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    I’ve just finished ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu. Don’t let the title fool you. It’s philosophies are equally applicable to IP as much as to day to day life. If you do read it you may sense the ‘win:win’ theme that I got out of it.

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    0-130 in 3.5 years Steve McKnight

    The first read in many years.Read a few motivational books when I was in my twenties but never actually learnt to do any thing with it.
    Then when I read 0-130 it was like the missing link.
    Now I am able to put my knowledge of motivation techniques into practice with Steves theories.
    Rated 8/10

    Next book was about ‘residential property investing’ and nothing but statistics.Didnt enjoy it at all.First book I,ve ever taken back to the library before its due date.

    Then I struck it rich with “Money secrets of the rich” by John R Burley.
    This book is a must read for anyone at any time.I wish I had read it when I was twenty.
    Absolutely the best book ever.

    Then it was the “One Minute Millionaire” Hanson and allan.
    Got some great stuff in here.Dont think the library will get these back in a hurry.

    Just finished “Investing for Dummies”: James Kirby.
    Learnt a bit about shares and other stuff but the property side was a bit lame.
    This one goes straight back to the library.

    Thats it for now.

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    My new book about the Property Cycle has just been released in NZ.
    It’s called “Grow Rich with the Property Cycle

    It is written from an NZ perspective but is appropriate for the Australian Property Cycle too. Whilst researching this book I considered the Australian, UK, USA and NZ markets and found the same Property Cycle exists in all of these markets.

    You can read the 5 star reviews it is getting here

    Kieran Trass

    “Make sure you can survive the downside, and the upside will take care of itself!” Donald Trump

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    Its not a book just a booklet but it is free. Go to to free publications and download the rental property booklet.

    http://[email protected]

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    I stumbled upon the “Peter Parker Online” website today which has an Investing section.

    Plenty of PI book reviews there, go to

    Also dozens of other excellent links.


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    Folks it’s that guy Dan Auito from across the pond here in the U.S. I have written a book and you can check it out at

    I don’t want to toot my own horn so I will post a review by a well respected reviewer here in the states gave it.

    Just a note, if your not happy with it, I personally will refund every dime! I think you’ll really enjoy reading it. Dan Auito

    Here’s the review:
    How to get into the real estate game with minimal investment, January 7, 2005
    Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) – See all my reviews
    With the volatility of the stock and bond markets in the last few years, and in view of continuing market instability due to a variety of factors ranging from federal deficit spending to the war on terrorism, real estate has become an even more attractive financial investment and/or business enterprise. Magic Bullets In Real Estate: Your Complete Guide To Understanding And Using Real Estate To Your Best Advantage by Dan Auito (a licensed real estate investor and certified appraisal assistant for the past fifteen years) will prove to be an ideal and instructive introduction to how an average person can build wealth and financial security through investing in real estate. Ably written so as to be completely accessible to non-professional general readers, Magic Bullets In Real Estate shows how to get into the real estate game with minimal investment and see immediate results; evaluating property quickly and choose only the best values; how to buy, sell, and lease properties with no real estate commissions or management fees; how to locate hassle-free tenants; how to find and rehabilitate rundown homes in a matter of days; avoiding common traps and pitfalls; preparing for and winning loan approvals; gaining access to large sums of tax-free cash for continued growth; using real estate to retire in style, and so much more. If you want to take a flyer in the real estate market, then give a very careful reading to Dan Auito’s Magic Bullets In Real Estate.

    P.S. Since you Australians are better than sliced bread, I would like to give you this book for free! Feel free to pass it on.
    I’m also on a mission to make the world a better place so maybe you could pass this along TOO!
    Thanks Crew. Dan

    Your U.S. insider trading partner at

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    “The Richest Man in Babylon”
    Have read many books but this one motivated me to save money. A beautiful fable simplistically written tells how the richest man in Babylon acqired his wealth. Woven into a “can’t put it down” short story I found it very inspiring and true!

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    Good thread
    My picks out of the many I have read include Think and Grow rich, Rich dad Poor Dad and Real estate riches by Dolf DeRoos, these three I have scribbled notes right through and marked many pages with stickers for easy reference.
    I recently started reading Peter Spanns $10 million property portfolio in just ten years, and while I haven`t gotten past a quarter the way through I am disappointed with it, really it is a lame attempt to emulate Rich Dad, I`m not sure I will even finish it, and there are not many I don`t read right through.

