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    Hey Guys,

    I'm seriously considering attending Steve's seminar in Brisbane this month. I've checked out what will be discussed in each session and the info does look like it wll be beneficial to me in my circumstances.

    However, I'm just wanting to call out to all of you who have attended one of Steve's seminars before to ask what you thought about it?
    I've read Steve's books and know that he is a great communicator with clear ideas, but not having attended a property seminar before, I'm not sure what more I will get out of the seminar than information I can find in books.


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    Hopefully someone will step forth with a good word?

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    off you go. I attended the Property Market Update Steve ran in Melbourne in August and it was well worth the day to attend.

    If, as you state the info at each session will be of benefit to you in your circumstances, then you will be pleased you made the effort.

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    I find Steve's seminars always upto date and informative because he is still actively investing in property (walking the walk).  He is easy to understand and explains every thing clearly.  There is also the added bonus of mixing with like minded people and finding out what everyone else is doing.

    No matter what I think I know when I go to a seminar I always walk away with new ideas and at least 2 AHA moments.


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    Thanks for your responses, Michael & Roslynn :)

    You're right – I just need to sign up! I'm sure I will benefit from the material.

    Thanks guys,


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