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  • hi! One of my tenants agreed to rent because our property had security screens and deadlocks to external doors. Hint- good fly screens on windows and draught stoppers fixed to the backs of doors. Also, look out for reasonably priced coated curtains to keep out light/heat and keep in warmth.


  • Dani67 replied to the topic Sharing Tips- in the forum General Property 15 years, 9 months ago

    TIP -when you build a list of reliable electricians, plumbers, painters, et., pass on to you PM and instruct to use them should the need arise, rather than rely on PM.s… who you may not know if they are ripping you off or not!


  • Dani67 replied to the topic Saving Deposit in the forum General Property 16 years ago

    Negative gearing is,perhaps, all they know! I was the same until I read Steve’s book and found a better way of doing things. Many seminars tout the negative gearing line…so that is all people come away with!

  • We have it written in our contracts that smoking is to be done outside.

  • Absolutely! i’m hanging for more words of wisdom…pressure is on!

  • Hi! I use a property manager, even though one of our properties is rented to parents of friends. I don’t want the hassle if it came to a tribunal meeting. I’m no good at playing the bad cop, and let the manger deal with problems impartially. Besides, they know all the tricks. However, a problem I have is I have 2 PMs as properties are in different…[Read more]

  • I was the same! It took me a year to convince hubby we would be doing the right thing..can no longer rely on pension, want to be rich, etc. The first purchase was the most difficult..long hours house hunting, but once we made the jump, we were hooked. Perhaps you need support and positive encouragement, find this where you can. Or perhaps you just…[Read more]

  • Dani67 replied to the topic Revaluing your property in the forum General Property 16 years ago

    Thanks for your advice, PK.


  • ..or you spend 20 mins on an open house only to be told at the end it has already sold the week before…but the vendors don’t expect the finance to go through (home start), “so please feel free to spend 2 hours writing up your offer”, only to find later that the first contract has gone through after all…!

  • [Hi Westan. Am a new investor, and have just bought 2nd property in Elizabeth area. Have been disappointed with the property managers I have interviewed..they seem to take advantage of high turnover of tennants to rip off clients with high re-let fees. Some seem unprofessional.We have a fantastic P.M. with our 1st one,able to negotiate, but…[Read more]

  • [:I]

    I have bought $870K of property in less than 6 months, First one settled 22 May third one should settle 23 Oct. I had about $140K equity to start with. The first one jumped 60K in value in 5 months. The second one 20K. So now im getting the third.

    I just need one more positive cash flow one worth under $200K to balance my 3 negative…

    [Read more]


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