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    Part way reading Michael Yardney’s new book ‘How To Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio in you spare time” and found it a good read.

    Micheal makes some great points in his book and backs it up with some very well explained figures and stats.

    Loved the parts on ‘The Next Boom’ which looks at property growth, and patterns and cycles. The section titles “Taming the Tiger’ was well written but the highlight for me was Michael’s explanation of Living off Equity.

    Congratulations Michael, easy and informative.

    [email protected]
    0409 882 958
    Skype – derekjones2113

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    I’m currently reading Michael yardneys new book “How to become a Millionaire in your spare time”
    I’ve also enjoyed reading Secrets of Property Millionaiares Exposed by Dale Beaumont andCathy Jayne Pearce “Real Estate Cash from Treasure and Trash”
    The best book however is Property Development in Australia by Ron Forlee, a little boring to read but great practicle advice for subdividing and developing land

    “It is better to be inconspicuously wealthy, than to be ostentatiously poor…”

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    I’ve also just read Michael Yardney’s book, and found it excellent. He presents an alternative to Steve’s +CF strategy which anyone trying to find +CF IPs should read. Michael also goes into the economics of the property cycle which I found very enlightening.

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    There is a free Introductory Chaptor to read at Michael’s web site. Or Click Here takes you to it.

    Interested in Joint Venture Reno Projects

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    One of the top selling property books in Australia last year was my book

    How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Proeprty Portfolio – in your spare time.

    It has already had 2 reprints and with sales increasing each month the publisher is about to do a third reprint.

    It is written both for beginners as well as advanced property investors and explains how our next property boom will be Australia's biggest property boom and how to take advantage of it. This is is supported by strong demographic evidence that also highlights our next major growth regions.

    For advanced investors there are chapters on:-

    • tax loopholes,
    • finance strategies,
    • negotiation,
    • dealing with agents,
    • auctions,
    • renovations and
    • an section on living off the increasing equity of your Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio.
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    Seems no one has posted any new books for more than three years. Any new books worth reading? I'm just getting started and am trying to compile a reading list. Any help would be appreciated!

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    This book is worth its weight in gold.

    "Saving tax on your investment property" by Julia HARTMAN and Noel WHITTAKER.


    I took notes whilst reading this book. I found that I was only skim reading through Margaret LOMAS' "20 Must Ask Questions for every property investor." LOMAS' book outlines a few helpul sources for finding the info you need for your due diligence checks, but overall, there seemed to be a few pages which were just filling the book.


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    anyone have any new book reviews?

    i am just starting out and want to acquire as much knowledge as possible

    have read quite a number of the books listed, just wondering if anyone can recommend any newer books?

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    “How to legally reduce you tax (2009 to 2010 edition)” by Tony Melvin & Ed Chan
    Reviewed: Jan 2010
    Rating 9 (out of 10)

    80% about trusts but also about what you can and can’t claim as a property investor (it’s excellent book). Its a MUST read if you are setting up a trust structure. Reads really easily even though its a relatively dull subject.

    Compares the pros and cons of all types of trusts (there are 11 main categories).

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    My friend put me onto this ebook that has tonnes of information for people who have never bought a property.  My curiosity got the better of me and I purchased it.  What a fab ebook.  It details the process and guides you through how to purchase a property, excellent for those that have never done it before, it tells you what you need to know, do and when, plus some tips on what to look out for. It has templates that you can print and write on.  I actually found it good value for what it included.

    Anyway, I thought it was neat and a handly guide for newbies and first home buyers.

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    hey Leigh have you really read all those books???  sooo many of them

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    Great list thank you.

    Like the others, I really got a lot out of Yardney’s How to Grow a Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio. It changed my whole concept of property investing.

    yes very different to Stve MCK but form what i read, Steve is now coming around to value add also.

    Almost finished Yardney’s next book – even better probably the best property book I’ve read and I’ve read lots. Thriving not just surviving in changing times – very relevant for today you can find out more here –

    It’s a bit like Rich Dad Poor Dad, but up to date

    I’ve also got some old American books by Robert Allen – also very good

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