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  • What astounds me is that Gillard was part of the 'foursome' that pushed this 'Super Tax' along with Rudd, Swann (new deputy, be scared, be very scared:) and not quite sure of the other persons name.  She starts to spout about 'didn't like the direction the party was going in' ect all innocent, HELLO!  rant over.A friend has just put one of her…[Read more]

  • [email protected] replied to the topic 2 Day Tax Lien Workshop in the forum Overseas Deals 13 years, 11 months ago

    I'm the same head still spinning from all the information.  Like you the biggest thing at the moment is to open a US account.  Will be looking into that tomorrow.Would love to catch up but I'm in Perth and it would be a hike.  Looking forward to getting started.Ros

  • [email protected] replied to the topic US Tax Liens Seminar in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years ago

    I'm heading back to Melbourne for the workshop and I am really looking forward to it.  I have alot of question and I am sure that by the end of the weekend they will all be answered.Ros

  • [email protected] replied to the topic My renovation challange in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

     I thought our last reno was challenging, you win:)  Hope all goes well and that you acheive everything you set out to.  Keep us updated.Ros

  • [email protected] replied to the topic 3 Day Mega Conference opinion. in the forum The added bonus about the 14 years ago

    The added bonus about the two day Tax Liens workshop is that Judith is in Perth.  Yay, finally a great contact in our fine city of Perth.Thanks Judith.

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Looking for a mentor!!! in the forum Value Adding 14 years ago

    By the way saka888 the Results Mentoring Program does not 'do the research for you'.  It provides you with an ongoing support system teaching you how to do due diligence, crunching numbers, setting goals etc with one one one coaching, sounding board, accountability etc.Maybe some research on your part would be appropriate before you post.

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Putting up with the people who knock you!!! in the forum Opinionated! 14 years ago

    I find it easier not to tell the non-believers what I am doing.  I learnt that not everyone is supportive, so just seek out like minded people that think the same way that you do. Totally agree with Sonya seek out the people who are doing what you are doing and have what you want to have.If it was easy everyone would be doing it:)Ros

  • [email protected] replied to the topic 3 Day Mega Conference opinion. in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years ago

    Thanks for posting that Magbof you are not being negative you are just making sure that we stick the the number one rule of investing do your 'DUE DILIGENCE'.There are always risk when it comes to investing, be informed.Ros

  • [email protected] replied to the topic 3 Day Mega Conference opinion. in the forum Forum Frolic 14 years ago

    Janrayco wrote:
    Hey Ros,   My hubby also went to the conference and is interested in tax liens. He explained them to me and I went through his notes to find out the web address for Tommy, but I can't find it. Do you have the website info?J

    Hi JanJust pm me and by that time I would have tracked down my notes (still coming down after the c…[Read more]

  • [email protected] replied to the topic 3 Day Mega Conference opinion. in the forum Loved reading all of the 14 years ago

    Loved reading all of the comments about the 3 day conference.  I flew over from Perth and spent a few days before with friends and their new baby and of course did some shopping.As for the conference I loved it.  On the first day made a promise to myself not to buy anything until after a week of researching etc and by then I figure that if I s…[Read more]

  • I have used Shane Jacobs Settlements for my last four buy/sell and found them to be very thorough and professional.The number is 93107244.Good luck

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Advise needed about a new build financed through a bank in the forum Finance 14 years, 6 months ago

    We have borrowed the whole amount against  land value.  Just wondering how long until we get the money back (as such).

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Advise needed about a new build financed through a bank in the forum Finance 14 years, 6 months ago

    thanks Terryw the loan has been approved and the contracts signed and the builders want a deposit withint 10 days.  i'm not sure how long it takes the bank to give you the loan.  Is it 14 days or 30 days.  i don't seem to be able to get an answer from the broker.

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Wood flooring option for PPOR, Bamboo? in the forum Value Adding 14 years, 9 months ago

    Thanks for the that.  I need to go into various showrooms and start investigating this properly.Thanks again

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Steve’s Seminar in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 6 months ago

    I find Steve's seminars always upto date and informative because he is still actively investing in property (walking the walk).  He is easy to understand and explains every thing clearly.  There is also the added bonus of mixing with like minded people and finding out what everyone else is doing.No matter what I think I know when I go to a s…[Read more]

  • [email protected] replied to the topic ANZ Cut rates another 0.25% in the forum Finance 15 years, 7 months ago

    That is great news especially when my IP loan has just come off a fixed rate of 7%.  I received a letter just before the last rate cut saying that my new rate would be 9.37% now 8.57% still higher than my home loan.  I rang them up to negotiate a better variable rate and was asked if I wanted to fix it again, which I thought was pretty funny and o…[Read more]

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Should we be worried? in the forum Legal & Accounting 15 years, 10 months ago

    It's all a learning experience.  I don't think there is anyone on on this forum who hasn't had more than a few 'learning experiences' in their investing journey.  That's the good thing about this board you can ask for help and there will be at least one person who has gone through what you are going through.  At least the next time you will kno…

  • Ihave one I'm wiling to sell pm me.

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Whos is working in the mines to get ahead? in the forum Forum Frolic 15 years, 11 months ago

    kkramme wrote:
    On another note, I understand that many folks working in the mines would like to invest in property but can't always find good property in other parts of the country.Does anyone know of which newspapers or other publications that folks in those mining areas read?Kind regards,Ken

    In the NW of WA Newman, Port Heldand and Karratha…[Read more]

  • [email protected] replied to the topic Dean Parker’s Reno Master Class in the forum Help Needed! 15 years, 11 months ago

    If you're unsure you can always ring Steve McKnights office and ask for more details.  I have met Dean and Elise and they are walking the talk.  They started off doing renos in their spare time, now it is a successful fulltime career.They are down to earth people and have perfected templates that have helped them become very succcessful pr…[Read more]

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