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  • Blackhotel, you are onto a winner.
    SF has some of the best rental metrics provided you got in prior to its most recent tech boom. Even now, I believe if you invest in the right areas of SF, you are going to do just fine. Buying into a market with such high rental demand and domestic migration via job creation is great, and whilst many owners…[Read more]

  • Sebastian and Adrian are on form. You need to be looking at something which has more than just a single employer. The smallest change to commodities or business environment for a minor can have a huge, even leveraged impact on your property if it all goes pear shaped. There's companies in the US trying to flog properties in North Dakota based on a…[Read more]

  • USInvest-Ryan replied to the topic US BANK ACCOUNT in the forum Overseas Deals 7 years ago

    Guys, I'm on the ground here in the US and have teams in 6 different states in America. I can give you my two-cents in this argument which appears to be going round in circles… Firstly, it comes down to the bank and no-one else. After the GFC, compliance at banks became a major issue and the majority of them are just too scared to set-up…[Read more]

  • USInvest-Ryan replied to the topic Us Property in the forum Overseas Deals 7 years ago

    I certainly agree with Jay and Terry on this one. Buyers need to be so careful of cheap properties here in the US. Sticking to where the big guys are buying will get you some of the way, although in many places, even those areas will see you paying too much due to the high volume of competition at auction. Particularly in a place like Atlanta,…[Read more]

  • Guys

    Yes you can buy through your SMSF, but you need the correct vehicle.

    Here's the thing, there are people on here claiming you can use leverage  (finance) with your Super.
    This is 100% INCORRECT at this point. Any one that does this can be in deep water. Maybe not today but in the very near future. There are actually companies on this forum…[Read more]

  • Mark,

    Why would you want to buy through US Invest if you do this business for a living and your on the ground in America? If your an expert why did you become our member? Most likely you paid for membership to get hold of our marketing material. If you have received no value from our company we will happily refund your membership and part…[Read more]

  • MCH_51,

    Thanks for your post. Its unfortunate that you spoke to one of our membership consultants for an hour but still do not feel you have all the answers you were looking for. Please Private Message me your name and I will gladly have one of our managers call you to answer any questions you still have outstanding about the US Property…[Read more]

  • Yes, it seems commonplace at the auctions these days to see prices driven way above what those of us who have been in this market a while are used to paying. Its a fine line between acquiring quality property and still maintaining solid rental yields at the other end… Much of the stuff we're seeing go out the door doesn't meet our buy criteria…[Read more]

  • Hi Jay,

    It absolutely does frustrate us. Its an unfortunate grey area, and I wish the majority of the Aus companies would do the right thing and take it to the next level and get licensed.

    With the Aussie expectations.. It sucks that their are companies out there offering yields of 20%-40%+ in areas like Detroit etc. A lot of unsuspecting…[Read more]

  • Hi Jay and Cheeves,

    Thanks for your post, however I would appreciate you letting me answer your question without assumptions regarding licensed or un-licensed brokers. We are aware that the majority of the Australian and other International marketing firms operate without a license, however US Invest does hold an active Real Estate brokerage…[Read more]

  • Cheeves,

    Thanks for you comment. We dont do deals in NJ, however its great to know your a local company near us. Perhaps you would like to come and visit us in the next week or so and give the forumites your un-biased view of our operation?

    With overheads, I could go on for days explaining how we have managed to keep them so low cause it really…[Read more]

  • The telephone number for our office in Princeton is 609-454-5480, were on the 3rd floor suite 3. There is only our company on the 3rd floor and one other. Gaia Investments is part of our company. Regarding naming rights to a building, no one has naming rights to this building. We actually had a race to see who would get their sign up quicker,…[Read more]

  • Thanks LozandPaul, World Investor, Markoshark and all other contributors in this post thus far. I would like to address a few points on this topic raised in regards to US Invest and our operations on the ground in America, most of all, to reinforce our business strategy which is to assist international buyers in building a quality US Investment…[Read more]


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