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  • Had a quick look at Gabriel's website at gnfinance, and have to admit that it did not inspire any confidence whatsoever into trying to find out more about his claims .

  • Thanks for the advice Terry, it will be one of the things we will ask the Accountant to help us set up for the future.Gabriel, the search for a suitable accountant is well underway, but very interested in how do we go about "purchasing a fully financed government project in reneawable resources"Astrawan

  • Thank you for your responses.Linar, I know I know – I did not agree with selling the property but had to go along for other reasons. However, I asked that before he put it on the market, to find out exactly what the tax liabilities are and how to minismise it before the sale. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and it came as much of a shock to him as…[Read more]

  • This topic is sooo interesting! We are proud of owners of three, yes three (3) cars! and they are all great, really cheap to run and all older than 20 years old. We inherited MIL's toyota starlet, I think it is a 1984, and FIL's one tone suzuki truck (1976?), and my husband's pride and joy that he bought nearly 20 years ago and fully restored over…[Read more]

  • Astrawan replied to the topic written offers in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    Thank you diclem for your input – and I suppose now we'll just have to go through with it. We nominated someone to have power of attorney who has signed it on our behalf so expect that it is all signed, sealed and will be delivered at settlement. Suppose there is no possibility of the purchaser defaulting on something and allowing the contract t…[Read more]

  • Astrawan replied to the topic written offers in the forum Help Needed! 14 years ago

    We were the seller and gave the ok for a sale at less than reserve price over the phone whilst the auction was happening. Settlement is two months away.. is there any way to get out of it now?Pretty silly, but after making enquiries we are dead sure that the property was under-sold – btw, there was only the one bidder and  we weren't there as…[Read more]

  • This question comes from from the other shoe so to speak – if you put an IP up for auction and it got sold on Auction day but then you have second thoughts… what if any are cooling off periods, do they apply to auction and how long to they last for in VIC?Thanks for your helpAstra

  • Great advice there Paul – certainly help to expand my blinkered vision of investments.. btw, any advice on commercial property thrown into the mix here anyone?<br /:-)” title=”>:-)” class=”bbcode_smiley” />Astra

  • Well done – great reno work and hope the market comes to the party and gives you a better than expected return scenario. Now if I can only convince my other half at how easy this reno stuff is :-).Can't wait for the big sale Astra

  • Canvas the real estate agents in your area of interest – if you like you can give them a good description of what you're looking for how much money you're planning to spend and any other pertinent information you think might help. We were just asking the Real Estate in the area of our IP for a rough valuation and within a week one of them had g…[Read more]

  • Thanks for your answer LA, and you're very right it would be to nice to hold and hold and hold :-)The subject of Richmond has come up again, and mostly due to the crazy prices houses are going for over there at the moment. We got a builder friend to have a look at the property and his advice was basically it is a pull down job. The land is 330sqms…[Read more]

  • Entered my email addy to subscribe but still no joy – waited for the last half hour for the confirmation email to arrive and still 'nope'.. is there a bar or hold on the site at the moment?cheersastra

  • Astrawan replied to the topic Ozinvest in the forum Heads Up! 14 years, 8 months ago

    Is it just me? I have just tried to access the website link provided by happy client for ozinvest and came up with a totally blank page..

    Reloaded my browser several times so I am sure it’s not me.. well I can post this right? the domain and address is there but absolutely nada on the page..


    “per ardua ad astra”

  • Hi guys

    thanks for your posts, just arrived in Brisbane and checking mail from a cafe. I will post more tomorrow, but been here a couple of hours and already having my antennae out and heard some good bargains in Wynnum.. go figure.. talk about exciting stuff.[thumbsup2]

    more tomorrow

    “per ardua ad astra”

  • Thanks Kelly, lack of tradesmen and maintenance people has already been flagged as one of the possible ‘challenges’ of investing in the area. And this trip is to try and combat that as much as possible by physically looking over properties to gage the amount of repairs/maintenance that it may need.

    We were thinking of buying ‘sight unseen’ but,…[Read more]

  • Hey Zima, how is the deliberation going? Did you sell your property in Moranbah? or have you rented it out since? Kindly let me know as I am driving up there next week to have a good close look at the area with purchasing an IP in mind.


    “per ardua ad astra”

  • If you are at all interested in investing in the mining towns in the Bowen Basin, I am driving up from Brisbane on Saturday 24th to actually check out the towns and the area looking to buy an IP for ourselves. If you are interested or have any questions about the area you can pm me.


    “per ardua ad astra”

  • I have taken some interest in the Bowen Basin because we have done our research on the area and are reasonably confident that investing on the right properties will result in a very positive outcome, The median prices are increasing as confirmed by the recent historical sales. The population growth is set to increase with the increased production…[Read more]

  • Astrawan replied to the topic Lost my way in the forum Help Needed! 14 years, 8 months ago

    Thank you very much for that Amanda and indeed it was the very thread I was looking for. Learning the navigation around the site and how to use the right buttons so I don’t ‘lose’ myself again :-)

  • I think that this a lucrative section of the market and if you have the ability to invest and manage it effectively then it will work really really well for you.

    We travel a lot and even though we don’t live in Australia per se’ we regularly transit either via Sydney or Brisbane and usually take the time to follow up business or take time for a…[Read more]


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