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  • Hi , yes toilet is in the same room ,rotten timber flooring under the tiles , been bodged before which obviously didnt work ,so i want to do it properly (tho the idea of re sheeting over the top and putting lino down is tempting , there would be a fairly big step up into the room then ! )
    they have a small child , and one doing final year at…[Read more]

  • Hi , thanks , after a previous experience with water damage it never crossed my mind to check the insurance ! I’ll have to give it a look .
    Id love to build an extra room with an en suite , but the house is probably some thing for the developers to tear down and replace down the track , and we arent feeling much love from the bank at the moment !


  • Hi , the title says it all…. the bathroom floor is rotten and the tiles are cracking just from being walked on , long term tennants with a lease till october.
    no property manager direct deal with tennants
    no access from underside.
    they have no plans for holidays in the near future
    I cant see how ripping out the floor and replacing it can be…[Read more]

  • Latest developments !
    Left the tribunal thinking it all possibly could have been a mistake and would probably be resolved that afternoon ,
    have given up on the unpaid rent but would like the over paid $600 back…..
    the matter was stood over for a month to allow time for them to track the funds
    After several weeks of no response to my emails ( to …[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Southport & Merrimac in the forum General Property 10 years, 2 months ago

    Hi again ! things must be getting busy in southport ……this week I have  had a call from an agent (who I last yelled rude words to and hung up on about 4 years ago ! )
    to see if I had sold my house or was intrested in selling it
    and my father in law who rents around the corner has just been told the owners are listing the house ( always a fun…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Southport & Merrimac in the forum General Property 10 years, 2 months ago

    Hi ,Southport is where i live and invested ,but I grew up in Perth…
    its a big suburb a bit like mt lawley with several ' zones' and demographics  It is the business part of the gold coast away from the glitter strip , where you find the court house ,accountants ,the old and new hospital and a shiny new light rail network that could be majorly to…[Read more]

  • hi latest developments .
    went to the tribunal ,
    Everyone seems to be on first name basis  , so its not too threatening for the agent !
    Im not on the lease so in legal no mans land…..
    In the quiet room we found that They had refunded the $600 quite quickly ,without notifying me , into an account number with digits missing ,Still waiting to hear…[Read more]

  • crazy , explains a lot !

  • Good point , Im keen to treat it as a learning excercise so will do the tribunal ( unless they magically pay by my nominated date )
    my reading made me wonder if as i dont have a lease im not going to be recognised , but its probably in my best interests to be treated as such
    any idea what property managers get paid ?
    (Im sick of working in the…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic If this was your situation, what would you do? in the forum Help Needed! 10 years, 5 months ago

    Interest only is worth a good hard look ,as it increases your ability to hold more property ,for less weekly spend
    and concentrate on reducing your non tax deductable personal home
    my loans all clicked over to  p and e after a few years anyway in which case you can re evaluate
    Try REALLY HARD not to cross collateralize !
    if you need to sell a…[Read more]

  • due to lack of response i sent a registered letter ,and at least got an e mail today.
    using words like" alledged " and  " in good faith "
    they are treating it as an over payment and due to our lack of a rental agreement need permission from my friend to repay $ 600 ( when the owner gives it back ! )
    we think the ( alleged ) arrears comes from my…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Buying a 2nd unit in the same complex? Bad idea? in the forum Help Needed! 10 years, 6 months ago

    can you do a Spiral staircase ? or knock out a wall and make a 2 bed 2 bath ?
    my little one bed flat was hard to finance ,but easy to rent for over 10 years  and sold  quickly when i needed the cash ( after a tidy up , which was cheap as it was small ! )
    i wish i had have bought a few  !
    cheers !

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic In trouble in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    when you go to sell choose the time for your home opens to show the property in its best  lightfor me that was before 11 amlate model cars with no engine mods……good luck

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic In trouble in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    do the windowswe moved a door about 3 feet over and were amazed at the difference it madethe sound was being funneled in  ,moving the door way a bit  made a difference with only a sheet of gyprock  in placeand the new door open !pop on your feng shui hat and………have a good long look at your place and think of ways to fill all the  cracks and…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Renovating a kitchen in Perth in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

    hi ,not sure what the name is,the nice man at h. norman sent me there when we realised it would be weeks before we could get our stove street runs parrallel to scarb bch road and its 1 or 2 into the industrial area…….hope this helps a bit if you arent in a rush i reccommend looking at h norman we bought a complete kitchen package on " managers…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Renovating a kitchen in Perth in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

    ikea hands down , the bench tops are much nicer !while you are at ikea there is a damaged stock type appliance outlet place in osbourne park they have discontinued lines and minor damage ( though i never saw any evidence of this , i wanted a specific type of oven and they sourced one up for me in a day !)one of the main advantages of this type of…[Read more]

  • buy some hole saws and dont be afraid to trim a bit out of the back of the sink cupboard, and top drawer. there is never enough room for the services to go in !

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic How much interest should I charge a famly member in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    hi for family  i reckon at least a hundred percent ! ( up front if possible …..)while you and your brother are still friends i suggest you write up an agreement that explores a few worst case scenarios and features a time line for payments , and an impartial mediatior ( like yer mum) be nominated so that the agreement and the business can still…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Benefits of Cross Collateralising in the forum  had to sell a crossed 14 years, 1 month ago

     had to sell a crossed property last year, it was financed before the global financial thingo and i had fixed my rate and put everything with the same bank….during that time the lvr 's had magically changed so i was unable to pay down my personal mortgage as the funds had to be directed at the other investment property there were a lot of break…[Read more]

  • suavemechanic replied to the topic Extending into the garage or carport in the forum Value Adding 14 years, 1 month ago

    hi , my parents did this  and it is an unusual long skinny one really knows what to do with it ,though if you have a big train set or a pool table it would be perfect !i would suggest really thinking hard about where to put the door and insulation for sound and warmth ( the folks didnt and it is cold ,with a door in the middle of the room…[Read more]

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