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    This is a way old thread, and I am kind of surprised that it got dug up….but the short answer is no, I didn’t go ahead with this training..

    But I went ahead with a different training (which is the reason why I am now in both Australian and New Zealand markets).

    By the way, you said “it’s sad how many great presenters/sales agents are out there doing their part to backsteps Australians reach their financial goals by promoting them to reach their financial goals/great deals.”.. quite a long sentence and I have to say I didn’t understand it fully. Would you be able to elaborate?




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    Sorry for not making that clear Steven.

    yeah so simply (it is not every person in that role)

    but a lot of these styles of companies are just sales agents who just want to do a good job & generally may not even understand its firstly not in the best interest of the client comparatively. (to other options)

    I honestly just feel the value most of these offerings generally are not worth it & not the returns/growth/etc discussed & they often use best-case scenarios & try get a cut every step of the way.

    I don’t think this is good or bad its just what I have seen from several of these companies and given the right person they can find value above costs.

    I just rarely have ever seen it.


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    Hi Dominique is gery good at selling. My experience with not her but all of her staff have been pushy, unless you agree with them. If you have a problem if you dont do it their wa. I have had my words manipulated and made feel like everything was my fault. You dare not say anything negative as it is interprated as you not having the correct mind set. Yes the Real Estate Rescue cost me 5k that I didnt het to finnish. Eite mentoring cost 30k them continuation Elite mentoring is 15k. I felt like it was all about getting people in to spend more and more money. She has her own lawyer’s and when doing a contract they kept making mistakes,and I had to correct them. PUSHY PUSHY And her staff are traind to be pushy and manipulative. My way or mo way.

    Ritchie 62

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