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  • Dolf De Roos go to ebay and do a search on real estate dvds.
    It is the best value investing info I have ever found, christmas is early!.

  • markpatrick replied to the topic Opinions in the forum Opinionated! 17 years, 6 months ago

    Originally posted by Mortgage Hunter:
    I just wanted to write something on why posts get moderated.

    I have had some further direction from Steve and it supports how I view things and moderate.

    Posts have not and will not be moderated because they question Steve’s methods or business activities.

    Posts that are discourteous of other people, that…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by MarkyMark:
    Originally posted by markpatrick:
    I can`t help but think that Steve and other seminar/strategy salesman at the end of the day would earn thier money in property if they could, since they can`t they play the amway/money streams game.
    No malice in my opinion but it`s what I believe to be fact.

    I think you are…[Read more]

  • absolutely you are entitled to do with your money what you want, I only question people with limited funds going in with rose coloured glasses, and there would be a very high % of those.
    To be honest no, I can`t say I find this site valuable, but it is an interesting and sometimes mind boggling read at times.

  • Yes and why do these people not act….risk, here age plays a part background/opportunity plays a part, time is a big factor, for them they decide it will not work and maybe they do not possess the inner belief to continue on the the face of failure, if it were as easy as the gurus say everybody WOULD take action, but reality can and often is VERY…[Read more]

  • Simon so are you saying all those participants made gains of hundreds of thousands?.
    Of course one or two would that is the aim of all of them, you don`t hear about the others because they are shamed into not admitting they could not use the info![lmao]
    These gurus always have an exit strategy.
    I can tell you right now how to have all the riches…[Read more]

  • Precisely what I have said on many occasions with regard to having a “mutually exclusive” outlook to the detriment of being openminded to possibilites, one being with regard to buy and hold strategies!.
    But in this case I make an exception… tenfold.
    I fail to see how on such a grand scale such dramatic predictions can be made or strategies used…[Read more]

  • I understand your points of view but I disagree.

    Yes there is two ways of looking at anything.
    Yes it would be boring to retire do nothing or go on holiday forever…..true.
    But hey are you saying they have no interest in earning ANY more money only in helping others, sorry not buying that one.
    It is all about giving good value, maybe they do…[Read more]

  • I also have a house in a prime position but also a flood zone which is selling for way under market. It hasn`t flood for decades….at all and the house is above the flood zone.
    Agents all give differing opinions on the matter.

    Keep this mind when buying or selling through an agent.

    NEVER EVER trust the advise or believe a real estate agent no…[Read more]

  • I can`t find this thread you are all talking about, but I agree and disagree with the mentoring idea.
    I can`t help but think that Steve and other seminar/strategy salesman at the end of the day would earn thier money in property if they could, since they can`t they play the amway/money streams game.
    No malice in my opinion but it`s what I believe…[Read more]

  • If you want a yes or no the answer is no there are none.
    Not at least for the inexperienced or short on dough type investor.
    You need to put money in to make them this way.
    There are some CF+ properties around in regional areas but they will be in flood prone areas etc or have problems which need to be overcome and this is not at all easy.
    On the…[Read more]

  • I was inspired to look at the dvd and read all the material but asked myself what is this guy offering, apart from all the talk of answering phones on a beach and not working ever again it just didn`t seem to offer anything at all except for a few ideas here and there which amount to crap.
    Even after reading testimonials I felt well “big deal”, is…[Read more]

  • That`s right, all this positive attitude stuff is great, but it is not negative in the least to question something, in fact it must be one of the most important aspects of life, it would be ridiculous to act positively to every situation you are presented with without questioning it, the only ones who push this are the ones with a dream to…[Read more]

  • It`s simple, don`t tell them!.

    Theres is two sides to a coin.

    I`ve seen someone full of beans, connecting with the so called “right people”, lose the lot!, do you think there high flying friends give a damn?, you need to ask yourself which ones do.

  • If you want a solution best bet is to give exact details as to work done, how much rent you expect and post a link to the property. You say you dropped the rent $15, but from what unrealistic amount could be the key.
    Many these days buy properties from a highly leverage position following very bad advise from so called experts and then expect that…[Read more]

  • Elbows you will not get a nice little house in a nice little area just fall in your lap that is CF+ but you can get one, I know it can be acheived, I`m looking at one at the moment.
    You need to be a terrier and a real sucker for punishment to make them work though, some can be very hard to get loans for and can require some hard work but little…[Read more]

  • My advise would be different to many, I would say do not “jump in”, right now is not a time where you need to do this, you do not want to go backwards, you have overcome the single hardest part of getting to where we all want to be but few are.
    I would say to resist the urge to become to highly leveraged in order to get rich quick, retain a high…[Read more]

  • markpatrick replied to the topic DOLF F.Y.I in the forum Heads Up! 17 years, 8 months ago

    I follow Dolfs methods more than any other guru, I always have even before I read the books so they are good motivators for me, but they should have a MAJOR warning on the top of every page, follow this advise at your own risk.
    I believe Dolf sells books to make money and is driven by the almighty dollar, some good tips and ideas but only for the…[Read more]

  • Good thread
    My picks out of the many I have read include Think and Grow rich, Rich dad Poor Dad and Real estate riches by Dolf DeRoos, these three I have scribbled notes right through and marked many pages with stickers for easy reference.
    I recently started reading Peter Spanns $10 million property portfolio in just ten years, and while I haven`t…[Read more]

  • Rather than scrambling for as many properties possible, I believe, anyway, that it`s good to aim to have high equity in your properties, cash in the bank and a very big vege patch!.[buz2]

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