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  • Queenstowner replied to the topic Selling up in NZ in the forum Overseas Deals 14 years ago

    I’d say your liable for cgt unless the property was in a nz trust with a kiwi based trustee (i may be wrong but i think this is right)
    More of interest is your nz tax liability.I’d like to know how many of you Aussies who have multiple properties and are selling them up are going to admit you are traders and will pay tax on your profits.
    The IRD…[Read more]

  • Queenstowner replied to the topic queenstown in the forum No Subject 14 years, 2 months ago

    Hi,i live here in Qt and the property market here like many places has seen huge growth.House prices are totally over inflated.Good sections with views etc are still reasonable but the high cost of building is the problem.Prices will flatten and might correct abit so i’d advise waiting for a while.We are going to have a glut of units and i was…[Read more]

  • hey minimogul
    You’ll love it,long as you can handle the cold and the high power bills( they love to hit ya when you need it most)
    you know, been here 3 yrs and still haven’t made it to the cow.Winnies has great pizza as well.

  • Hi
    i’m in Queenstown(hence the handle)and the best part of the yr is about to begin here :).Just a word of warning to anybody traveling here and looking at the lovely frosted grass,watch the road! it’s likely to be covered in black ice especially on shaded spots.
    Hi MiniMogul, coming here for 3 months hey,hope your got accom sorted out as by july…[Read more]

  • Hi all
    Thanks for your replies, i’ll check them out.
    regards queenstowner.

  • Hi Seafire
    I moved over here from oz to buy land and build houses.I’m currently building in central otago and i would say that you would be very unlikely to be able to build here and get your house CF+
    land here is 3 times what it was when we started buying 3 yrs back.The lands not the problem, it’s the cost of materials and subbies.Cost of…[Read more]

  • sorry cashflow, it’s actually near Cairns on the atherton tablelands.

  • Hi all
    Salla, Queenstown is a very expensive town to live in,I’ve been here nearly three yrs and have seen prices here go crazy.Sections are still pretty good value considering the views but the cost of building in this area is way too high.
    Rents are high and peak in the winter when it’s next to impossible to find a flat.It’s hard to say if house…[Read more]

  • Hi
    I think they aren’t worth the cost and personally would rather pull the file, it has saved me from making a huge mistake that didn’t come up on the lim.If you or someone you trust can’t get in to inspect the property and go to the council to view the file your taking a major risk.i think many councils are starting to charge a fee for viewing…[Read more]

  • Hi Julian2
    your right,it is a ten yr period but i would say there is a lot of grey area here and does depend on your structure.Also who in this country wouldn’t hold their investment properties in a trust?
    You can bet your boots alot of the aust investors buying in nz are doing so through a nz based trust to avoid aust CG tax down the track.

  • hi all
    I can’t see CG tax coming in at all,nz needs to attract as much investment capital as possible so a few bonuses are needed in a small market.However too many people think they can trade properties and get away taxfree.Even a lot of locals here don’t seem to understand it is your INTENT! that determines how you are viewed.
    I would be very…[Read more]

  • i’m kiwi born but grew up in oz so i’ll join the fun.
    purlins = roof battens
    dwang = noggin
    chilly bin = esky
    and before anybody says it sheep doesn’t = good time :)

  • Hi Redhaven
    I can’t really give you any idea of your costs or what the developer next door might make,apart from i’m in a different country, there’s too many variables.
    Over here consulting surveyors oversee the whole project.If they do the same in Oz they will be able to tell you how many lots you can subdivide and give a costing per lot as he…[Read more]

  • Hi Redhaven
    our group is currently doing a 50+ section development in Nz which is a first for us as we are spec home builders.
    we formed a small group of 4 investers who each have different skills to bring to the group as well as security.One of the most important partners is an accountant,he saves us a lot of money,also bankers will feel you are…[Read more]

  • Hi Lukis
    I spec build in nz using products we import ourselves from Aust and have bought in two american barn style sheds to be fitted out for residential use.i can’t give advice on whether they are a cheaper way to build in the long run yet as this is our first project in steel and two storey.yes kits in oz are cheaper than nz but anyone…[Read more]

  • Hey pursefat
    i’m Southland born and grew up in oz and can tell you that Southland is way ahead of alot of Oz in it’s field and that is farming, Invercargill is a service city to that industry and whoose fate rides with that.fee free polytech might have brought some zing to the city but it’s the state of the art dairy units, top producing sheep…[Read more]

  • My advice is for you to have a good think about your long term plans.If you sell this property you need to think about how much of a gain will you make in 6 weeks, have you done any improvements on it and at what cost.If it’s a investment property you will be up for capital gains tax, the IRD have stated they are cracking down on traders.
    If it’s…[Read more]

  • Hi
    Try SizeWise on the Gold Coast Ph 0755395538,they can cut you a kitchen out,send it over in knock down form and you assemble it.Any half descent DIYer could put it together.

  • Hi Westan
    Yip Dee st it is.
    Did you see the Sunday and 20/20 programs a few weeks back predicting doom and gloom for the NZ property market ?I had a friend in real estate say it cost him a sale from scared off investers.
    For those who saw either programs you have to wonder on those guys motives, could it be that the wealthy invester in Auckland…[Read more]

  • I live in Queenstown NZ and am still very positive about property in the south.I think older established homes are cheap here in many places compared to the high cost of building a new one.
    Building materials other than timber are nearly double the price in Otago/Southland than in Brisbane.Sub contractors here are charging the earth,eg tilers get…[Read more]

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