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  • Hi Muppett,
    I`m so sorry i didn`t ring last night. I went to bed without rechecking for replys. Just got your message then. Will aim to ring you tomorrow night between 8 & 9 pm your time. Can`t wait to get on those white slopes.
    See ya real soon

  • Hi everyone,
    Yes i know i have been a bit quite lately, haven`t had a chance to get on the forum. Just want to add my bit on the earthquake scenario. My cousin is a geo-physicist & i was talking to him about the north island in particular around lower north to wards wellington. He said the fault line that runs through there is as big as the one…[Read more]

  • Hi Everyone,
    Do you think we have everyone posted on this site yet that reads the forum?. Gosh there`s a few of us!! The majority of my working life was as a
    Paramedic, then as a housewife (had kids) ,now casual as first aid trainer.

  • Hi Muppet,
    Thanks for the tip on skiing. Hubby & i are intermediate skiers & the children 8 & 5 have never skied. Is there a kids learn to ski school? I have limited info on the ski fields. I met Mini last night. We had a great time together. And yes, we yakked till very late. Hi Mini, i`m tired tonight!!Thanks again for dinner & great company,…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone,
    MINI: That`s awful! How much damage was done to the floor surroundings? I suppose everyone who has read your post & isn`t insured just rang their insurance brokers!! Did you also take out insurance against damage by the rentors?? If so what did it cost, if you don`t mind my asking? Also did you get my message last night?? I will ring…[Read more]

  • Hi all,
    MINI: whose second job must be as a travel agent!!The itinery is fantastic Thanks so much, Will reply to email tomorrow as i`ve gotta go watch the footy show as my fav player is out for the season & i want to hear all the goss. [xx(]Any other dejected Knights fans out there ??
    KTKIWI: Didn`t read your reply to ring today until tonight ,…[Read more]

  • Hi Keiran,
    Thanks for your advice. It`s funny that only this morning i rang your company & spoke to one of your staff re: finance in NZ. He told me that you were going to post some info on this forum because you were concerned that people were getting the wrong slant. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I have been doing some research & phoning of my…[Read more]

  • Hi all,
    RODC: Thanks for that info on trusts. Talked to BNZ today & they said you can no longer set up loans over the phone since about one month ago. Says all banks are the same & that you can fill out the paper work ealier & email but have to physically go in to bank in NZ to complete it. Does anyone out there know of another way!! I was going…[Read more]

  • Hi jj,
    Thanks for the reply, don`t know any of those you made your money on. Most of mine are well known eg BHP,FGB,REB,AMC,Etc. Just starting to peg back some paper losses.In fact about $4k in the last month. Have 3 dogs though That will prob. never recover. Weston, youre into everything.I should buy some gold mining company shares i…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    Hi Muppett & Westan,
    Thought i`d just check in to see if any of you had replied. You`re all quick off the mark today.
    M: Thanks for the roughie on the time to your place from Auckland. Yes we are hiring a car for the whole time we are there. When i talk with Westan tonight we might get down to making some firmer plans for the “get together” Do you…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for all the info posted.I need to reply to 3 of you!!
    MUPPETT: I just found your little town on the map i have. Should be able to drop in on our way from Hamilton to Taranaki. But hopefully you will be able to met with Westan & I before that.Westan & i spoke Friday & it looks like the dates we will aim for are 26 & 27th…[Read more]

  • Hi jj,
    300% !!! Good on you. I too have shares & IP`s & i lost on paper lots lastFY.Wish i could`ve talked to you instead of my dipstick broker!!!!heheheh. I am astounded by your success , 300 per cent . What stocks did that???
    Cheers Diamond[:P]

  • Wow,
    all that makes very interesting reading. Yes we two have a success story, Just a +tve c/f duplex in cairns cost $185 K 2 yrs ago returns $380pw. I like your comment Crashy about time to considerS….s .I have a friend in the Financial advising arena who says latest research is that the housing is to overheated to buy in just now. I agree in…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    Hi all,
    Shame you won`t be there the same time Rod. I think it will be a hoot!![:D]We are still trying to work out which way to set up the LOC. In oz or in NZ. Think we will investigate BNZ come Monday.What advantage do you get out of setting up a trust over there???

    MUPPET, thanks for the reply to our little O.S get together. Will be real nice to…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum No Subject 17 years ago

    Hi Westan,
    Glad you`re still online. I`m soooo excited about our trip. Will have to talk as you say to work out a time & date & place. Can`t wait. I have just acquired a provincial towns UBD to help us locate our key areas. Do you have a short list like mine??? 20 towns???ridiculous isn`t it. We are not interested in the lower end of the market…[Read more]

  • Hi Kirby,
    Can`t help you out with the inspection but have a thought.Why don`t you ring another real estate agent & offer to pay them for doing the inspection for you.You could also offer in return that you would use them when you need a managing agent ( i assume u are renting). Might just work.
    Cheers Diamond

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic NZ suburbs in the forum The Treasure Chest 17 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    Can`t believe how much has gone on in the last 2 weeks. You have all posted some really good research for the NZ connections.I have not been on the site for two weeks due to work & a child in hospital but boy have i ever enjoyed reading all this tonight. Weston , as it happens, we have booked our flights to Auckland also( one week ago…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic Another NZ question! in the forum No Subject 17 years ago

    Evening all,
    Thanks for your concern about my health Westan, gave me a giggle as well. Yes i`m all sparkling tonight. I think all of todays banter from everyone has answered my questions from last night so thanks to all of you & to you muppet for sharing accountants email.Got no new questions tonight, just wanted to check in to see what you all…[Read more]

  • Diamond2 replied to the topic Another NZ question! in the forum No Subject 17 years ago

    Hi Mini,Westan & other NZers,
    Thankx Mini for answering my last question .I haven`t looked those sites up yet as i`m not feeling 100% tonight & about to hit the sack. ( Must be to many late nights talking to you lot!!!)NEW QUESTION FOR MINI &/OR WESTAN
    Anyway, my husband & I are just discussing how you can use available LOC from over here on…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone,
    Thankx mini & westan for all your extra info. I am about to organise my passport!!! So i suppose i have about 4-6 wks to do my due diligence & travel itinery.Have a new question for you. Do you know of a website or mag or real estate agent where i can get the vacancy rates for rentals in any particular town that i am interested…[Read more]

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