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  • Does being a mil in debt make me a millionairre?  if so I think I will pass!  Theoretically in a few years time I will be a millionaire and I will be doing the same as now – chipping away at a big assed collection of mortgages!

  • Laury replied to the topic What about Kalgoorlie? in the forum General Property 10 years ago

    Wisdom of hindsight – wish I had invested in Kal 3 years ago instead of Robina – bank valuation just dropped 135K, now my debt is bigger than my asset!  Oh well they say you only lose money when you sell so I guess I will own a little piece of Qld for a bloody long time now!PS love the spirited debate!

  • Hmm food for thought, still its not a loss until sold at a loss!  I was originally encouraged to seek a diverse portfolio with property in different states but there is alot to be saidd for sticking to the area one knows best,  As a rent increase or capital growth is not likely in the short term I will sit back and focus on the benefits of n…[Read more]

  • Laury replied to the topic Just bought our third in the forum Help Needed! 10 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback Derek.  As nice as Perth is, I am 100% country boy and would seek a change of career before returning to metro service,  Unless I do something really stupid I should have Govt housing for next 20 years!

  • Laury replied to the topic Just bought our third in the forum Help Needed! 10 years ago

    No I dont have any non-deductable debt at all. While the govt is providing me with accomodation I am pouring all my efforts into IP.  I dont think I will be purchasing another for 12-24 months but the long term plan is a portfolio of about 6. I am not 100% sure whether I will need to access the equity. Definitely not in the short term but in the…[Read more]

  • I certainly dont have the experience of the previous forumites but selling would be a extremely backwards step. By the time all the commisions and taxes etc come out of a property sale you end up with a much smaller cheque that you anticipated. Restructure the loan to generate some extra cash flow and then smash that 40K debt coz that is whats…[Read more]

  • The theory is that a broker will do all the running around for you and secure the best deal available, however if that was the case the majority of all brokers business would go to one bank in any given situation. It doesnt. Five brokers will give five different answers.  I think that it really comes down to time. If you have the time to spend on…[Read more]

  • Wow – what a tale of woe!  I sympathise with anyone that tied up in this mess and I certainly will be extremely cautious if ever tempted to buy off a plan!

  • Here's a curve ball for you – get out of the city!  Keep your property up there as an investment and have a look at some country towns – cheap housing good facilities – if you pick the right town, and always a high demand for vets! You will soon become part of the community and build a support network for your 2 person family and who knows you…[Read more]

  • "Also if they have had experience dealing with bad tenants and have had successful outcomes, as my houses are in Nollamara… i am expecting the possibility of having tenants that may wish to deviate from the rental agreement."Hey just because the suburb had/has some less than desirable tenants in it doesnt mean you have to rent your property to…[Read more]

  • If I was buying a rental property – the less land the better. Less gardens to maintain or repair and ditto for paving etc.If I was buying something to live in then it is a different story all together. I like my space.  Look at your goals for the property and work from there

  • I always dreamed of owning a Range Rover, then I sat in one (oldish) and discovered that my XXL frame did not fit comfortably in it. I have short arms and deep pockets so spending big$$ on a new car will never happen. very happy with my 80 series cruiser and toyota Aurion (looks like grandads car, goes like a startled gazelle).  Like many others…[Read more]

  • Man up or stay with TICAlways liked someone who calls a spade a spade!THanks NHGfor the links

  • Well I reckon you can take living in the city or burbs and stick it where the sun dont shine!  I will buy my investment properties ther but  give me a few good acres just a few KMs out of a nice country town where I can build the dream, spread my mess and have a bloody huge shed!! 

  • What a collection of bad choices! Labour reeling from one cluster to the next, Tony running round in budgie smugglers, taking cheapshots at labour and not actually showing us whether he is capable of running a country, Bob the greenie picking up scraps of power and trying to hold the govt to ransom for his one eyed policies.  Its such a bloody…[Read more]

  • PISTORE wrote:

    Laury wrote:
    My assumption of neutral gearing is that after you have crunched all the numbers including depreciation etc Mr Taxman chooses not to take a cent off you but in reallity you have actually put a couple of dollars in your pocket.   Please correct me if I am wrong!

    Essentially your right. It's about running the books a…[Read more]

  • Thanks KentI like the idea of a systematic approach to finding the 'plums' . My current finance capacity is around $410K on latest assesment and my biggest issue is cash flow with a young family so I am really looking at cash flow neutral/positive with a high occupancy rate.  Ideally I would love to obtain a property for a long term GROH lease…[Read more]

  • Very happy with my unit in West Perth – wish I owned the whole building!If I was buying just for me – 100 acres in Karri country somewhere in the South west of WA with good dams, good horse yards and some serious timber!  Maybe if I buy enough units this will eventually become a reality!Oh and a big shed……….

  • How do you eat an elephant?……………………….one mouthful at a time.The FreckleClassic!  but first I have to catch and cook the bugger!

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