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  • Albro started the topic Finding a builder / contract management in the forum Help Needed! 2 years, 11 months ago

    Hey All.

    I’m likely yo be issued a permit to build two townhouses on my block in Melbourne for my first build, soon. I’ll need to live in one and sell the other off the plan. It’s also my PPOR and not in urgent need to build, see below. Wondering if anyone can help me with:

    * What to look for in a builder, how to assess if they are quality?

    *…[Read more]

  • Albro started the topic John Lindeman vs Peter Koulizos and accuracy in the forum Help Needed! 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hey all,

    Can anybody comment the about the accuracy of John Lindemans Shooting Star reports? He claims a very high accuracy with the suburbs he picks to increase in value, but then only lists a few suburbs that have actually gone up. Ie, seems to pick the results that favours his sales pitch.
    Does anyone have experience with his accuracy?

    Also a…[Read more]

  • Albro replied to the topic Real Estate Investar – Accuracy of ‘My Valuer’ in the forum General Property 11 years, 6 months ago

    Cheers. Ill see what others say too.
    Im pretty sceptical of these sorts of things. But if there is sufficient evidence, ie past sales,  to back up the estimate then i would be comfortbale with it.
    If you dont mind me asking, when you did a valuation on your property how many relevant sales were there and what colour and number did it come…[Read more]

  • Paul,Ill check out the websites tonight. I understand your point about seeking further education before i enter a deal. Fully agree with your point.What i am trying to understand is what costs are associated with pulling one deal together: contract costs, advertising costs, holding costs, etc. This will help me determine if VF is appropriate for…[Read more]

  • Paul and Richard,I really appreciate your help. Thanks very much.I get the feeling there are plenty of different takes on how to a vendor finance. But does the following method and rough expenses look appropriate:look for someone wanting to sell their property on vfplace an option on that property: $1200 (contract)advertise the property: say…[Read more]

  • Richard,To your knowledge and best estimate what are the costs associated with putting together contracts that comply with the NCCP?Albro


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