop”….

    I sure hope she is gong to do a lot more explanation. It would be kind of not very useful if all she does is just saying “here is an example of a property I found with X bedroom Y bathroom and Z car space at ABC price which is EFG below market price and I gained HIJ instant equity” without providing any details on “how this 3-step-process is used to locate the property in the said example”…

    It’d be really good if she can shows us something like this:

    1. Start the property search process
    2. Apply step 1 — reached some results
    3. Apply step 2 — filtered out those results
    4. Apply step 3 — located a few good candidate properties
    5. finally select one (or some) out of those properties that lasted through the 3 steps…

    If examples provided are not given in such details, then it is probably not very useful for me to attend…

    Anybody has attended her workshop before and can offer some feedback?

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    Hi Steven

    Yes I attended her free 3hr workshop last year held in Sydney city (forgot which hotel) and the strategy she uses is effective if put into practice like all other strategies, learn, train and apply until succeed.

    To get her to teach you further training session from the introduction workshop will cost thousands and the reason I attended was to see if the strategy was relevant for me and it wasn’t so I didn’t buy her training package.

    If your into this strategy then by all means, buy it, I think the cost was like $6,000.

    She’s a great presenter, and her system/strategy is pretty good, enticing to the like. Shes also into the property development arena as well you may have sussed out her website at and she does the asset protection stuff like uncle vesty trust model and promotes Rothchilds saying “be a man of straw – own nothing, yet control everything”!!! Not sure if that’s the saying but something along those lines.


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    Hi Zen

    Thanks for the feedback.

    So how much is actually being presented in her workshop from what you remember?

    When I signed up for the workshop, I was also given the option to buy the following books for $17, which I did:

    Property Developers Guide to Success
    Property Developer’s Essential Legal Kit
    Reports 1 – The Economics of Property Development
    Reports 2 – Property Development: The High Level Picture

    Hopefully those books are useful.

    I think at this stage, I will skip the $6K course for now… but I will listen to her presentation at least.

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    There have been posts in here earlier on Dominique Grubisa – check them out in a Search, or do a Google for more info.

    I haven’t heard her – it would be interesting to hear what you think of it once you have attended, Steven. And yeah Google confirms $6k for the “rescue” course – but as happens often, by attending the seminar there may be a chance of buying at a discount – lots do this.


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    @steven what was presented was an introduction to real estate rescue where you buy properties below market price, renovate and rent out or sell. Properties that are below market value is due to reasons of the seller such as marriage break-up, banks looking for new buyers to service the mortgage etc…for whatever reason, the properties are good, below market and as the buyer you have the opportunity to make money through reno, whatever your imagination capacity takes you in your wealth journey.

    Just like what Benny said, simply search her but its better if you attend the presentation, so you can ask her more direct questions that your unsure of. Shes a great presenter and the ideas are simply one strategy and if it meets your interests then invest in her program in your own time, when you ready and done your thorough research in detail like an obsessed lawyer.

    Those resources you bought for $17 will be of great learning value, if your new to property investment like me than you will find hidden gems in the chapters.

    To get the specific details your after in the workshop, rather then the topping/enticing stuff, unfortunately, you will need to pay the membership amount of $6k. As the saying goes, you need to spend money to make money!

    Keep us in the loop and happy investing :)


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    Thanks all.

    I attended the workshop earlier this week. It was 2 hours instead of 3, and I agree, she is a great presenter.

    She didn’t dive too deeply into the how to execute her strategy part, but that’s expected as the amount of details will probably take hours of days to cover.

    I didn’t sign up the $6K course though, not because I think it is not valuable, but if I do that on the spot, my wife will have an issue with me for doing this without her consultation.

    The thing about her training course is that not only does the course include teaching materials, but also gives students access (she said unlimited access) to her legal team, her finance team, her portal where she gets all the first hand distressed property information, etc… which to me sounds like a very good deal. Also, if I can just do 1 of those deals right, I can make a 30-50K profit, which easily covers that 6K course cost. (difficult to convince my wife though, which is a shame, otherwise I think I would have signed up on the spot)

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    Hi Steven,

    I’ve been doing some research myself to see if anyone else is talking about the DG Institute (formerly Real Estate Rescue) and came across your post. I thought it relevant to share my own comments about DGI as they are current and relevant to anyone looking at being a part of the DGI community.

    My comments though are in the form of a consumer warning to the thousands of DGI graduates who remain blissfully ignorant that there is a major flaw with the product, which could cost you everything you’ve invested in your takeover project. This is very real and current. This is not a joke. I’m writing this because I don’t want anyone else to suffer as we are.

    We bought the Real Estate Rescue (now the DG Institute- DGI) product in Feb 2015. We became elite mentoring graduates in 2016. The product uses 3 methods to do business with distressed property. The first two are easy to understand. They are the ‘wholesale’ method and the ‘short sale’ method. The wholesale method works on the principle of finding and buying a property ‘off market’ for 10%-40% cheaper than retail. The title changes hands – all good. The short sale is similar in that the house is bought by the graduate off market. The sale is termed ‘short’ because there’s no equity in the property. To build equity the DG Institute graduate has to convince the bank that it’s worth their while to sell to the graduate at a loss. The graduate is trained to make a deal with the vendor that might include a cash incentive, that the lender can’t know about.

    The takeover method is the most attractive for graduates because there’s no need to get a bank loan and profits go up because there’s no need to pay stamp duty. The property stays in the name of the vendor while the deal runs its course. Now this might seem pretty scary to the average punter as you don’t actually ‘own’ the property – you’ve merely ‘taken it over’ and are standing in the legal shoes of the vendor. The graduate is supposed to be protected through the DG institute’s legal tools, the most important of which is the ‘irrevocable power of attorney’ (POA). This is supposed to protect the graduate from the vendor changing their mind and seeking to take back the property after you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money fixing it up for sale.

    How do I know this?

    I am currently living a nightmare caused by the failure of the supposedly irrevocable power of attorney (POA), which CAN easily be revoked. Our takeover project was going well until the vendor decided to take back the property. She simply broke into the house (2 weeks out from the auction to sell it), and changed the locks. She then visited the DNRM (land titles office) and filled out the form to revoke the POA. It was that easy. She’s still there today. The vendor has no legal training and didn’t have the help of a solicitor. She simply revoked the POA and we lost our right to sell the property and recover our investment.

    This all happened back in October 2016. On the 27th February 2017 the QLD State Minister for the DNRM, Dr Anthony Lynham, weighed in and supported the revocation of the POA. He made a written decree that the DGI POA is not valid at law. Any vendor that knows this can undo your takeover project with ease. You have NO PROTECTION at law. I wish this was a joke, but it’s not. We’ve lost $1m because of the failure of the product.

    Our principle investor is also a DGI graduate. She’s 80 years old and has lost the majority of her life savings after being assured that her investment was safe.

    How could this happen? It’s very simple. DGI haven’t actually tested their POA prior to selling it. What’s worse, DGI have continued to sell the product (with sales topping $25m in the last year alone) ‘SINCE’ they found out the product is flawed and should be withdrawn. NO DISCLOSURE has been made to the thousands of DGI graduates relying on the product to work. Subsequently the ACCC have now been contacted.

    We have pleaded with DGI to be compensated but have been met with threats if we disclose this information. Please share this information. If you don’t believe me then visit the facebook page DG Institute Graduates Independent. All of the evidence is there.

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    There is a a complex area of law known as ‘equity’ which could also throw several spanners in the works.

    Is the person advising on this a practising solicitor? You should seek advice on your equitable interest in the property. Even though you may not have a legal interest you could have recourse if you have paid for the property in part.

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