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    A development and subdivision tip:

    When considering a development project, submit it to the 3/3 test.
    1/3 = Acquisition costs
    1/3 = Development costs
    1/3 = Margin

    It's nice and simple. And it works.

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    shaunwalker wrote:
    Tip, never believe what the real estate agent tells you, always double check his/her information from a reliable source. Lead, Follow or get out of the bloody way

    That's true, i agree with you..
    Don't trust right away, check all information, so that it will safe and secured.

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    TIP: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Set up goals for yourself – such as short, mid and long term goals. Then figure out plans for the achievement of those goals. Also set deadlines. This can be very important for real estate investing, so that you can achieve financial freedom.

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    R.Franklin wrote:
    Luteru wrote:
    Investing the correct way is extremely important. You have to look to invest and save money for future purposes. Here are some tips for new investors to help launch an effective and long term investment strategy: -Refrain from all equities. -Look at mutual funds. -Concentrate on the fees. -Cut down the taxes. -Investment is a long and tedious strategy. You have to stick with it and look to improve your efforts. -Choose and implement a good investment plan.

    What's your thoughts on going to a financial planner for new investors?

    I totally think financial planner is just waste of money and time !!

    TIP: if they are a "really financial planner " why are they still working for someone ? (qulification is just a piece of paper )
    TIP: no one care about your money, only you should and must care about your money if you want to be wealth.

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    Buying a property is biggest investment made by a person during his lifetime. The strong property growth that will be the key to success.

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    Buying real estate property is one of the biggest decisions in anyone's life. If you're planning to buy a house today, you need to consider some information and strategies before scanning those classified ads or contacting a broker's office.First of all, you must know yourself – your plans for the next few years, your occupation, your lifestyle and other factors that may affect your choice of residence. You need to know all these things before you start house-hunting. Are you planning to get married in the next year or few years? Do you have a dog from the working breed that needs a yard to run around in? Do you have kids who have specific hobbies that they want to seriously pursue? You need to know what kind of an environment you need and want to decide where would be the best place for you.

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    Tip: “Short term, when talking about property, is 7-10 years” ie one property cycle.
    I stole this from Steve M.

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    • Keep a list of questions you want to inquire about so that you dont miss out on any point
    • Ask to see proof and guarantees of all home improvements. Dont rely on verbal guarantees.
    • Visit the area after office hours or down times to see the actual conditions.
    • Properly investigate the property, under large boulders or furniture  where there are chances you may come across defects.
    • Do an area survey as well to get to know the prevailing market rates for similar property in that area
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    1.Invest this way and you do not need to look for the next "new" thing, with all the risk that necessarily entails.

    2.When investing in collectibles it is important that you stay within your circle of competence.

    3.One of the ways you can improve your investing performance is to focus on cost.

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    Before deciding to buy a property, always have an inspector to inspect the property. This can save you from any trouble that a property may have.

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    Positive vs. negative gearing

                                           in properties

    Like all investments it pays to do your homework before you take the plunge into property investment.

    But even with rising interest rates, a sound strategy can pay off. The shortage of rental properties, combined with rising prices in most markets, means that if you choose the right property and make sure you keep a close eye on your investment, you could reap the rewards.

    Keep in mind that the interest and related expenses you incur (such as repairs and maintenance) are tax deductible.

    Negative gearing means your loan repayments, fees and other costs exceed your rental income. This means that the net loss can be offset against other income you earn, so you will be able to reduce the amount of tax payable on your other income.

    Positive gearing, on the other hand, is where the annual rental income received from the property is higher than the annual loan repayments and costs. The benefit here is that you earn extra income, but of course this is taxable. Also make sure you factor in the capital gains tax you will have to pay if you decide to sell the property. Be sure to consult your taxation adviser.

    Take control of your investment by being properly informed on property values, trends and what is happening in the home loan market.

    To research the areas you are interested in, read property-related articles, use reputable property research companies and search the Internet, plus talk to people in the know. Find out each area’s average rental yields, what services infrastructure is in place and planned, and the property price growth that has been experienced and is expected.

    Invest the time to fully understand the market – it could make a big difference to future investment returns.

    If you are renting out a property, particularly a residential rental property, then you have to increase rent. This may be annually, but most likely every 18 months to two years. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons this is considered to be a standard operating procedure in property investment.

    Firstly, small rent increases regularly are more likely to be absorbed by your tenants than a large increase when it is possibly too late.

    Secondly, you need to be keeping up with inflation and with the rental market.

    Your personal property investment rules probably involve getting the most out of your investment to support your overall investment plan. Why subsidize your tenants’ rent at the expense of your investment goals.

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    1. Analyze Your Market & Learn which deals are useful to you.
    2. Investigate the area where you had like to buy or rent.
    3. Take help of a real estate agent who also is an area investor.
    4. Buy and hold your property for the long term.

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    Purchasing positively geared properties in remote mining towns is great but it is fraught with great danger. The mines can suddenly shut down for any number of reasons and you're left with a worthless investment. Do your due diligence before you decide on investing in one of these places. 

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    Tip – You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going!

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    These are really useful tips, thanks for sharing it…

    Howard Morales | Selling investment property in brisbane

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    Now THIS tip actually surprised me (I was expecting the opposite) :-

    Think twice before providing an Internet Service to your property !!

    See this thread for the whole story-


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    When looking to invest in property. Find property manager you trust and ask advise. I am a Property Manager in Brisbane and find that investors buy through a sales agent then come to us and say we were told we can rent this for $x and the property is not in a great area or it is in a flooded market area and is not worth what the sales agent advised.
    So get to know a good PM and they will always give great advise when buying an investment property.

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