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  • hi every body,
    i drive on sydney airport, have driven trucks for a number of years i specialise in multi- axle heavy rigid vehicles . i don’t have jobs as much as ‘assignments’ previously i was a qualified fitter/ machinist, specialising in comp. machining /production, prototype development etc etc, sad point– not getting a final photo with da…[Read more]

  • hello everyone,
    i have signed with agent ‘c’, on the day i signed the agent agreement i found out my solicitor had a heart attack, and was in intensive care,i am now having to deal with his partner,the agent is recomended from a friend, who will sell at the mid 300k, i will now brace myself and ride this out.
    incidently the costings for this are…[Read more]

  • hey mate,
    how bad do you wan’t the propery?, although i won’t take sides with dazzling there is sage advice in those words, imho, honesty is the best policy, if the house is on the market you have a right to the contract of sale, play thier game, get an agent from outside the area as a go-between, if you have to contact the owner things could go…[Read more]

  • thanks for the ideas
    C2, thats a brilliant idea, and since i had time to think i can add to this by saying i know my target market, such as an owner builder/ project builder, also i am closer to sighning with an agent.
    in regard to the superstition– it goes 13 being 1+3 =4 = death and somehow i don’t think it was to work that way, i have also…[Read more]

  • ‘quote’ You’ve got to be kidding !! People aged 18 or over with not a jot of property or finance knowledge / experience, gain recognised qualifications by doing a course sitting on their bums in a classroom for a few weeks, go and buy a $ 300 suit and spend $ 60 on business cards….and suddenly they are experts and add legitimacy to a deal.…[Read more]

  • thankyou all,
    you hit the nail on the head foundation, thats why i am trying to still get an agent, they offer ‘legitamacy’ to the deal because there is a perception that the agent knows best. i looked in the local paper and the house prices are wild, i have used an old trick a valuer showed me that is used as a rule of thumb it throws water on a…[Read more]

  • Originally posted by foundation:
    Just to clarify…
    Are you saying that the properties in 2166 are being sold for less than they are worth because the real estate agents are not prepared to list them for ‘what they are worth’?
    Regards, F.[cowboy2]

    hi foundation
    in a small way i am, they apear un-willing to SELL you see,it apears that if a…[Read more]

  • hey dazzling, great thread
    the kind of cars you people are driving is what i expected,mostly practical, if i may, i don’t see any body here as cheap, when you have to move a 20ft extention ladder,3 doors and 100ft of t&g flooring, the ski racks on a beemer wont cut it no matter how good is your welding, if the under 15 net ball team has got to go…[Read more]

  • my thoughts are with you elbows,
    my story is to long to say,…mum passed with lung cancer and told us what she wanted, the palative care people spoke of dignity in passing, as is dignity in life…my dad had dementia and we didn’t plan, there was supossed to be trust in a family. i took care of both my parents with my life on hold while my…[Read more]


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