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    This is a way old thread, and I am kind of surprised that it got dug up….but the short answer is no, I didn’t go ahead with this training..

    But I went ahead with a different training (which is the reason why I am now in both Australian and New Zealand markets).

    By the way, you said “it’s sad how many great presenters/sales agents are out there doing their part to backsteps Australians reach their financial goals by promoting them to reach their financial goals/great deals.”.. quite a long sentence and I have to say I didn’t understand it fully. Would you be able to elaborate?




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    Sorry for not making that clear Steven.

    yeah so simply (it is not every person in that role)

    but a lot of these styles of companies are just sales agents who just want to do a good job & generally may not even understand its firstly not in the best interest of the client comparatively. (to other options)

    I honestly just feel the value most of these offerings generally are not worth it & not the returns/growth/etc discussed & they often use best-case scenarios & try get a cut every step of the way.

    I don’t think this is good or bad its just what I have seen from several of these companies and given the right person they can find value above costs.

    I just rarely have ever seen it.


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Viewing 3 posts - 21 through 23 (of 23 total)

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